Marriage of

Robert M. Barkley and Margaret Shaw
23 June1852

Submitted by: Frances Barkley Willess


Robert M Berkly)
     and               )
Margaret Shaw   )

 Be it remembered that on the 23d day of June AD. 1852 a marriage license issued to Robert M Berkly and Margaret Shaw both being of lawful age and residents of the County of Tippecanoe in the State of Indiana, which said license read in the words and figures following to wit:

The State of Indiana)
Tippecanoe County )

 The State of Indiana to any person empowered by law to solemnize marriage Greeting  You are hereby authorized to join together as husband and wife Robert M. Berkley and Margaret Shaw and of the same make due return within three months according to the laws of the State of Indiana. 

Witness Mark Jones clerk of our said Tippecanoe Circuit Court and the seal thereof affixed at office in Lafayette on this 23 day of June AD 1852

   (LS)                             Mark Jones clerk
                                    by Fred W Cole Dep.

 And afterward to wit: on the 1st day of July AD 1852 a certificate of the marriage of said parties was returned and filed which reads as follows to wit:  The State of Indiana Tippecanoe County ss.  I hereby certify that on the 24th day of June AD 1852 I joined Robert M Berkley and Margaret Shaw in marriage according to the laws of the State of Indiana  Given under my hand and Seal on this 25th day of June AD 1852  John M Wampter (Seal).

Source: Marriage Record 4, Page 434, Circuit Court of Tippecanoe County, Indiana

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