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Old Mace

Old Mace Cemetery

Cass township Clay Co.

Mace, Isaac d 14 May 1856 age 56ys "A member of the Baptist Church for the last 14 yrs"

Wife Dillana d 29 Jun 1877

Note: I've been told by many people that Isaac's first wife was buried on his other side. Some people remember a rounded wooden marker for her. Here is what I know of her: Elizabeth (Polly) Ragan became the wife of Isaac Mace on Jan 1824, Greene Co. , Tn was was 20[30 in the 1830 Clay Co. Census. She died shortly after the birth of her fourth child. This child: Elizabeth Mace, b Nov 16, 1830 who married William McCulough, son of William.

William A. Mace, s/o J & N b 18 Jul 1852 d 9 Apr 1853

George Mace d 3 Feb 1844 age 40y 1m 8d

Elias Syester b 6 May 803 d 1883 age 806 2m 18d

Wife, Jane b Mar 1811/14 d 21 Jul 1861

Son, Daniel d 30 Jun 1850 age 17y 5m 26d

Syester, Huldah d/o W & P A b 2 May 1860 d 5 Jul 1860

Armilda d/o W & P A b 1 Nov 1861 d 27 Nov 1862

Sarah d/o W & P A b 25 Dec 1862 d 1863

Silas W. Mace, s/o * & D d 4 Aug 1848 age 1y 6m

Mace, Henry J. b 21 Feb 1835 d 25 Jan 1885 age 49y 11m 4d

On same stone

Harriet E. Mace, b 10 Nov 1840 d 12 Sep 1905

John Mace s/o L. R. & L d 20 Nov 1874 age 5m 1d

Robert Mace d 22 Apr 1878 age 44y 3m 27d

Adelia Ann Mace d/o L R & L d 17 Aug 1863 age 1m 6d

Semore R. Mace s/o H J & E H d 7 Jul 1862 age 10y

Louisa F. d/o H J & H E b 21 Jan 1876 d 9 Jul 1881

William D s/o J & D d 10 Jul 1859 age 19y 10m 17d

Mary Ann w/o James d 9 Jan 1857 age 29y 29d

Other stones with just initials here:

H. J M - S R M - W D M - L E M - J M - S E M - E Z

Acrea, Peter d 18 Feb 1891 age 79y 11m 14d

"Them also which sleep in Jesus will God Bring with Him. "

Acrea, Louisa b 10 Jul 1827 d 5 Jan 1906

Acrea, Infant dau of P & L d 1853 age 12m

John Acrea, d 14 Sep 1851 age 71y 10m 23 d

Jesse Acrea, d 6 Nov 1846 age 30 y

Many field stones and stones marked with initials only, as given, it was hard to tell if these were footstones, for
headstones were not always in palce.

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