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The Herbert Cemetery is located in Lieber State Park about one quarter mile west of the entrance to Hulman Beach. It has been fenced and is maintained by the State of Indiana. This Cemetery was used from 1850-1908. Joseph and Maria Herbert are buried there as well as two grandsons Frank and Joseph. Lewis Herbert ( son of Joseph and Marian) was buried there in 1903 by the side of his two sons and when Mary Herbert (mother of Lewis) died in 1941 he was moved beside her in the Cloverdale Cemetery. With the exception of six graves all others bear the inscription of the Herbert Family.
Unknown Reader/Researcher.
Transcribed as written by Penni Lynch Feb 23, 1999.
The following is a list of the inscriptions:

Joseph Herbert b. Feb 22, 1809 d. Feb 14,1886

Maria (wife) b. Nov 20,1812 d. May 1, 1890

Mary A. Herbert w/o C. C. d. May 27,1869 40y 1m 2d

John W. s/o C. C. & M. A. b. July 8,1858 d. Mar 6, 1865

Sarah J. d/o C. C. & M. A. d. June 5, 1871 14y 10m 22d

Mellissa d/o C. C. & M. A. b. Mar 9, 1863 d. Oct 29, 1880

Henry F. Herbert b. July 5, 1850 d. Nov 17,1890

Elizabeth w/o Henry b. Sept 10, 1852 d. Mar 27, 1908

Israel Herbert s/o Joseph & Maria b. Mar 18,1845 d. Sept 1, 1876

Sarah E. Herbert w/o H. b. d. Dec 6, 1880 29y 13d

Homer Herbert s/o H. & S. E. b. d. Jan 9, 1870 1m 17d

Henry Herbert s/o I & S. C. b. d. Aug 2, 1869 3m 26d

Amy Herbert d/o I & S. C. b. 2-4-1874 d. Aug 11, 1880 6y 6m 7d

Ora W. Herbert s/o Isaac & Sara C. b. Mar 13,1880 d. June 18, 1901 21y 23d

Luellen Herbert w/o Oliver Jones b. Mar 14,1877 d. June 28, 1900 23y 3m 14d

Frank Herbert s/o L. C. & M. A. b. April 6, 1871 d. Sept 30, 1880

Joseph Herbert s/o L. M. b. 5-6-1880 d. Aug 9, 1881 1y 3d "A Light From Our House is Gone"

Elizabeth Herbert Bowman w/o Marion b. d. Mar 8, 1888 27y 11m 4d d/o Joseph & Maria Herbert

Mary J. d/o J. &. L. Coltharp b. Jan 16, 1857 d. June 21, 1857

William Jenkins b. d. Sept 25, 1861 51y 9m 26d

Martha w/o Wm Jenkins d. 7-1-1874 67y 4m 26d

Sarah Ann Jenkins w/o John b. Apr 14, 1835 d. Nov 9, 1887 52y 7m 5d

John Jenkins b. 10-31-1836 d. 10-2-1885

Margaret w/o Wm. Sadler b. 10-10-1853 d. March 6, 1880 27y 4m 27d (this is the oldest grave inscription-vague)

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