Shelby Township
Tippecanoe County, Indiana

The following list, covering six full pages contains all the males, ages 18-45, who resided in Shelby Township in 1862. It should be noted that this list consists of those
 men eligible to serve and not those who actually did serve.  Some of the words were difficult to read, and I have placed an [*] by the  ones that were questionable.

State of Indiana, Tippecanoe County, Shelby Township,
      Roll of able-bodied white male citizens resident in Shelby Township, Tippecanoe County, Indiana, over 18 years of age, subject to military duty.
      Enrolled in pursuance of orders from the Secretary of War, by Edward F. Sheetz, Commissioner for said township.

?, John 24 Farmer exempt; nearly blind
ABERNATHY, John H.  21 Farmer crooked ankle; exempt
ADAMS, Ephraim C. 23 Farmer none
AMBLER, John  28 Farmer none
ANDREWS, John  39 Farmer none
ARMSTRONG, Daniel  18 Farmer none
ARMSTRONG, William 40 Farmer none
BADER, Joseph  33 Farmer none
BAKER, Wm. G.  42 Farmer exempt; diseased leg
BAUGHER, Wm. H.  37 Farmer none
BEACH, Cyrus  42 Farmer exempt; no teeth
BEST, Benjamin 22 Farmer none
BEST, Francis 44 Farmer exempt; gen'l prostration
BEST, James B.  42 Farmer exempt; injured hearing
BEST, Samuel 29 Smith none
BEST, Silas  29 Farmer none
BILDERBACK, John C. 33 Farmer none
BIRK, Henry 25 Farmer none
BIRK, John  35 Farmer none
BLUE, Garrel 18 Laborer none
BONEBRAKER, John C.  34 Farmer none
BOWYER, William 26 Farmer none
BRINGHAM, Samuel  26 Farmer none
BROWN, George  44 Farmer exempt; loss of teeth and gen'l debility
BROWN, La Fayette  19 Farmer left eye out
BROWN, Lorenzo D.  23 Farmer none
BROWN, Simon 30 Merchant none
BROWN, Westly G.  27 Farmer Justice of Peace
BROWN, William A.  43 Farmer none
BRYAN, Andrew J. 34 Farmer Crooked wrist
BUCK, Amaziah 22 Farmer none
BUCK, Asbury  18 Farmer none
BUCK, George W. 28 Farmer none
BUCK, Milton M. 24 Farmer none
BURKLE, Christian  36 Farmer none
BURLING, George  40 Farmer none
CAMMISKY, Thomas  40 Farmer none
CARR, John N.  25 Teacher one leg of; exempt
CASAD, John C. 18 Farmer none
CEPHAS, Frederick  24 Farmer none
CHENOWETH, Isaac N. 22 Farmer none
COFFMAN, John 26 Farmer none
COLEMAN, Thomas M. 24 Farmer none
CRITSEN, Ele*  33 Farmer none
CRITSER*, Lewis W. 35 Farmer none
CROSSLEY, James  40 Farmer exempt; illegible
DARBY, John 29 Farmer none
DARBY, William 34 Farmer Idiotic; exempt
DAWSON, James M.  30 Farmer none
DOUGHERTY, Thomas  38 Farmer none
DOWNS, Isaac  42 Farmer none
DOYL, Barnard 23 Farmer none
DUMAS, John  40 Farmer none
DUMAS, Peter  40 Farmer exempt; illegible
DUNK, John N. 27 Farmer none
EBERLE, John* 30 Farmer exempt; defective sight*
EBERLY, Godlove  35 Farmer none
EDWARDS, Edward 42 Farmer none
EDWARDS, Jeremiah 28 Farmer none
ERWIN, Andrew 18 Farmer none
ERWIN, Virgil  20 Farmer none
FEELY, John W.  41 Farmer none
FEELY, Wm. H.  18 Farmer none
FORD, Henry C.  18 Farmer none
FOSTER, Seth C. 23 Farmer none
FOSTER, Wm. T.  28 Farmer none
GAINS, Joseph  38 Farmer none
GATES, Harrison  28 Farmer none
GATES, Henry G.  37 Farmer none
GATES, John 39 Farmer none
GILPATRICK, Thomas  40 Farmer none
GIPSON, Thomas  31 Farmer none
GODMAN, Moses M.* 35 Farmer none
GODMAN, Samuel J. 37 Farmer none
GOODEN, Wilson  30 Farmer none
GRAHAM, John  44 Farmer rheumatism
GRATSINGER, Jacob  31 Farmer none
GRIMES, John W.  24 Farmer none
HAGERTY, David T.  18 Farmer none
HAIGH, Job J.  28 Farmer none
HAMLIN, David  36 Farmer none
HAMMIL, Paul  19 Farmer none
HARRINGTON, Robert  33 Farmer none
HARRIS, Washington P.  25 Farmer enlisted after roll made out
HARRIS, Wm. B.  22 Farmer none
HARVEY, Thomas H.  28 Farmer none
HAYWARD, Charles 32 Farmer hard of hearing; exempt
HEWSTON, John 33 Farmer none
HILMAN, James F.  22 Farmer none
HIRSHMAN, Christian  40 Farmer none
IMMEL, William  18 Farmer none
JOHNSON, David  29 Farmer none
JONES, Billy D.  41 Farmer none
JONES, Henry C.  18 Farmer enlisted after roll made out
JONES, John L.  35 Farmer none
JORDAN, William 27 Farmer none
KEEN, Huffman  33 Farmer exempt; gen'l debility
KENNEDY, Frank 43 Farmer Insane; exempt
KENNEDY, Thomas  30 Farmer none
KLUE, William A. * 25 Farmer on Wabash Enrollment
LACY, William M.  43 Preacher none
LANE, John 25 Farmer none
LAWRENCE, John  42 Farmer none
LEATHERMAN, James  28 Farmer none
LEIGHTY, Elias M. 36 Farmer none
LEIGHTY, George W.  38 Farmer none
LEIGHTY, Jacob  23 Farmer none
LEIGHTY, Samuel  18 Farmer none
LINLEY, George  23 Farmer none
LOMAN, Ephraim  43 Farmer exempt; hemeroid
MAYER, Peter  35 Farmer none
McBRIDE, Thomas* 19 Farmer none
McCABE, Lastenas*  27 Farmer none
McCREA, Benj. H. 33 Farmer none
McFARLAND, James B. 28 Farmer none
McFARLAND, John  32 Farmer none
McNARY, John 37 Farmer exempt; hernia
McQUEEN, William 22 Blacksmith none
MEADE, Thomas 18 Farmer none
MILLER, Samuel 25 Farmer enlisted after roll made out
MILLER, Samuel M.  22 Farmer enlisted after roll made out
MILLIGAN, James 30 Farmer none
MOFFITT, Hiram  25 Laborer none
MOORE, Edward 38 Farmer Crooked finger
MOORE, Isaac N.  28 Farmer exempt; short leg
MOORE, James M.  25 Farmer none
MOORE, Spencer W.  27 Farmer none
NAGLE, Albert 26 Farmer none
NAGLE, Frank 32 Farmer none
NAGLE, Wm.  31 Farmer none
NORRISH, John T.  35 Farmer none
NORTH, John C. 23 Farmer none
NORTH, Joseph  36 Farmer none
NUSS, William L.  18 Farmer none
OGBORNS, Job  41 Physician none
OSBORN, Joseph  41 Grocer none
OTIFER, John  39 Farmer none
PAGETT, Thomas  36 Farmer none
PARRISH, Robert  42 Farmer exempt; illegible
PATTEE*, Alonzo 31 Farmer none
PATTERSON, Lewis  43 Farmer none
PAYNE, William  37 Farmer none
PETER, Adam  28 Farmer none
PETERSON, Jonah 23 Laborer none
POLLOCK, Robert  31 Farmer none
RAYMOND, Joseph 28 Farmer none
RECORD, John S.  43 Farmer nearly blind; exempt
REESE, Charles J. 28 Farmer none
RILEY, Edward 23 Farmer enlisted after roll made out
RILEY, William 21 Farmer none
ROBBINS, Milton* 18 Farmer exempt; unsound mind
ROBINSON, Francis M.  21 Farmer none
ROBINSON, George W.  18 Farmer none
ROBINSON, James P.  37 Farmer none
ROBINSON, Wm. D. 29 Farmer none
ROBY, Notly  31 Farmer none
ROCK, Charles H. 21 Farmer none
ROCK, Gabriel F. 30 Farmer none
ROCK, Gabriel T.  32 Farmer none
ROCK, William T. 24 Farmer none
ROGERS, Samuel  42 Farmer none
ROWE, John 28 Farmer none
ROWE, Martin V. 25 Teacher none
ROWE, Thomas H. 27 Farmer none
ROWLAND, William L.  29 Farmer none
RUSSELL, Sherman 35 Farmer none
SAPPINGTON, John W.  26 Farmer none
SAPPINGTON, Stephen* 24 Farmer none
SHEETZ, Edward F.  28 Farmer none
SHIGLEY, George W.  25 Farmer none
SHIGLEY, George W. Sr. 40 Farmer none
SHIGLEY, James A.  27 Farmer Crippled foot; exempt
SHIVLEY, Ephraim G. 31 Farmer none
SILVERS, John  35 Farmer exempt; defective eyes
SIMS, John  31 Farmer none
SIMS, Simon  22 Farmer none
SMITH, William A.  28 Farmer none
SNYDER, Emanuel  32 Farmer none
SOUTHWORTH, George W. 30 Shoemaker exempt; defective right eye
SPENCER, Henry  37 Wool Factory Not naturalized
STACKER, Thomas  35 Farmer none
STANLEY, James  35 Farmer none
STANLY, Zachariah  36 Farmer none
STEWART, James P.  43 Farmer none
SUMNER, Joseph  37 Laborer none
SUTTON*, William  37 Farmer Hard of hearing; exempt
SWARTZ, Simon  27 Farmer none
SWITZER, Peter 43 Farmer none
TAYLOR, Henry  18 Farmer none
THORNTON, John 24 Farmer none
TIMMONS, Austin B. 36 Farmer exempt; loss of teeth
TIMMONS, Elijah  26 Farmer none
VAN NATTA, Aaron 40 Merchant exempt; illegible
VAN NATTA, James G. 26 Farmer exempt; defective lungs
VAN NATTA, Wm. S. 31 Farmer  none
VICK, Anderson  22 Farmer enlisted after roll made out
VICK, William B. Jr. 35 Farmer none
WARD, Edmond W.  40 Farmer exempt; cancer in nose*
WARD, Harrison W.  38 Farmer none
WARD, Rolan M.  30 Farmer exempt; deformed hand
WARD, Ruben L.  28 Farmer none
WARD, Tolman T. 23 Farmer none
WEAVER, Franklin F.  31 Carpenter none
WESTFALL, Firman 24 Farmer none
WESTFALL, Harvey  35 Farmer none
WESTFALL, John  26 Farmer none
WESTFALL, Orrin 18 Farmer none
WESTFALL, Samuel 32 Farmer none
WHITE, David F. 40 Farmer exempt; defective hearing
WHITE, Francis M.  26 Farmer none
WIGGINS, Thomas A. * 42 Farmer exempt; rheumatism
WILLIAMSON, Henry  35 Farmer none
WILLIAMSON, James 39 Farmer none
WILLIAMSON, John  41 Farmer none
WILLIAMSON, Thomas B. 25 Farmer enlisted after roll made out
WILSON, Edward  37 Laborer none
WOODS, Peter  33 Farmer none
WOOSLEY, Elijah 34 Farmer none
WORLEY, Abraham  40 Farmer none
WORLEY, John H.  33 Farmer none
YESTER, William H.  18 Laborer exempt; too small

State of Indiana, Tippecanoe County
        I, Edward F. Sheetz, Deputy Commissoner of Shelby Township in said County make
oath and declare that the annexed section of the Militia within and for said Township is correct and  contains a full list of all able bodied male white persons
resident in said Township liable to do Military duty.

      Signed:  Edward F. Sheetz

Subscribed and sworn to on this }
28th day of August 1862            }
     William R. Ellis, Clerk T.C.C.
      L. R. Brown def.

        I hereby certify the foregoing to be a correct copy of the enrollment of the Militia for Shelba(sic) Township in Tippecanoe County and the same was made by
 Edward F. Sheetz, Deputy Commissioner for said Township appointed by me as appears from the original roll now in my possession.  In testimony of which
 I, Mark Jones, commissioner for Tippecanoe County hereunto set my hand this fourth day of September 1862*.

     Signed: Mark Jones


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