Bethel Cemetery

From the Cemetery Records compiled by the Lost River Chapter DAR

Orangeville Township Section 31 T3N R1W. Used

Located one and one half miles north of Orangeville on land which was entered by James Shields in 1815. The earliest burials were young children, members of the Shields family. Rachel Fisher died in December 1821 and a Shields child who died in August of that year. The north part of the cemetery was said to be used by the Indians as a burying ground. A log church was built west of the present building, in 1871. Bethel is situated on a road which was a pioneer trail, leading to Vincennes. On the south side of the road is the I.O.O.F. addition opened in 1892. The cemeteries are well kept. There are many unmarked graves.

The following is a transcript of data recorded by the Lost River Chapter of the DAR in the 1940's and remain their property.  This page may be freely copied for your personal use but may not be reproduced in any public media without permission

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BARNETT, David Jan. 1/1819-Jan. 10/1892.
BARNETT, Nancy Sept. 16/1825-Jan.23/1892.
BARNETT, James W. June 17/1867-Apr.24/1872 (three on one stone)
BEDSTER, James April 1835-Sept.28/1915.
BEDSTER, Mary J. his wife Sept.9/1842-April 7/1911. (one stone)
BEDSTER, Oscar July 7/1871-Jan.27/1894.
BEDSTER, G. T. Jan.13/1862-Aug.19/1886.
BLACK, Alexander d. Mar.21/1855 age 37y/11d.
BOND, Reuben d. Aug. 1/1834 age 36 years.
BOND, Penelope d. Nov. 1885, age about 80 years.
BRINER, Margaret, daut. of G. & L., d. Sept.23/1857,age 2y/11m/5d.
BRUNER, Fountain Aug, 22/1805-Jan. 1/1888.
BRUNER, Emily Aldrich Nov. 23/1810-Mar. 9/1870.
BRUNER, Sarah J. December 10/1848-July 23/1874. (three on 1 stone.)
BRUNER, Anselm d. Nov. 25/1837, age 28 days.
BURNETT, Infant son of D.H. & L. Oct.24/1876-Dec.16/1876.
BYRAM, Lewis who departed this life July 11/1834 age 64y/5d.
        Ingraved by A. Bowles
        Note: Lewis Byram was a well known preacher.
CARROLL, Samuel Co.A. 38 Ind. Inf. 1847-1937.
CARROLL, Naomi w. of Samuel d. July 24/1894-age 33y/9m/10d.
CARROLL, Grace Feb. 14/1886-Mar.20/1917.
CARROLL, Eddie son of S. & M.G. d. Nov. 7/1881, age 7y/7m/12d.
CARROLL, Eda wife of James. d. Mar. 10/1881 age 26 years.
CARTER, John F. Sept. 19/1831-Mar.2 /1866.
CARTER, Susan wife of John F., d. June 27/1869-age 35y/4m/21d.
CHANGH, Mariah Hubbard 1842-1895
CHASTTEIN, Luize April 16/1819-Nov. 24/1840.
CLEVELAND, Matthew Feb. 2/1812-Jan. 14/1900.
CLEVELAND, Elizabeth w. of M. Nov. 26/1805-July 20-1889.
COOPER, John Coy Jan. 25/1822-June 17/1836.
DENNY, Anna consort of Walter d. Sept.30/1852 age 39y/4m.
DENNY, Lucy daut. of Walter d. Oct. 21/1861 age 49y/11m/26d
DENNY, Mary Powell July 3/1823-Oct.16/1900.
DUNCAN, Margaret Jane w. of Joseph Nov.29/1830-Dec.29/1872.
EASLEY, Phillip d. Jan.22/1875 age about 75 years.
EASLEY, Mary W. w. of Phillip d. Mar.12/1887 about 75 years.
FAWCETT, James W. d.... (Not readable) age 31y/8m/12d.
FAWCETT, James W. son of J.W. & T.J. d. Aug.24/1874. 4m/12d.
FAWCETT, Infant daughter of J.W. & T.J. b. & D. July 16/1877.
FELKNER, John T. son of T.W. & R.J. Feb. 16/1863-Nov.21/1863.
FISHER, William May 10/1822-Aug. 22/1823.
FISHER, Rachel Elenor June 16/1820-Aug.27/1821
FITTS, William M. d. Apr.9/1877, age 81y/1m/19d.
FOSTER, Katie 1875-1938.
GABLE, Martha G. wife of Samuel Sept. 11/1844-May 28/1877.
GABLE, Thomas A. son of J. & E.E. Feb. 24/1875-Mar.28/1878.
GAMMON, Eliza A. Sept. 5/1850-April 6/1887.
GARR, Martha A. wife of Thomas G., d. April 19/1872, 24y/3m/27d.
GHERKIN, William M. son of William & H. April 2/1862-Mar.8/1865.
GIBBONS, Amanda 1861-1866.
GOOBER, Lemuel O. son of G.B. & S.D. May 18/1861-Dec. 11/1862.
GRIGGS, Hannah daut. of P. & L. May 21/1854, age 8m/15d.
GRIGGS, Martha Susan daut. of S. & H. Jan.25/1856-May 30/1856.
GRIGGS, William son of S. & H. Dec. 20/1853-April 26/1865.
GRIGGS, Shadrack, sacred to the memory of; Nov.27/1828-May 24/1856.
GRIM, Sarah J. daut. of M.D. & E. d. Oct. 9/1842 9 1y/10m/24d.
GRIM, Mary E. daut. of same. d. Sept. 4/1843 age 6m/16d.
HAM, Michael April 23/1792-Feb.2/1864.
HAM, Elizabeth wife of Michael.... 1797-Aug.29/1881.
HARRIS, Sarah, wife of William d. Sept.8/1848, 59y/6m/15d.
HAYDEN, Eleanor Jane, Sacred to Memory of. Consort of Thomas
        Sept. 4/1837-June 7/1855. age 17y/9m/5d.
HOLLENSHEAD, Leannah, consort of Garret Voorhis, d. Feb. 11,1837,
        in the 79th year of her age.
        Remember me as you pass by, as you are now, so once was I.
        As I am now, so you shall be, prepare for deth, and follow me.
        Note: Garret Voorhis, Rev. Soldier, is buried in Martin Co. Ind.,
         north of Crane.
HOLMES, Virginia d. Jan. 13/1842, age 28y/11m/12d.
HOLMES, John d. Mar. 30/1845, age 46y/1m/7d.
HOLMES, Hugh d. May 19/1847, age 2y/18d.
HOPPER, David June 28/1848-April 4/1898.
HOPPER, Cassus Byascus, son of C.B. & N. d. Aug.13/1854,11m/2d.
HOPPER, Luther Aug. 4/1816 ......
HOPPER, Callie A., w. of Luther May 1/1812-Dec.24/1891.
HOPPER, Luther Nov. 14/1828- Co. G-49 Ind. Vol.
HOPPER, Malinda, his wife. d. Mar.27/1876 age 25y.
HOPPER, Maggie, our daughter.
HOPPER, Lizzie, his wife d. Oct. 15/1899, age 48y.
HOPPER, William Oct. 23/1823—Dec. 10/1865
HOPPER, Ann Jenkins, his w. Jan. 28/1824-May 20/1863.
HOPPER, Mary E., daut. Dec. 8/1851-Oct. 1/1865.
HOPPER, Martin G., June 21/1861-June 20/1880.
HOPPER, Charles M. Sept.22/1876-Jan.29/1935.
HOPPER, L.S.H. March 21/1920-Oct. 14/1920.
HUBBARD, Mary E., daut. of W.G. & M. Aug. 18 to Aug-31/1860
JENKINS, Laura, w. of James Oct. 20/1842-Apr. 6/1893.
JENKINS, Theo W. Mar. 8/1876-Mar.6/1892 son of J.A. & L.
JENKINS, Ida L. July 16/1868-Feb.15/1894, daut. of J.A. & L.
JENKINS, Effie A. June 23/1872-May 10/1881 daut. of J.A. & L.
JINKINS, Mary d. Oct. 22/1847 age 72y/7m/22d.
JINKINS, Henry B. d. Jul 13/1867, age 85Y/3m/2ld.
JINKINS, Ann d. Nov. 17/1834 age 46Y/3m.
JINKINS, James L. d. Aug. 6/1839, age 9 months.
JONES, Sarah consort of L.M. born Mar. 5/1808, age 45Y/7m/18d.
JONES, Infant son of L.M. & S.-age 6 days.
LAFFATY, Sarah E., daut. of S. & R.E. d. Nov.8/1855 4y/8m/20d.
LAFFATY, Permelia E. daut. of S. & R.E. d. Mar.18/1856, 7y/2m/19d.
LAFFARTY, Vance d. Oct-7/1838, age 68y/7m/19d.
LAFFARTY, Eleanor, wife of Vance, d. July 23/1858 age 76y.
LASWELL, an infant son of Joseph & Mary Janes d. Aug.13/1847-
LASWELL, ,an infant son of J.F. & Amanda b.& d. Jan.6/1883.
LASWELL, an infant dau. of J.F. & Amanda b.& d. Oct.8/1885.
MATHERS John W., son of W.R. & M.J. d. July 18/1853 8m/7d.
MATHERS: Marjuly w. of Wm. R. d. July 22/1853 21Y/3m/12d.
MATHERS, inf, daut. of T.N. & L.-(no dates)
MATHERS STONE: three names
MATHERS, Nancy, wife of Samuel d. Dec.12/1876 56y/11m.
MATHERS, Samuel d. Feb.9/1902 age 80y/1m/21d.
MATHERS, Anna, wife of Samuel d. Mar.9/1856 28Y/4m/8d.
MATHERS, Catherine w. of Moses d. May 13/1846 5ly/9m.
MATHERS, Moses d. Apr. 10/1860 age not readable.
MATHERS, Thomas d. Sept. 22/1871 age 71y/3d.
MATHERS, infant son of M.F. & R. B. d. Jan.3/1891.
MATHERS James d. Aug-3/1874, age 85Y/5m/11d.
MATHERS Rachel w. of James d. Aug.16/1874 79y/4m/25d.
MATHERS, Rachel, daut. of James & Rachel d. Mar.10/1860 11Y/1m/4d.
MATHERS, infant of J.F & M.L. -no dates.
MATHERS, Mary R.,daut. of J.F & M.L. d.Feb.28/1862 age 16y.
MATHERS, Elzora A. 1862-1888.
MATHERS, Jamess son of J.F. & E., d. Mar-4/1862 age 4 Y.
MATHES, Rachel w. of Elder J.J. W. Mathes d. Dec.9/1859 40y/11m/18d.
MATHEWSON, Caroline 1837-1918.
MATHEWSON, Samuel M. 1827-1863.
MILLER, Jane d. Nov. 22/1844, age 35y/1m/8d.
MILLER, Alicia J. d. June 8/1845 age 7 m/18d.
MILLER, Elijah A., son of L. & C. d. Oct-4/1850 3m/15d.
MOFFITT, Infant daut of E. & M. Sept.28/1862-Aug.1/1863.
MONICAL, Peter B., Sr. Nov.10/1813-Oct-30/1899.
MONICAL, Sarah, his w. July 16/1823-Jan.18/1898
MONICAL, Henry H., son of P & S, Sept.6/1848-Feb.12/1850.
MONICAL, Sarah daut. of P. & S. Jan.17/1858-Sept.18/1861.
MONICAL, George W., son of P. & S. Feb.8/1853-Nov.10/1861.
MONICAL, Joseph L., son of P & S. Aug-31/1860-Apr.6/1864.
MONICAL, Nancy J., daut. of P. & S.Nov.24/1841-Jan. 20/1871.
MONICAL, Oscar E., son of P. & S., May21/1868-Feb.6/1871.
MONICAL, Moses d. Mar.27/1857 age 55 Y/2m/19d.
MONICAL, Eli W. Mar.12/1846-Jan. 15/1932.
MONICAL, Florence May 29/1854-...1941.
MORGAN MARKER: five people
MORGAN, Henry Feb. 15/1838-Oct. 2/1889.
MORGAN, Eliza J., his w. July 30/1839-July 6/1908.
MORGAN, Wm.H. July 29/1876-July 30/1876.
MORGAN, infant Mar.5/1882-Mar-7/1882.
MORGAN, Little, May, granddaut, Feb, 7/1880-June 7/1884.
MORGAN, Mary E. Jan.6/1858-Oct.4/1863.
MORGAN, Ella G. Dec.5/1858-Mar.20/1882.
MORGAN, Alonzo D. Oct.12/1860-June 24/1861.
MORGAN, George W. May 28/1867-Apr.2/1873.
McCART, John P. 1838-1871.
McCART, Nannie E. 1842-1936.
McCART, Martha A., w. of Edmund d. Sept.1/1871 21y/11m/29d.
McCART, Henry, son of E. & P. d. Feb.4/1859 age 17y/6m.
McCAULEY, James Jan.21/1812-June 1/1889.
McCAULEY, Sarah w. of James, Senr. d. Feb.2/1881 68y/8m/2d.
McCAULEY, infant daut. of John & Maria b & D. Mar.24/1886.
McCRACKEN, Robert July 5/1828-Nov.17/1908.
McCRACKEN, Jennie his w. Oct.30/1834,-Oct-17/1875.
McCRACKEN, Lucy E., daut. of R & J. age 42d.
McCRACKEN, Robert d. Oct. 19/1834 age 54Y/7m/21d.
NOBLITT, Louisa, daut. of J. & L. d. Oct. 12/1828-....
NOBLITT, Jacob, d. Oct. 18/1856 age 75Y/1m/3d.
NOBLITT, Lavina, w. of J. d. Aug. 15/1858 age 72Y/7m/1d.
PEACHER, Rachel, w. of Edmund Dec.22/1797-Apr.21/1867,
PIPHER, John Co. A. 38 Ind. Inf. (Gov't. Marker)
PIPHER, William d. Jan. 19/1862, age 22y/8m/21d.
PIPHER, John A. d. Jan. 26/1862, age 24y/6m/16d.
PIPHER Anderson son of H. & R. d. Aug.2/1849 age 7m/19d.
PIPHER, Hiram May 15/1816-Apr. 5/1897.
PIPHER, Jane 1837-1912.
POWELL, Joannah, daut. of T & J.A. d. Sept.13/1861 1Y/4m/13d.
POWELL, Thomas Jan. 25/1818-July 2/1880.
POWELL, Julia Anne w. of Thomas d. Apr.22/1864 38y/2m/23d.
        Her infant son lies beside her.
POWELL, William d. Feb.26/1863 age 72y/10m/26d.
POWELL, Mary, w. of William d. July 29/1858 age 74Y.
POWELL, John son of Wm. & Mary d. Aug.26/1858 43y/9m/12d.
POWELL, Margaret E., daut. of Jesse & Mary Jan.20/1861-Mar.10/1864/
POWELL, David, son of J. & M.E. Nov. 11/1874-Sept.12/1877.
POWELL, Charles son of J. & M.E. Oct. 11/1871-Sept. 8/1877.
POWELL, Anna J., w. of Abner born Oct. 20/1832-......
POWELL, John T. d. June 4/1942 age (Not readable)
POWELL, Aaron d. Aug. 16/1940 age 68 Y.
PREWETT, Thomas J. d. May 4/1887, age 43Y/1m/10d. Co.E.66 Ind.Vol.
PRUETT, John W.S. d. Mar.21/1889 age 51Y/5m/1d.
PRUETT, Children of J.W.S. & N.G.-Mary E. July 23/1877 age 2Y/8m/7d.
        Cora B. Jan. 1/1871 age 2y/6m/22d.
PRUETT, Jane, w. of E. d. Mar.20/1863, age 42y/10M/14d.
PRUETT, Margaret J., daut. of H. & J. d. Oct. 5/1850 2 m.
PRUETT, Andrew Jackson, son of E & J.J. d. Apr. 6/1865.
        age 20Y/7m/17d. Co. E 66 Ind. Inf.(Govt. Marker)
PRUETT, John Co.E. 66 Ind. Inf.(govt. marker)
PRUETT, Elijah d. Aug.26/1880, age 69y/4m/20d.
PRUETT, Andrew d. July 27/1843 age 34Y/8m/17d.
PRUETT Eady d. Oct.29/1834 age 22y/9i/10d.
PRUETT: William d. Sept. 16/1849, age 62Y/10m.
PRUETT, Sarah w. of William Oct. 4/1790-Nov.25/1858.
PRUETT; William Sr. Sept. 6/1821-Sept. 18/1884.
PRUETT, Louisa, his w. Aug. 14/1828
PRUETT, Elizabeth his w. Oct. 4/1812-Feb.27/1863
PRUETT, Cora B. 1868-1871.
PRUETT Mary E. 1874-1877.
PRUETT, J.W.S. 1837-1889.
PRUETT, Nancy G. 1841-1917.
RIBELIN, Catherine Apr.20/1772-Feb.27/1856.
RUSSELL, George W. July 11/1861-Sept. 26/1889.
RUSSELL Elijah Sept. 20/1828-Sept.19/1912.
RUSSELL, Safety w. of Elijah July 13/1835-Dec.25/1902
SHIELDS, James, who fought for Liberty in 1776, and died,
         upwards of 70 years of age. Gov't marker inscribed:
        James Shields, Virginia, Pvt.,Continental Tr. Rev. War. July 10/1824.
SHIELDS, Ann In Memory of-who departed this life Aug. 8/1845.
        Age 74Y/9m .... d…. (w. of James, Rev. soldier)
SHIELDS, Daniel 1802-1875.
SHIELDS, Mary, w. of Daniel d. 1868 age about 66 years.
SHIELDS,…… d. 1821 (small child)
SHIELDS, John Milton Aug. 22/1825-Apr.1/1826.
SMITH, Alley, w. of Allen d. Jul 21/1854, age32y/2m/19d.
SMITH, Eli Mar.16/1816--Aug. 22/1868.
SMITH, Jessey, d. Aug. 18 1833, age 19 y.
SMITH, Mary, d. June 22,1832 not legible.
SMITH, Amy W., d. Oct. 15/1837, age 25Y.
SPEER, Ashbury June 20/1808-Mar.8/1895
SPEER, Margaret Oct. 12/1808-March 7/1895.
Father and Mother
STREET,, John Feb.23/1839-Sept.16/1878.
STREET, Florence w. of John Sept.22/1839-June 20/1872.
STREET, William M. son of James & E. d. Apr. 13/1863,age 19y/4m/26d.
        Co.G. 49th Reg. Inf.
STREET, James b. in Orange County, N.C., Jan. 11/1808-May 11/1892.
STREET, Elizabeth McCracken, his wife b. in Orange County, N.C.
        Feb. 15/1815-Aug-31/1891.
TROWBRIDGE, Maria, w. of J.T. b. June 20/1844--……..
TROWBRIDGE, Henry, son of J.& M. b. Mar. 2l/1884--…..
TROWBRIDGE, Joseph Feb.24/1819-Jan. 1/1894.
WARE, Thomas B. July 9/1816-Jan. 1/1892.
WARE, Jane wife of T.B. Dec.11/1811-Mar. 18/1890.
        daughter of James Shields (Revolutionary War soldier)
WARE, James, son of T.B & J., d. Apr.10/1856 1y/2m/19d.
WARE, Jacob D. d, Aug. 25/1861-……..
WARE. Polly Ann, daut. of Thomas & Jane d. July 22/1841.10M/4d.
WARE, John H. Co.G. 49th Ind. Inf. (Gov't marker)
WARE, Theodore son of T.B. & J. d. Aug.10/1861 14y/2m/2d.
WAY, Alfred d. Aug. 9/1830 age 22y.
WAY, Caleb d. Aug. 11/1830 age 19y.
WAY, Anthony d. Sept. 28/1854 age 76y.
WEBB, George W. d. Aug. 9/1830, age 70Y/1m/21d.
WEBB, Margaret E. wife of L.H. d. June 21/1868 23Y/7m/24d.
        (Webb graves are in Bedster lot)
WELCH, John May 22/1866-Feb-3/1929.
WHITTINGTON, Elvis 1859-1941.
WHITTINGTON, Annie 1860-1904
WHITTINGTON, Mary J. daut. of J. & S. d. June 6/1843 4Y.
WHITTINGTON, three infants, children of J. & S. no dates.
WILSON, two small stones, Mae and L.W. no dates.
VOORHIS, See Hollenshead.