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Shuee Cemetery

These readings were made in 1975 or 1976 by Laura Jean Creviston Watkins. Putnam County Historical Society, Putnam County Library, Greencastle, IN
Typed by Sharon Bryant, Norfolk, VA

Shuee, Infant daughter of J. B. and B. A. Shuee

George W. , s/o D. L. & Ann Shuee, d Jul 18, 1863, aged 1m 22d

S. D. S. (small marker)

Infant s/o D & N Shuee, b Feb 27, 1863 d Mar 7, 1863

David, b Nov 8, 1840 d Aug 10, 1864

Matilda, d/o Daniel & Eve Shuee, d Mar 21, 1850, aged 20y 3m 11d

M. S. (small marker)

John W. E. , s/o J. and S. E. Shuee, b Jul 9, 1856, aged 18d

Silvester Douglass,s/o D & N Shuee, d Mar 1, 1863, aged 3y 10m 20d

Franklin L. , s/o D & N Shuee, d Dec 19, 1853, aged 10m 26d

Infant s/o J & S. E. Shuee, b Sep16, 1861 d Oct 2, 1861

Bennet N. , s/o Daniel & Eve Shuee, d May 21, 1868, aged 22y 8m 20d

Eve, w/o Daniel Shuee, d Feb 17, 1849, aged 42y 4m 1d (I. F. Wade, Crawfordsville)

Daniel, d Jul 30, 1868, aged 64y 4m

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