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Old Union

Old Union Cemetery

Located on property entered from the United States Government being the North West quarter of Section 5, Township 14, Range 3 west consisting of 152. 21 acres by Ambrose Day on 26 Oct 1829. Original Entry Book # 1, Greencastle, Putnam Co. , IN. The cemetery is presently described as "pt of the East half of the Northwest quarter of Sec. 5, T14, R3W and is two miles northwest of Fillmore, Indiana.

Plat Office Court House map # 08-05-200-006-35 and property is currently in the name of the Fillmore Cemetery Association in Deed book 130 pages 585 and 586 dated 27 Jun 1966. The Trustees of Fillmore Christian Church are the caretakers of this property.

From: The Atlas of Putnam County, Indiana, 1879.
The first meeting of the Christian Church was at the houses of Charles Knetzer and Ambrose Day. This was before the organizaiton of the church, which took place about 1839, and a building known as Old Union was erected on the farm of Ambrose Day. John M. Harris was their first preacher, followed by James M. Matthews, Gilbert Harney, Nathan Waters, O. P. Badger, Chatterton, James & Perry Blankinship, Cooms, as well as many others. They have a church in Fillmore which was erected soon after the town was laid out. On the map in the 1879 Atlas, Old Union looks to be on land of G. Day.

Among those known to be buried there, with stones that at one time were readable:

Malinda, wife of Jacob Coffman, d Sep 24, 1867 age 73y 3m 6d
Jacob Coffman, d 25 Oct 1868 age 82y 8m 8d

William Pursell, b 1 Jul 1815, d 11 May 1894
Zerrelda E. , wife of William Pursell, d 27 Nov 1886 age 68y 9m 18d "in loving remembrance. . "

Ann, wife of Isaac Day, d 14 Feb 1843, age 94y 11m

Samantha, dau of J & Z Runyan, d 19 Aug 1854 in her 9th year

America, wife of David Chadd, d 11 Dec 1870 age 45y 27d

George W. Vise, d 11 Oct 1860, age 42y 4m 12d

Margaret, wife of Israel Moss, d 16 May 1846 age 48y 11m 8d
Israel Moss, d 23 Jan 1873 age 79y 6d

Mary E. , dau of G. W. & A Vice, d 11 Apr 1852 age 11y 6m 15d
Hariet E. , dau of G. W. & A Vice, d 2 Oct 1851 age 9y 1m 28d
Nancy, dau of G. W. & A Vice, d 14 Apr 1852 age 3y 11m 4d
Linney, wife of Robert Vice, d 4 Feb 1867 age 7y, 5m 18d

Wm. Day, 1824-1902
Johanna, wife of Ambrose Day, d 4 Sep 1878 age 82y 7m 13d
Ambrose Day, d 13 Aug 1862 age 69y 4m 23d

Mary F. , dau of C. G. & L Raines, d 16 May 1884 age 22y 9m 9d
Cornelius, son of C. G. & L Raines, d 2 Sep 1877, age 1y
Sarah, dau of W. & T. Raines, d 17 Aug 1867 age 55y 4m 9d
Infant dau of Robert W. & Mary F. Raines, b/d 17 Oct 1894
Infant son of R. W. & M. F. Raines, d 6 Jul 1879
Clarence W. , son of R. W. and Mary F. Raines, b 5 Dec 1871 d 8 Feb 1892
Infant son of Robert W. & Mary F. Raines, b/d 30 May 1896
Linnie F. , dau of G & A Vice, d 8 Apr 1873 age 13y 1m 20d
Robert W. Raines, son of C. G. & Penelopy Raines, b 20 Nov 1844 d 19 May 1904
Mary F. Raines, b 15 Sep 1851 d 25 Jul 1927
James, son of J. & Z. Runyan d 15 Aug 1851 age 18y 7m
Anore W. , son of J & Z Runyan, d 19 Aug 1851 age 3y 8m 7d

Vincent H. d 14 Oct 1885 age 59y 9m 10d
Margaret, wife of V. H. , d 21 Feb 1866 age 35y 2m 23d
Sarah E. , dau. of V. H. and M. Day d 27 Feb 1866 2y 3m 14d

Mandy, dau of H. S. and S. E. Shoptaugh, d 02 Aug 1872 age 2m 2d

Bobbie, son of C. & N. , d 12 Aug 1872 age 9m 16d
Jimie, son of C. & N. , d 19 Sep 1877 age 1y 16d

John, no dates
Ann, wife of John Smith, age 43y no dates

John R. , son of J. & J. A. Springer, d 05 Jul 1851 age 3y 1m 16d

Winfield, son of S. R. & S. Flinn, d 08 Feb 1852 age 4m 16d

Tabitha, wife of Walter, d 16 Aug 1864 age 77y 9m 2d
Penelope, wife of C. G. , d 05 May 1856 age 36y 10m 5d
Salina A. , dau of C. G. & P. d 27 Jun 1871 age 24y 4m 25d
John Daniel, son of C. G. & L Raines, b 15 Jan 1865 d 02 Oct 1866 age 1y 8m 17d
Armelda E. , wife of Willoughby Flinn, d 29 Apr 1876 age 25y 22d
Cornelius Gillum, b 26 Sep 1816 d 31 May 1901
Luticia Harden, wife of C. G. Raines b 02 Nov 1833 d 14 May 1914

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