Guardianship of
Eliza J. Hampton
Final Records

Submitted by: Ginette VandenOever
Application statement and bond filed March 8, 1871 and letters of guardianship issued on same day to Thomas A. Wiggins.

Inventory Filed August 18, 1870

Final settlement:  The State of Indiana Tippecanoe County, In Common Pleas Court, November Term 1871.

The undersigned Guardian of Eliza J. Hampton minor heir of Robert Hampton deceased would respectfully make the following final settlement of said trust.  He is chargeable with said ward's share of pension collected to July 5, 1871 when said pension ceased to be any longer payable on account of said ward becoming at said date sixteen years of age.

He claims the following credits

1/5 Voucher No. 1    James Miller                      $2.00
1/5 Voucher No. 2    David Royse, Clerk               .60
      Voucher No. 3                                                4.10
      Voucher No. 4    S. G. Stallards                     5.00
Guardian service and cash paid for medicine    5.90 = $17.60

He further states that there is no other estate belonging to or coming to said ward and he asks to be discharged from all further and future liability - on account of said trust.

Thomas A. Wiggins, Guardian

Subscribed and sworn to before me this 24 day of November A.D. 1871

David Royse, Clerk
D. Waterbury, Deputy

Guardianship of Mary E. Hampton, Mahala E. Hampton, James M. Hampton and Phebe A. Hampton, Petition for an allowance, The State of Indiana, Tippecanoe County, In Common Please Court, November Term 1871

To Honorable John M. Larkin, sole Judge of said County.  Your petitioner Thomas A. Wiggins would respectfully state that he is the guardian of Mary E. Hampton aged fourteen years, Mahala E. Hampton aged eleven years, James M. Hampton aged nine years, and Phebe A. Hampton aged seven years, that he as guardian of said children is entitled to a Pension from the United States under an act of Congress providing Pensions to the Orphan children of soldiers of the war of 1862, that said Pension amounts to the sum of sixteen dollars per month, that this guardian has to provide for the maintenance of said children and he asks an order that he be allowed three dollars per month out of said Pension for keeping each of said wards so long as they are generally entitled to said Pension and he keeps them in his family and when they or either of them cease to be members of his family he asks that he be allowed to furnish them necessaries or money to an amount equal to said three dollars per month - each in a like manner until they generally cease to be entitled to said Pension.

Thomas A. Wiggins, Guardian

Subscribed and sworn to before me this 24 day of November A.D. 1871

David Royce, Clerk
D. Waterbury, Deputy

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