Indenture Deed Between
John BRADFIELD & Emily, his Wife
Jonathan N. BRADFIELD & Sarah Y., his Wife
Tippecanoe Co., Indiana
10 May 1831

Transcribed by Sue Beach .  Original deed found at Tippecanoe Co. Historical Society, Lafayette, Indiana. 

This Indenture made & entered into this tenth day of May in the year of our Lord one thousand Eight hundred and thirty one between Johnathon [sic] N. Bradfield & Sarah his wife of the one part and John Bradfield of the other all of the county of Tippecanoe & State of Indiana.

Witnesseth that whereas the said John Bradfield & Emily his wife by deed under their hands & seals bearing equal date herewith did by the said deed grant bargain and sell unto the Said John^athon Bradfield his heirs &c by way of Exchange a certain piece or parcel of Land, lying and being in the said County, Being the west half of the North west quarter of Section number twenty [?] three in Twonship number twenty three North of Range 4 West, as particualry discribed in a certain deed of bargain & sale bear date the sixth day of October in the year Eighteen hundred and thirgy, Recorded in Book Letter B in Said county page 490 & 491 from a certain Joseph Williamson and Ann Williamson his wife to the said John Bradfield. Now in consideration of said conveyance by way of Exchange from the said John Bradfield and Emily his wife to the said Johnathon [sic] N. &c, and for the further Consideration of one Dollar in hand paid by the said John Bradfield to the said Johnathon [sic] N. and Sarah his wife the receipt whereof they do hereby acknowledge they the said Johnathon [sic] N & Sarah his wife have given granted bargained and sold and by their presents do give grant bargain and sell by way of Exchange unto the said John Bradfield his heirs and assigns, the right title and interest of them the said Johnathon [sic] N and Sarah his wife, derived by descent and inheritance to the said Johnathon [sic] N

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from his late father Benjamin Bradfield decd in and to two Thirds of the following tracts of land lying and being in the said county of Tippecanoe and State of Indiana Being the west half of the south west quarter of Section number fifteen in Township number twenty two north of Range number five west in the district of Terre Haute & said State of Indiana Containing Eighty acres more or less. Also the East half of the south west quarter of Section twenty in Township 22 North of range five west in the district of lands offered for sale at Crawfordsville Indiana, containing Eighty acres more or less the said tract of land being undivided between the heirs of the said Benjamin, being three in number, it being understoon and agreed that this conveyance shall not effect the reversionalry interest of the Said Johnathon [sic] N. in that portion or part of the said two tracts of Land to which the widow of the said Benjamin Bradfield may now be entitled to dower, together with all and singular the rights privileges and improvements and appurtenances appurtaining and belonging in any manner to the said two thirds of said tracts of land which will in the division thereof be assigned and [unreadable word] for the part of the said grantor Johnathon [sic] N. To have and to hold unto the said John Bradfield his heirs and assigns forever the hereby granted or intended to be granted right and interest of them the said Johnathon [sic] N and Sarah his wife. Together will all singular the rights privileges improvements and appurtenances thereunto belonging or in any wise appertaining according to such division

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and allotment as may be made thereof among the said Benjamin's heirs And the said Johnathon [sic] N and Sarah his wife for themselves their heirs executors administrators and assignes [sic] do hereby grant covenant and agree to and with the said John Bradfield his heirs and assigns, that the right title and interest hereby conveyed or intended to be conveyed, is free from all incumbrance, or hindance or molestation, and that the grantors aforesaid will forever warrent and defend the same together with the appurtenances of every kind against all lawful claims whatsoever In testimony whereof the parties of the first part have hereunto subscribed their names and set their seals the day and date first above written.

Signed sealed and delivered} - J. N. Bradfield {seal}
in the presence of } - Sarah Y. Bradfield {seal}
State of Indiana

Tippecanoe County ss.

Before me Cyrus Ball a justice of the peace for said County personally came Johnathon [sic] N. Bradfield & Sarah Y. Bradfield his wife, the grantors named in the above deed of conveyance and acknowledged the signing sealing and delivery of the same to be their voluntary act and deed for the uses and purposes therein contained And the said Sarah Y. Bradfield wife of the said Johnathon [sic] N. Bradfield being examined separate and apart from her husband acknowledged that she signed sealed and deliverd the same of her own voluntary will and accord without fear or compulsion on the part of her said husband & that she thereby relinquished her right of

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dower in the same Given under my hand and seal at Lafayette the 10th day of October A.D. 1831.

Cyrus Ball {seal}
Justice of the Peace

Recorded July 10th A.D. 1832
Sandford C. Cox, Recorder

Copy of Deed of Exchange to Jno Bradfield

(A) Abiel J. Bradfield vs Una [?] A. Stacker, et al

Exhibit A of Complt [?]

No Jury 20/58

[unreadable signature]
H.C. Corilson [?]

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