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Anderson, Perle
Ash, Nancy Kate
Ash, Nick
Bennett, Mary Elizabeth "Betty"
Breeck, Joseph
Breeck, Joseph
Breeck, Nancy Kate (Ash)
Brindley, Grace
Brindley, Perle
Carrington, Annie Elizabeth
Carrington, Electa (Mills)
Carrington, Eri G.
Clements, Edith
Clements, Scott
Defore, Bell
Defroz, Jane
Dodd, Burton

Gray, Uly & Mary C. (Rous)
Harmon, Philip & Mary Ann (Baisden)
Haskell, Oliver & Lillian (Monroe)
Haskell, Pearl
Hastings, Mary Charlotte (Muret)
Higgins, Lavine (Pavy)
Higgins, William
Hogge/Hogue, Hiram & Sarah Adaline (Davis)
Holcraft, Laura
House, Bess

Jain, Anna Rose Suzanne
Lansm, Mary

Malin, James Dalmazzo & Isabelle (Owsley)
Monroe, Caleb
Monroe, Sanford
Muret, Julius Nicholas Emanuel & Eliza Sanger
Noble, Oliver
Orem, Alice
Pavy, Clifford
Pavy, Garnett
Pavy, John David
Pavy, Samuel Danner
Peters, John
Peters, Samuel Randolph

Reed, Bess
Richmond, Charles & Amanda Lane
Richmond, John (tombstone)
Rous, Amie R. & Clara (Etherington)
Rous, Francis Marion & Amelia (Stewart)
Rous, Mary C.

Schiphorst, Evaline (Pavy)
Schroeder, Anna Elizabeth (Brachey)
Schroeder, Louis O.
Scott, Ethol
Shaw, Mary Anderson
Smith, Elsie (Pavy)
Smith, Levi Hulbert
Smith, Paul Lee
Stoops, Baruch & Ann (Milburn)
Strong, Clara Edith (Clements)
Sutherland, Anna
Todd, Annie
Todd, Rosanna

Walden, Mary Jane (Rous)
Walden, Nathan J.
Wiley, Louisa Charlotte (Muret)
Wiseman, Charles
Wiseman, Ethol
Wiseman, Henry
Wiseman, Samuel
Wiseman, Susannah (Bray)
Zearing, Francis & Tressie (Pavy)

Ash Ferry - Little Minnie
Bowman's Corner School
Brown Township Commencement, 1905
Clement's Garage, Moorefield
Delhi Grade School
Florence School
Home of Levi & Ann Smith
Quercus Grove School
Taterbug School
Vevay, Indiana - Ferry Street


Baptist Youth Group
East Enterprise School Classes, 1930-31
Vevay 2nd Grade, Ca. 1920
Vevay High School, Class of 1901

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