Perry Township
Tippecanoe County, Indiana

The following list contains all the males, ages 18-45, who resided in Perry Township in 1862.  It should be noted that this list consists of those men eligible to serve and not those who actually did serve.   Some of the words were difficult to read, and I have placed an [?] by the ones that were questionable.

State of Indiana, Tippecanoe County, Perry Township,
    Roll of able-bodied white male citizens resident in Perry Township, Tippecanoe County, Indiana, over 18 years of age, subject to military duty.
    Enrolled in pursuance of orders from the Secretary of War, by Jethro Wade, Commissioner for said Township.

ALBERT, Jacob 44 Farmer None
BAKER, Clark 27 Farmer None
BAKER, Presley 21 Farmer None
BALYARD, David 22 Farmer None
BANE, Tighlman 26 Boot & Shoe maker None
BARTLY, John 22 Farmer None
BATTA, Nicholas* 30 Farmer Exempt, ruptured hernia
BENSON, Charles 33 Blacksmith None
BLACKBURN, David 38 Farmer Exempt, general debility
BLACKLEDGE, John R. 28 Farmer None
BRAND, John W. 22 Farmer None
BRAND, Samuel 25 Farmer None
BRODIE?, Robert J. 36 Farmer None
BRUE?, Hiram 23 Farmer None
BRUEL, Everhard 25 Laborer None
BUCK, Daniel 30 Farmer None
BUCK, Samuel* 27 Farmer Exempt, opthalmia
BULL, Andrew J. 44 Farmer None
BULL, Oliver 19 Farmer None
BURKHALTER, Peter 23 Farmer None
BURKS, Edmond* 31 Farmer Exempt, right eye nearly blind
BURNS, James 33 Carpenter None
BURNS, Morgan 23 Farmer None
BUSH, William* 28 Farmer Exempt, crippled in foot
BUTCHER, William 21   Exempt, crippled in arm, defective arm
CARPENTER, Henry 36 Farmer None
CARR, Joseph 25 Laborer None
CHARREN, Florrence 36 Farmer None
CLARK, Albert 22 Farmer None
COCKRELL, Elijah 42 Farmer Weak eyes
COLLINS, Charles* 18 Drummer Exempt, under age
COLLINS, Thomas -- Farmer None
CONKLIN, Sylvester 25 Farmer None
CRIDER, George* 27 Teacher Exempt, an entire cripple
CRIDER, Isaac 21 Laborer None
CRIDER, James* 23 Laborer Exempt, crippled
DAGGETT, Alflred 36 Oil maker None
DILL, Calvin 33 Farmer None
DOWNEY, John* 29 Laborer Exempt, weak in the knees, general debility
DRANCH?, Henry*
Marked through, very hard to read last name
33 Farmer Exempt
DUNE, Francis 22 Farmer None
EHRESMAN, Charles?* 29 Farmer Exempt, conscientiously opposed to bearing arms
ELSEY, James* 18 Farmer Exempt, hard of hearing
ELSEY, James* 23 Farmer Twice enrolled
ENTHROP?, John* 40 Laborer Exempt, hernia
ENYARD, Joseph 43 Laborer Lame in right arm
EVERETT, Amos* 24 --- Exempt, nearsighted
EVERETT?, Lafayette* 21 Farmer Exempt, lame in hip
FELIX, John* 44 Farmer Exempt, conscientiously opposed to bearing arms
FELIX, Joseph* 28 Farmer Exempt, hernia
FELIX, William 41 Carpenter None
FETHERHOFF, Samuel 33 Farmer None
FORESMAN, George N. 21 Miller None
FORESMAN, James 27 Farmer None
FORESMAN, John 25 Farmer None
FRITZ, David 23 Miller None
FRITZ, Enos 20 Miller None
GADDIS, Solomon 44 Weaver None
GARD, Charles* 40 Carpenter Exempt, defective leg
GARY, Thomas M. 33 Farmer None
GERARD, William 29 Farmer Exempt, has fits
GINGRICH, John 38 Farmer Exempt, deafness
GONGOWAN?, Monroe 18 Farmer Crippled in right arm
GUM, Jeffrey 38 Farmer None
GUNKLE, Daniel 30 Farmer None
GUNKLE, George 25 Lawyer None
GUNKLE, Seno 21 Carpenter None
GUSHWA, Isaac 22 Farmer None
GUSHWA, Jacob 37 Farmer None
GUSHWA, John 36 Farmer None
GUSHWA, Joseph 24 Farmer Forefinger off right hand
HAAS, John C. 28 Cooper None
HATFIELD, George 23 Teamster None
HEGE, John 40 Farmer Lame in arm
HELLER, Nathan* 39 Blacksmith Exempt, hernia
HERRIN, Arthur 24 Laborer None
HOWARD, Isaac F. 36 Fugitive from Kansas None
HUBERT, Matthias 24 Laborer None
HULL, William T. 29 Farmer None
ISLEY, John* 41 Farmer Exempt, Aff. of lungs
JOHNSON, Joseph 31 Blacksmith None
JUNIPER?, William -- --- None
KEEF, John 40 Loafer None
KEEN, Nathan 26 Farmer None
KENEDY, John 39 Loafer None
KERN, Lewis 31 Farmer None
KILGORE, William* 22 Farmer Exempt, crippled in leg
KILLAM, Michael 22 Farmer None
LESLEY, Andrew 36 Farmer None
LESLEY, Isaac 27 Farmer Exempt, deficient in legs and left arm
LESLEY, Jacob 38 Farmer None
LESLEY, Levi* 20 Farmer Exempt, fits
LESLEY, Philip* 27 Farmer Exempt, two fingers off right hand
LESLEY, Washington 27 Farmer Crippled in legs
LESLEY, William 35 Farmer None
LOWMAN, Jacob 25 Farmer None
MASTERS, Samuel 38 Farmer None
MATTHEWS, Thomas 23 Carpenter None
MATTOX, James 18 Farmer None
METZGER, William 27 Farmer None
MILLER, Samuel W.* 32 Teamster Exempt, lame leg
MOLDER, Henry 20 Farmer None
MONTGOMERY, John 36 Farmer None
MOON, Wilson T. 33 Tanner None
MOUNT, John E. 33 Laborer None
MOUNT, Samuel 24 Laborer None
MURPHY, Alexander 27 Farmer Exempt, blind of right eye
MURPHY, Perry W. 29 Farmer None
NEIHART, Aron 38 Farmer None
NEISON, Michael 19 Farmer None
NELSON, Peter 27 Farmer None
PAUL, Alfred 18 Farmer None
PAUL, Monford 21 Carpenter None
PAUL, Thomas T. 27 Carpenter None
PAUL, Tighlman 25 Farmer None
PAYNE, Thomas C.W. 30 Oil maker None
PERRIN, William 26 Farmer None
PETER, Daniel 21 Farmer None
PETER, Eli 20 Farmer None
PETER, Nicholas 18 Farmer None
PETER, William 27 Lawyer None
PINROD, Solomon 24 Farmer None
POWELL, Freeman 24 Farmer None
POWELL, William 25 Farmer None
REIS, Tilman F. 32 Farmer None
RICK, William* 32 Farmer Exempt, loss of teeth
ROBINSON, Samuel 29 Woolen factory? None
ROSE, William 28 Laborer None
RUBRIGHT, Jacob* 42 Millwright Exempt, diseased lungs
RYCRAFT, Joseph H. 40 Farmer None
SAUNDERS, Frederick 36 Farmer None
SCHMINCKLE, Jacob 27 Farmer None
SENSE, William H. 21 Farmer None
SEXTON, Cornelius 26 Farmer None
SHARP, John 44 Farmer None
SHARP, Mark -- Butcher None
SHARP, Mark 40 Butcher None
SHEAR, Peter 27 Farmer None
SHIVELEY, Jacob B.* 24 Farmer Exempt, conscientiously opposed to bearing arms
SHIVELY, John 20 Farmer None
SHOAF, Jacob 30 Laborer None
SHOUP, Henry 38 Farmer Exempt, general debility
SHOUP, Lewis 31 Farmer None
SHOUP, Martin 35 Farmer None
SINSNA, William 36 Teamster None
SKEELS, Hiram 33 Oil maker None
SMITH, Barney* 35 Farmer Exempt, drosey in - ? -
SMITH, George 33 Farmer Weakness in breast 
SNIDER, Simon J. 32 Millwright None
SNYDER, Nathan 20 Laborer None
SODEMEISTER?, Charles 43 Farmer None
STALEY, Clark 24 Farmer None
STALEY, Patterson 26 Carpenter None
SUNKS, John 33 Farmer None
THORNTON, Edward -- Miller None
TIMMONS, Adam 36 Laborer None
TOWERS, James 43 Farmer None
TREADWELL, B. W. 33 Miller & Dyer Exempt, crippled in hand, chronic affection of bladder
TUCKER, Jacob 44 Laborer None
TUCKER, William M. 25 Farmer Exempt, ruptured
TUTTLE, Asa 34 Farmer None
UHLERY, Isaac 40 Farmer Exempt, conscientiously opposed to bearing arms
ULREY, Jacob 37 Farmer Conscientiously opposed to bearing arms
ULREY, John* 35 Farmer Exempt, conscientiously opposed to bearing arms
VIRGIN, Marillo M. 36 Farmer None
WADE, Albert 21 Farmer None
WADE, Joseph 27 Tailor None
WADE, William 29 Teamster None
WAGGONER, Abram 32 Farmer Exempt, conscientiously opposed to bearing arms
WAGGONER, Andrew* 20 Farmer Exempt, conscientiously opposed to bearing arms
WAGGONER, Joel* 38 Farmer Exempt, conscientiously opposed to bearing arms
WALTER, Henry 30 Farmer None
WARWICK, George 34 Farmer None
WARWICK, Robert 35 Farmer Exempt, crippled in back
WATTS, Elijah 22 Farmer None
WEAVER, Charles 27 Farmer None
WEAVER, Peter* 44 Farmer Exempt, lame back, chronic diarrhea
WEAVER, Samuel* 28 Farmer Exempt, lame in both ankles
WEST, Jacob 30 Laborer Exempt, opthalmia
WEST, Lewis M. 20 Farmer None
WHIPKIS, Henry 33 Farmer None
WHISTLER, William S. 25 -- None
WHITAKER, Calvin 40 Laborer None
WHITEMAN, John 18 Laborer None
WIDAN?, Abram* 27 Farmer Exempt
WILKINS, George 28 Carpenter None
WYLEY, George 31 Tobacconist Post Master
YOST, David F.* 29 Farmer Exempt, conscientiously opposed to bearing arms
YOST, Jacob* 26 Farmer Exempt, conscientiously opposed to bearing arms
YOST, William 35 Farmer Exempt, Asst. Post Master
YOST,George 43 Blacksmith None
ZIGLER, Richard 35 Farmer Liver complaint

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