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MATKINS CEMETERY, Approx. 1/4 Mi. West of SE Corner NE 1/4 SE1/4 Sec 4 T 12 R5 W.
Inscriptions copied April 18, 1956 by Wm. J. Boatright. Transcribed as written on Feb 13,1999 by Penni Lynch.

Behind the Post Office at Pleasant Gardens (Reelsville Post Office) north and east in the woods, about even with the west edge of a metal shed is the grave of :

John Matkins b. July 22, 1803 d. Sept 24, 1833

Futher north and east is another tall stone which is completely illegible. This John MATKINS could be the one who platted Pleasant Gardens, January 20, 1830. Inscriptions copied by ??

Wm. K. Matkins d. Oct 14,1865 Age 54y 11m 27d

Nancy E. wife of Wm. K, Matkins d. feb 17,1875 Age 50y 8m 20d

{Isaac N. Matkins b. 4-4-1854 Putnam Co. d. 6-30-1947 Spencer, IN

{Mary Matkins 1856-1913

William T. Matkins 1849-1927

Paul Jackson Matkins b. Dec 19,1902 d. Aug 4,1919

Tilda Mae Matkins 1890 - 1897

William David son of T. L. Matkins d. Sept 2,1882 Age 8m 20d

{William Sanders d. may 14,1874 Age 57y 10m 13d

{ Isabelle M. Sanders d. July 17,1905 Age 87y 6m 29d

{Andrew Thomas Jackson Rader b. Dec 26,1846 d. July 23,1922

{Mary E. his wife b. Mar 26,1852 d. Mar 7, 1912

Thomas H. son of Wm. S. and M. Taylor d. ---- Age 10m 18d

{William B. Siner b. Sept 22,1860 d. Apr 2,1942

{Annie L. Siner b. Jan 25, 1879 d. June 20, 1959

Van C. McCullough b. 6-3-1894 d. 8-22-1925 Joliet, Ill w/ Helen Bessie McCullough 1888-1889

Elizabeth McCullough b. 9-19-1858 d. Sept 23, 1917

Thomas N. McCullough b. Nov 3,1859 d. Mar 2, 1938

Oates E. b. July 12,1885 d. Feb 3, 1888 s/o Henry Jackson & Mirah E. Siner McCullough

Mary E. b. Apr 23,1891 d. Feb 17,1893 s/o Henry Jackson & Mirah E. Siner McCullough

Mary wife of Samuel K. Snider d. Oct 9, 1865 Age 48y 6m 11d

Kesiah P. wife of William Drake d. May 11, 1853 Age 30y

James L. son of Wm. and K. P. Drake d. Apr 19,1853 age 3y 10m 27d

Sarh J. Dau of W. H. and M. M. Carr

Viola Josephine Neese wife of Wesley Neese b. Feb 18,1868 d. Nov 17,1893

W. S.

J. W. C.

15 graves with undertaker markers, but so old that writing is obliterated.

Samuel P. Webster d. Apr 27,1864 70y 4m 7d

Margaret w/o Samuel d. July 3,1871 about 57 yrs. old

Isaac Newton Matkins s/o Wm. T. & Nancy Roberts Matkins

These are their children: John S. , Olace G. , Belle Carpenter, Wm. P. , Carrie, Annie Siner, Cecil, Fannie, Tilda Mae (Marie). ( The last three were deceased before their father died) Information on Isaac from His Obit.

James Yocum b. 9-3-1847 d. Jan 27, 1918 Putnam Co. , Age 71 yrs.

wife Julia Yocum d/o Daniel Parr d. Nov 25,1928 Age 77 yrs.

In Brazil Times dated Nov 26,1928 / From Obit File, Center Point Genealogy Library
These were found in the Miller & Sons Funeral Records:

Albert Rader d. 12-31-1920 49y Terre Haute, IN Millers Bk. 7 P. 140

Martha C. Siner b. 12-23-1835 d. 12-1-1918 Reelsville, IN d/o Benjamin & Sarah Medkin Buric (Both of Reelsville, IN) Miller Bk. 6 P. 93

John Siner d. 1-18-1910 1y8m (Wm. Siner) Miller & Sons Bk. 2 P. 237

Louis C. Northcutt d. 4-5-1910 77y 1m 17d Miller & Sons Bk. 2 P271

Goldie Jacobs ( Orlando) d. 4-9-1916 19yrs. Millers Bk. 4 P. 228

Letha Neese (Wm. Singer) d. 1-17-1915 22yrs. Millers Bk. 4 P. 63

George W. Siner (Wm. Siner) d. 9-12-1915 82yrs. Mullers Bk. 4 P. 139

Michie Acrea Phillips b. Nov 23, 1860 d. June 2, 1940 Rentschler Bk. 1 P. 267

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