Ralph Gates Family Bible

           The Bible of Ralph Gates is in the possession of Anna May Flath of Texas, and she has sent the following transcription of it to me and has graciously given her permission to submit this information; the notes in (  ) are hers unless otherwise noted.   Anna is a descendant of Samantha Elvira Gates, daughter of Henry Gates and Eleanor Rock, and I am a descendant of their son Henry.  Adina Watkins Dyer.

        Links are to scanned images of the Bible.

        See The Descendants of Ralph Gates and Jane Wiley for more information on this family.


First attached page at beginning of Bible appears to say "I promis (hay?) (?) G"

followed by a signature line for "Lew/G"

Underneath that line is scrawled "to PM", and under the "Lew/G" signature line is "L 9/6"

Underneath the "L 9/6" appears to be a "B" and "G"

On the same page is "James Gates is The"
"James (abo?) Proprietor of This Bible Wrote by L Harper"

Back of this page has what looks like (question marks are ours,
this page included in image of 2nd page below):
"? iso ?" pd is 15th
James Gates
James Gates"

2nd page attached to front of Bible has: 
James Gates his
Book sined to him

James Gates 1802 (Note: this time name is on a signature line)
Below signature line is "Ralph Gates"
and "James Gates"

On 3rd attached page at front of Bible:
"James Gates
his Book
Ralph Gates
his Book 18003" (sic)
Last attached page at end of Bible:

"Rozey An Gates was Born
the 5 of June _____ 1819

James Gates Jr. was born
the 20 of February 1820

John Gates Jr. was born
the 22 of September 1822

Henry Gates Jr. was born
the 29 of  February 1824"

"Minervy Ellon
Gates was born the
7th of October 1825"

"Ralph Gates (Jr.?) was
born the 15th of
October 1827"

On the back of that page reads:
"Ralph Gates
his Book 18(?)8
James Gates"

"William Gates w(sic)
was born May the 3
the (sic) 1829"

(Note: These are the children of Henry and Eleanor Gates-  Adina)

"James Gates his Book
the Holy Bible"

On two loose pages from the Bible, I deciphered the following:  (138k)

"James Gates
(?) to sound mo(?)
James Gates his Book  1802
(Started?)            his Book
(?ally?) (?) the D(???)"

"James Gates his Book (on a signature line)"

"Ralph Gates his Book
for he bought hit 1802"

2nd of the two loose leaf pages (attached to each other and from but not attached to the Bible, no image available ):
    "James Gates
    James Gates
    his Book
    James Gates
    Ralph Gates was
    born the 15th of
    October 1827"

On the back of that page: 

"John Wesley Longnecker
was born february the 10
died June the 9 1843"

"Harrison Alexander Gates was born the

22 Day of October 1831"
"Samantha Elvira Gates was
Born the 23 Day of May 1836"

On the last page of the Old Testament - No image available
    Ralph Gates was born  ? December 1752  (? is Anna's,  unreadable)
     Jun?* Gates was born 29 September 1753    (ditto)   (*Adina's note: Jun? should be Jane)

Back of last page of Old Testament
    James Gates was born the 25 day of 1780 (0 filled in, might be a 1)
    John Gates was born the 10 day of November 1780
    Henry Gates was born the 20 day of December 1789
    Ellen Gates was born the 16 day of October 179A   (What year?)

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