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Links to African American info on the Orange County page

Contributed by Lois Mauk, who writes: "The following is quoted from an announcement in the Friday, September 5, 1997 issue of the Indiana Edition of the Louisville (KY) Courier-Journal. Sorry, but I have no additional information other than what is related here."


"During the 19th century, before slavery was abolished in the South, freed slaves established the small community of Lick Creek in Orange County [Indiana].

"Angie Krieger, an archaeologist for the Hoosier National Forest, is conducting research to find out the names of the people who lived in LICK CREEK and to learn more about their family life. Krieger is looking for volunteers to help her with the study between September 15 and 19 to coincide with Indiana's second annual Archaeology Week, which runs from September 15 through Sept. 21.

"Lick Creek began in 1817 and had its population peak in 1855 with 16 families living on more than 1,500 acres. Krieger's study will focus on reviewing archives and conducting field work to assess the condition of the settlement today.

"Volunteers need to be capable of moderate physical activity. People with skills in GENEALOGY, photography, cartography and woodland orienteering are needed. Volunteers need to register by Wednesday [SEPTEMBER 10, 1997] to participate.

"To register, call Angie Krieger at (812) 275-5987."


A brief Internet search disclosed the following address for Ms. Krieger's office:

Hoosier National Forest 811 Constitution Ave. Bedford, IN 47421 PHONE: (812) 275-5987 TTY: (812) 279-3423 FAX: (812) 279-3423