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New Hope

New Hope Predestinarian Baptist Church Cemetery
*This may be the cemetery known as Moler Woods to older members of the Knauer family.

The following reading was taken from records located in the Putnam County Library. These are known as the "green books" and were compiled by the Putnam County Historical Society.

Typed by Sharon Bryant, Norfolk, VA

Harrison, son of John and Nancy Cartmill, & half brother of Zebulon Collings, d Jul 12, 1855, aged 18y 9m 18d

Zebulon, son of Abraham and Nancy Collings, d July 7, 1833, aged 13y 1m 9d

George L. , son of R & N. M. Crawford, died Sep 28, 1852, aged 11m 13d

Elizabeth, wife of William H. Hyten, d -----, --, 1857 (broken stone)

Susan Isabel, dau of W. H. & E. Hyten, d 11 jun 1849, 16d

George Legans, died Aug 28, 1844, aged 56y 3m 2d

John Moler, died Nov 10, 1866, aged 61y 1m 10d

Sarah, wife of John Moler, died Apr 7, 1856, aged 47y 1m 22d

Sarah, dau of J & S Raglin, d January 7, 1863, aged 6y 7m 27d

Eliza Smith, wife of Joseph Smith, d Oct 17, 1846, aged 31y 11m (slab partly gone)

Mary E. , dau of J & E. W. Smith, Apr 14, 1840, aged 8y 7m 29d

Sarah Ann, dau of John and Sarah Smith, d Jan 4, 1854, aged 1y 8m 15d

David Whipple of Greenwich, N. Y. , died July 9, 1833 in his 58th year.

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