Will of George Kesler
Made 28 January 1854
Codicil Made 13 June 1857
Proved 16 July 1857
Tippecanoe County, Indiana

Abstracted by Holly Cochran

1. I have sold all my real estate to my sons John and Andrew H. Kesler and there remains unpaid on the purchase money $2,900 payable as stipulated in an article of agreement by them and secured by a mortgage on said real estate dated Dec 15, 1852.

2. The $2,900 above is to be disposed of as follows:
  $200 to my son Andrew H. Kesler
  $200 to my grandson Samuel Sylvester Kesler son of David Kesler deceased
  $200 to the children of my daughter Elizabeth Beck
  $300 to my daughter Mary Jones or to her heirs
  $300 to the children of my daughter Susannah Guinn
  $300 to my daughter Catharine Jones or to her heirs
  $300 to my daughter Margaret Brunton or to her heirs
  $300 to the children of my daughter Phebe Caufelt
  $800 to my daughter Eliza Ann Kesler
Money is to be paid to the devisees as soon as it becomes due after my decease. Should I collect any portion of the $2,900 in my lifetime, the above sums are to be each lessened by an equal amount (not in proportion to the sums devised).

3. As to the balance of my estate, I keep a book in which is charged the sums of money I have advanced out of my estate to my children and wishing to equalize them, I direct that my daughters Sarah Sagers, Elizabeth Beck, Susannah Guinn and Phebe Caufelt receive $1 each. Sarah Sagers and Elizabeth Beck have heretofore been provided for. Remainder of my estate to be added to the advances I have made to my eight children and divided into 8 equal parts and distributed to my children John Kesler, Andrew H. Kesler, Mary Jones, Catharine Jones, Margaret Brunton, and Eliza Ann Kesler or to their heirs, one portion to the children of my daughter Susannah Guinn, and the last portion to the children of my daughter Phebe Caufelt. Residue equally distributed (contains complex instructions about advancements). Advancements made to children are $350.50 to John Kesler, $312 to Andrew H. Kesler, $341 to Mary Jones, $329 to Catharine Jones, $329 to Margaret Brunton, $111.50 to Eliza Ann Kesl!
er, $346 to Susannah Guinn (to be deducted from her children's portion), $382 to Phebe Caufelt (to be deducted from her children's portion). (Various instructions follow about how all the money is to be loaned & invested for the benefit of the various heirs.)

4. My son John Kesler is to be my executor. Dated 28 January 1854; signed George Kesler.
Witnesses: John M. LaRue, L.B. Stockton, M.S. Scudder

Codicil dated 13 June 1857: I George Kesler have married my 2nd wife Martha Kesler. I bequeath to her the sum of $500 to be paid ouf of the $2,900 before named and the remainder of the $2,900 after deducting the $500 is to be paid in the same way and proportion as devised in the body of the will. I also leave to my wife Martha Kesler 2 beds & bedding, the corner cupboard, and all the cupboard ware belonging thereto, the cooking stove and utnesils, the clothes press, one cow and one years support. And also to my wife's neice Sarah Jane Conrad, I give one bed & bedding, my little bureau, and $50.
Witnesses: William F. Baker, Frederick Hanger, William Guin

Will proved 16 July 1857 by John M. LaRue, L.B. Stockton, and Matthias S. Scudder, who testified that George is deceased and signed the will being of sound mind, full age, etc. Will is admitted to probate. (L.B. Stockton is later referred to as Lawrence B.) Recorded in Will Record 2 on pages 322 through 325. Codicil proved by William F. Baker, Frederick Hanger, and William H. Guin.

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