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May 16, 1945
When I copied the family record from “Dave Patton’s” Bible it was in the possession of Mrs. Jennie (Mary Jane) Lewis Aldrich, 1159 Garfield, Topeka, Kansas.  I called upon her at her house on Jan. 29, 1944. It was her 94th birthday. She was not able to give me much data that I felt I could depend upon, only a few points which I give you in quotes here:

“ My father, James Lewis, was buried in the timber in Iroquois Co, Illinois.”

“William Riner, my first husband, was buried in Topeka, Kansas Cemetery.”

”My mother and her father’s sister were buried in Baker Cemetery, Jewel Co, Kansas.”

“I was born in Tippecanoe Co., Indiana ten miles east of Lafayette near Dayton, Indiana. I moved to Illinois when I was three years old.”

“This was my grandmother’s Bible.”

“My first husband and my three brothers served in the Civil War.”  (end of quotes)

Mrs. Mary Jane (Jennie) Lewis Riner Aldrich b. Jan 29, 1850, died in November 1944.  It is probably that the Dave Patton Bible is now in the possession of Burt Brown, 114  W. 15th Topeka. Mrs. Aldrich’s nephew.

(Mrs. J.C.) Melville Harper

Dave Patton Bible Record

Holy Bible
containing the Old and New Testaments
Printed and Published by M. Carey
No. 121 chestnut Street

Loose leaf a map on one side, on back of which was written “Dave Patton’s Bible Bought September ? (date illegible) Price 7 dollars. the Holy Bible”
Family Record

Page 1


Dave Patton and Abigail Marsh, his wife was married December 2nd 1794.

John S. Patton and Jane Bull his wife was married October 18, 1825.

[my ? appears to show there was something difficult to read. I took it to be ‘A.D’
Joseph H (?) Patton and Amanda, his wife, was married June 5, 1834.

James Lewis and Lydia his wife was married August the 7th 1834

Alpheus Lewis and Mary Louisa his wife was married September 23,1856 (?)

William Riner and Mary Jane his wife was married December 31, 1867

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Page 2


Uriah Beery (?) born 20th day of February 1811 [spelling of Beery was uncertain]

Matilda born Aug 1812

Sara Louisa born July 1814


David Patton was born March 16, 1772

His wife Abigail was born June 13, 1776

Elizabeth Patton 1st daughter was born May 6, 1796

John S. Patton 1st son was born May 6, 1793

Christopher D. Patton was born June 7, 1801

Jacob M. Patton 3rd son was born Jan 30, 1803

William Patton 4th son was born Nov 26, 1806

Robeson M. Patton 5th son was born Oct 4 1808

J. Henry Patton 6th son was bon July 30, 1811

Lydia Patton b. Oct. 2, 1818

Mary Jane Lewis was b. Jan 29, 1850

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Page 3


James Lewis was born December 18 in the year of our Lord 1811

Alpheus Lewis first son was born September the 19th in the year of our Lord 1835

Thomas Lewis 2nd son was born Dec 29 in the year of our Lord 1837

Calvin Lewis 3rd son was born Dec 29 in the year of our Lord 1840

William Lewis 4th son was born Feb. 25 in the year of our Lord 1840

Sarah Ann Lewis 1st daughter was born March 29 in the year of our Lord 1844

David Lewis fifth son was born April 9 in the year of our Lord 1847



Jacob Been (spelling of Been uncertain) departed this life the 6th day of July and year 1816

William Patton died Nov. 12, 1807

David Patton died September 17, 1821 was in the fiftieth year of his age

John Stoten Patton departed this life September 28, 1935

Elizabeth Kemp departed this life Aug. 23, 1841, aged 65 years, 1 mo &10 days

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Page 4
James Lewis departed this life Aug. 30, 1855
Lydia Lewis died [Mch?] 1882
Look up tombstone in Baker Cemetery
End of Bible Record

Notes in connection with the Patton-Lewis family from Clerk of County Court of Iroquois Co. Ill. He states that there was an estate of Elias Brown who died April 27, 1884
“Widow Catherine Brown and children
Margaret  Freeman
Phoebe Lewis
Celestia Lewis
Dora Lewis      
daughters of Louisa Lewis, deceased
Record {Executors] A. Page 192, Iroquois, Co. IL
* Catherine Brown is said to have been Catherine Stout
Mary Louisa Brown  b. 9-16- 1838
dt Thom and Elizabeth [Bowdle}Brown d. 8-17-1886  Onarga, IL cemetery
mar  9-23-1856  [?]     Bible record
*Alpheus Lewis  b. 9-19-1835    Bible record
                          d. at 34 yr, 9 mo, 3d   Onarga Cemetery record
Phoebe Jane Brown  b. 10-20-1849 Watseka, IL
dt Thos and Elizabeth [Bowdle] Brown  d. 9  1894    Burr Oak, Jewel Co., KS
mar  6-23-1868  Iroquois Co, IL   Mar Book A, page 18
*William Lewis  b 2-24-1842  Tippecanoe Co, IN near Dayton
                          d. 4-9-1883  said to be buried at Perrysville, Vermilion Co, Ind
*Sons of James and Lydia (Patton) Lewis

The Lewis family of record here is the family of Thomas and Anna Lewis, who moved to Sheffield Township around 1830. (land patent  April, 1829). The land patent states that Thomas Lewis lived in Butler County, Ohio at the time of issue.
Thomas Lewis (a.1778-1870)   Anna Lewis (a.1778-1870) They are buried in Baker Cemetery, Sheffield Township, Tippecanoe County, Indiana.

Their children were:
    Henry B. Lewis  (1797-1889)  ( lived in Clinton County) Buried in Baker Cemetery near his parents
    Elizabeth Lewis Miller  (1803-1881) m. George Miller in Butler Co., Ohio.
    Buried in Burr Oak, Kansas
    Jane Lewis Mattix ( 1808--??)  m. Jacob Mattix---prob in Butler Co., Ohio
    James Alpheus Lewis  (1811-1855) Buried in Iroquois County, Illinois

My line:  James Alpehus Lewis and Lydia Patton were married in Tippecanoe
County on August 7, 1834  (consent from her mother Abigail Patton and her
brother Joseph Henry Patton).  Lydia Patton Lewis was born in Butler County,
Ohio and died in Burr Oak, Kansas (1818-1882)
The children of  James and Lydia Lewis were all born in Sheffield Township, Tippecanoe County, Indiana.
        Alpheus Lewis  (1835-1872) buried in Ornarga, Illinois  (m. Mary Louisa Brown)
        Thomas Lewis (1837-1934) buried in Burr Oak, Kansas
        Calvin Lewis (1840-1926) buried in Burr Oak, Kansas
        William Lewis (1842-1883)  buried in Onarga, Illinois  (m. Phoebe Brown)
        Sarah A. Lewis (1844-1910)  buried in Kansas   (m. Benjamin Brown)
        David Lewis (1847-1920)  buried in Onarga, Illinois
        Mary Jane (Jenny) Lewis (1850-1944)  buried in Burr Oak, Kansas (m. William
        Riner, m. Ziby Aldrich)
* note: Mary Louisa and Phoebe Brown were sisters.
My grandmother Hazel Lewis Parsons (1895-1993) was the next to youngest child of Calvin Lewis (from his third marriage).

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