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Cloverdale Township South of Cloverdale to Tile Mill Road East to Second Rd. South - Roy Foster Farm.
This reading was made in 1980 by Martha Casida.
Transcribed by Penni Lynch.

COFFMAN, Isaac Co. D 97th Ind. Inf.

HALTOM, Isaac W. 1831- 1901

Mary J. 1837 - 1921

LAWSON, Sarah E. died the 10th of April 1873

PAYTON, Charley T. s/o W. H. & M. Payton d. Nov 7, 1871 age 14d

Lonzo, s/o W. H. & M. Payton d. mar 16, 1869 age 2y1m15d

MARTIN, Ethelred, d. Mar 1, 1841 age 66yrs.

Elizabeth A. d/o F. & M. Martin d. Oct 23, 1864 age 2y10m9d

Malinda A. w/o F. Martin d. Oct 12, 1878 55y9m9d

+ 4 stones which were blank.

Footstones : J. H. M. R. M. E. M.

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