Births, Baptisms and Deaths from the Register
St. John's Episcopal Church
Lafayette, Indiana

These records were originally transcribed and published by the General de Lafayette Chapter of the DAR, Lafayette, Indiana, in 1940.  They were originally transcribed in order by date, but in my transcription of them, I have attempted to put the families together.  There were times when the names of the parents in one record might not match identically or closely to others and therefore some children which should be with a particular family may not be.   For instance, I found parents of one child named Josiah Sabine and Joanna Sabine on one record, and on another, made just two years later, the names Joseph Sabine and Joanne Sabine are given.  Now, these are probably the same parents for both children, but since I have no personal knowledge of the family and do not know that for sure, I have listed them separately.

Births and Baptisms from the Register of St. John's Episcopal Church
Surnames:  A - E   F - M    N - Y

Deaths from the Register of St. John's Episcopal Church
Surnames: A - K   L - Y

History of St. John's Episcopal Church
from the Biographical Record and Portrait Album of Tippecanoe County, Indiana 1888

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