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Graves Family


Submitted by Mary Cooper Rigdon

Peter Graves received a land patent for W. Hlf of NW Quarter, Section 11, 80 acres in October 7, 1824 He had come from Tennessee with his wife Jane Milton and another Graves brother. The farm is located just west of Bainbridge, indiana on the south side of State Road 36. Approximately 1/2 mile west of Bainbridge and about 1/2 to 1 mile south of Road 36, there are still to be found traces of an old home. East of the home atop a small hill, lies the family burial plot. (Written by unknown relative in 1924). These records were copied then:

Peter Graves, Born 9-15-1783: died 2-2-1860; aged 76 yrs, 4m,17 days.

Jane wife of Peter Graves died aged 68 yrs, ll m, 3 days = Born 6-8-1784-died 5-11-1853

Julia Ann daughter of P and J Graves died aged about 3 m. = brn 1827. died 10-1827

This grave is among the oldest in the county.
Cynthia, wife of James O. Carter died aged 33 yrs, 4 m. 4 da, = born 2-28-1821: died 6-4-1854

Twin children of J. D. and Cynthia Carter = Died May 28 1854

Elizabeth M. daughter of J D and C. Carter = Born 9-16-1847, died 4-7-1851

Henry C. son of A. and M. Feather died aged 12 years, 26 days. = Born 8-27-1839, died 9-23-1851

Julie E. daughter of A. and M. Feather, died aged 2 mos, 14 days, = Born 6-3-1851: died 8-17-1851

James H. Cooper, born 11-23-1831: died 10-23-1855

Historically speaking, 1851 was not a very good year. I copied this exactly as I found in a trunk that was given me with papers of the families. James H. Cooper was a grandson of Peter Graves as his daughter Rachel married John W. Cooper in Putnam. I do not know the relationship of the Carters and Feathers. However, the remaining Graves Children and John W. Cooper and family all moved to Winterset, Iowa.

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