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Dixon Cemetery
(on private property)

Reading by Mrs. Noble Fry, Mrs. Ronald Lotz, and Mrs. Jim Clifford, November 1980.
Typed by Sharon Bryant, Norfolk, VA

Kelsey, Rhonda H. , d Nov 25, 1882, aged 69y 11m 15d (second wife of Nicholas West)
Howard, Mary J. , w/o T. L. Howard, d Jan 1, 1873, aged 38y 8m 11d
Susanah, w/o William, d Mar 5, 1878, aged 79y 7m 23d
William, d Apr 9, 1861, aged 68y 2m 7d
George, d Jul 7, 1857, aged 32y 3m 3d
P. D.
W. H.
G. J. D.
Darnall, Nicholas L. , d Jun 17,1855, aged 96y 4m 16yd
Shepherd, infant s/o W. A. & N. , d Apr 1, 1848
William A. , d Jul 17, 1851, aged 20y 2m 18d
N. D.
Dixon, George J. , s/o E & E, d Jan 19, 1850, aged 3y 5m 28d
E. D.
Dixon, Margaret, w/o Eben, d Jul 25, 1842, 66y
Nancy, w/o H. L. , b Nov 7, 1813, d May? 10, 1847
West, Catharine, w/o Nicholas, d Oct 10, 1841, aged 44y 5m 25d
Margaret J. , d/o N & C, d Oct 26, 1841, aged 18y 8m 10d
Darnall & Srader: Erected by two of her children, E. (Emily) Darnall, paid $185 and N. (Nancy) Srader, paid $50
Dixon, Phebe, w/o H. L. , b Feb 1818, d Oct 22, 1861
Henry L. , d Jul 5, 1886, aged 68y 4m 19d
Olie, d Jan 29, 1888, aged 6y 5m 17d
Charles W. , b Dec 6, 1848 d Oct 1, 1893
West, Nicholas, d Nov 21, 1864, aged 65y 10m 2d - Masonic emblem

Note: The following information was extracted from the warranty deed held by the current owner of the property.
March 5, 1834
Nicholas West - children by unnamed first wife:
Angeline Randall
Nancy Shrader
Emily Darnall
Henry West
Lydia Howard
Second wife (no children), widow of Nicholas West, Feb 22, 1865
Nancy Josephine Ragsdale
William A. Howard
Joseph S. Howard
Susan H. Howard
John W. Howard
Sarah Frances West
Lydia, w/o Isaac Johnson and their children: Marcus L. Johnson and Georgia A. E. Johnson

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