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Miller Cemetery

(SE1/4 Sec. 25 T15N R3W) 335N 850E Floyd Twp. Putnam County In. Go east out of Greencastle on (SR240) to 775E, turn North and go approximately 6 Miles, just Past the Canaan Church. Turn Right on the first road past the Church (375N) and go about 1/4 mile to the lane that goes south across a field and creek. The Cemetery is on the south side of the creek at the top of the ridge and a little to the west. This cemetery is very clean and well maintained. It is very difficult to get to. There is an easement beside a house trailer and a line fence, but at the creek the hill is almost straight up and down. There is at least one Civil War veteran buried here: Samuel Miller, Co. I 148 Indiana Vol. 1834-1865.

There is a new updated reading in the Floyd Twp. Cemetery Book. The cemetery is enclosed in a fence with a gate.

Submitted by Steven Miller, New Orleans, LA

ARCHER, Harriet, b. July 22 1844, d Apr. 10,1871

BROWN, Rebecca, dau/ of S. & A. Brown, d Dec. 24, 1856, aged 30y 8m 11d

CHRISTY, John D. , 1850-1914
Keziah, dau of N. & S. Christy, d 1857, aged 6m
Lina A. , dau of N. & S. Christy, d Jan 26,1879, aged 25y 2m 10d
Nathaniel, d. Feb 26,1874, aged 64y 4 m 12d
Sarah A. P. , w/o Nathaniel Christy, d Sept. 30 1858, aged 38y 5m

FIGG, Infant son of Wesley & Anna, d. Nov. 9,1859 aged 5m 13d
Anna w/o Wesley T. Figg, d June 2,1889, aged 68y 3m 10d
Gabriel, b Jan. 7,1832, d . Apr. 11 1875 aged 43y 3m 4d
John S. 1868-1914
Rebecca, w/o Francis A. Figg, d. Dec12,1887, aged 79y 20d
Wesley T. , Dec. 6 1882,aged 72y 2m 2d

GREENLEE, Abner 1796-1877
James A. , b. Mar. 15,1812, d. Aug. 7, 1856
Mary, W/O John Greenlee, 1776-1851
Mary B. ,w/o Abner, 1807-1895
Mary,w/o James A. 1818-1893
Sarah M. 1841-1898
William W. , d. Aug 8,1868, aged 5y 5m 10d

MILLER, Archibald, 1802-1884
Jane. w/o Archibald, d Nov. 18 1840
Malinda w/o Archibald, b. Dec 27,1812 d. Nov 18,1878, aged 65y 10m 18d
Mary J. , 1832-1926
Sarah E. , b June 3,1838, d. June 2,1905 aged 66y 11m 29d
Samuel - CO I 148 IN,--- 1834-1865
Susan, b. Jan 1, 1830, d. June 23,1901, aged 71y 5m 2d

RUNNELLS, Infant dau of Renney & N. Runnells, June 12, 1882

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