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Epperson/Perkins Cemetery

Reading by Patricia Ewing, October 1997

Typed by Sharon Bryant, Norfolk, VA

Conner, Mary A. , b Aug 6, 1843 d Aug 19, 1887

Epperson, Elizabeth, w/o Francis Epperson, d Oct 19, 1876, aged 71y 5m 1d

Francis, d Dec 7, 1872, aged 76y 10m 27d

Tabitha, w/o Francis Epperson, d Mar 15, 1863, aged 69y 4m 23d

Polly R. , d/o F & T Epperson, d Sep 5, 1832, aged 18y 6m 17d

Perkins, Anderson, h/o Elizabeth Perkins, d Jan 2, 1891, aged 69y 6m 3d

Elizabeth, b Nov 4, 1825 d Jun 22, 1893, aged 73y 8m 18d

James, d Sep 17, 1884, aged 23y 6d

Ridding, Juriah, d Feb 24, 1868, aged 76y 11m 11d

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