1860 Census of Newton County, IN
transcribed by Robert E. Williamson

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(overwritten), (overwritten)
(overwritten), 38
*auis, Arrabella
*auis, Issabella
*auis, Jordan
*auis, Thomas
*lict, Daniel
*lict, Donml H
*lict, John E
*lict, Margetta
*lict, Mary
*nell, Elizabeth
*nell, Hugh
*nell, John W.
*nell, Lucy Jane
*nell, Mary H
*nell, Thomas O.
*nidson, James
0, 0
0, 0
0, 0
0, 0
0, ns
Ade, Adaline W.
Ade, Alice
Ade, Anna
Ade, John
Ade, William
Alexander, Louisa
Alter, Isaac
Ampecy, Evan
Ampecy, Henilda
Anderson, *leneard
Anderson, Alfred I.
Anderson, Amanda Ione
Anderson, Andrew S.
Anderson, Anna
Anderson, Charles Henry
Anderson, Elizabeth Ann
Anderson, eorge W.
Anderson, G. Washington
Anderson, James
Anderson, Jaob
Anderson, John
Anderson, John
Anderson, John David
Anderson, Lara Jane
Anderson, Lucinda
Anderson, Lucy Ann
Anderson, Manerva Jane
Anderson, Margarett Ann
Anderson, Mary
Anderson, Mary
Anderson, Mary Ann
Anderson, Mary Ellen
Anderson, Matilda Jane
Anderson, Noel
Anderson, Peter
Anderson, Richard
Anderson, Sarah C.
Anderson, Sarah Jane
Anderson, Sophia
Anderson, William
Anderson, William
Anderson, William
Anderson, William M.
Andrews, George W.
Andrews, Harry
Andrews, Helen M.
Andrews, Helen M.
Andrews, John L.
Applegate, Nancy E.
Archibald, Alzura
Archibald, Amanda
Archibald, Ann
Archibald, Benjamin L
Archibald, Elizabeth K
Archibald, Florence
Archibald, James
Archibald, Jasper
Archibald, John L
Archibald, Marcellus
Archibald, Mary H.
Archibald, Pirce
Archibald, Robert
Archibald, Robert
Archibald, Sarah
Archibald, Sarah Ann
Archibald, Silas M
Archibald, unnamed
Archibald, W.D.
Archibald, Zebu
Arnold, Alvin
Arnold, Edward W
Arnold, Edwin
Arnold, Ellen E.
Ash, Catherin
Ash, Daniel
Ash, Ebelina
Ash, George T.
Ash, Henry
Ash, Jacob
Ash, James
Ash, Joel
Ash, Mahala
Ash, Mary
Ash, Mary
Ash, Rachael
Ash, Rachael
Ash, Sarah
Ash, Solomon
Ash, Ziphena
Asher, Hanah
Asher, Thomas
Atkinson, Alice
Atkinson, Cornelius
Atkinson, Elias C.
Atkinson, Hannah Ione
Atkinson, James
Atkinson, John
Atkinson, Mary
Atkinson, Perry
Atkinson, Rosa
Atkinson, Ruth Ann
Atkinson, Sarah
Aton, William
Aton, Zachariah T.
Atwood, Charles L.
Atwood, Eunice A.
Ayrheart, Alvin I.
Ayrheart, John H.
Ayrheart, Mary Ann
Ayrheart, William L.
Baker, Asa
Baker, Benjamin L
Baker, Elizabeth M
Baker, John
Baker, Levina O
Baker, Malinda
Baker, Mary
Baker, May Ione
Baker, Ora
Baker, Robert
Baker, Samuel
Baker, Sewyl W
Baker, Thomas B.
Baker, Thomas R
Baker, William
Baker, William *
Ball, John
Ball, John
Baraker, Charles
Bard, Abbey
Bard, Amesiah
Bard, Amgelina
Bard, Cynthia Ione
Bard, Elizabeth
Bard, Elizabeth
Bard, Francis M.
Bard, Harriett
Bard, Harriett
Bard, Lorah Ann
Bard, Lydia
Bard, Lydia Ann
Bard, Mary
Bard, Mary E.
Bard, Nancy
Bard, Rebecca Jane
Bard, Samuel
Bard, Sylvester
Bard, William
Bard, William
Bard, William F.
Barnsdale, James
Barnsdale, Margarett I
Barnsdale, Mary
Barnsdale, Mary Ann
Barnsdale, Nancy
Barnsdale, Nicholas
Barnsdale, Thomas
Barnsdale, William
Bartholomew, Alma E
Bartholomew, Amanda E
Bartholomew, Charles
Bartholomew, Edmund
Bartholomew, Elizabeth
Bartholomew, Frederick
Bartholomew, George
Bartholomew, Jacob T.
Bartholomew, Jammes C
Bartholomew, John
Bartholomew, John
Bartholomew, John
Bartholomew, L.C.
Bartholomew, Mary
Bartholomew, Mary
Bartholomew, Mary A
Bartholomew, Mathew
Bartholomew, Nancy Jane
Bartholomew, Rachael
Bartholomew, Sarah Em
Barton, Debra
Barton, Jane B
Barton, John
Barton, John
Barton, Mary
Bassett, Adolphus
Bassett, Anna
Bassett, Elizabeth
Bassett, George W
Bassett, George W.
Bassett, Ira L
Bassett, Isaac
Bassett, Isaac H
Bassett, Isaac I.
Bassett, Lovinda A
Bassett, Margarett
Bassett, Maria E
Bassett, Morruetta A.
Bassett, Sarah Jane
Bassett, William C,
Batchelor, Johnathoin
Bayard, Elisa A.
Bayard, Emma I.
Bayard, Thomas
Beabout, Abraham
Beabout, Elby E.
Beabout, Maria Alice
Beabout, Nancy Ann
Beadford, *enice
Beam, John
Bell, Becca
Bell, Betsey
Bell, Caroline
Bell, Charles
Bell, George
Bell, Isaac
Bell, James
Bell, John
Bell, John
Bell, Johnathon
Bell, Mary
Bell, Rachael Ann
Bell, Rebecca
Bell, Rhoda
Bell, Sarah L.
Bell, Vina Jane
Benjamin, Elizabeth A.
Benjamin, Hannah
Benjamin, Harlin W.
Benjamin, Rebecca P.
Benjamin, Sa*ed
Benjamin, Samuel H.
Benjamin, Sarah A.
Benjamin, Seloma
Best, Ann Maria
Best, Elizabeth
Best, James A.
Best, John P.
Best, Laura J.
Best, Luther H.
Best, William
Billings, John
Billows, Elizabeth
Bimesholtz, Catherine E.
Bimesholtz, Jemima
Bimesholtz, John
Bimesholtz, John Y.
Bimesholtz, Peter Orlassa
Binushetly, Helena
Binushetly, Sylvester
Bishop, Daniel
Bishop, Margarett
Bishop, Matilda Ann
Bishop, Rebecca Jane
Blankenbeger, Jane
Blankenbeger, John W
Blankenbeger, Lewis H
Blankenbeger, Mary Adaline
Bloughhow, Joseph
Blue, John
Blue, Malissa I
Bonebreak, Lucinda
Bonebreak, Philip
Bonner, Adeline
Bonsteel, Elizabeth Ann
Bonsteel, Ellen
Bonsteel, Gaddis
Bonsteel, Mathew
Bonsteel, Sarah Ann
Booker, John
Booker, Ruth
Borkhart, ELizabeth Jane
Borkhart, George L
Borkhart, Isaac
Borkhart, Jane
Borkhart, Mary Jane
Borkhart, Rachael Ann
Bowers, Joel
Bowers, Lavina
Braddock, Barbara
Brady, Arlina
Brady, Daniel
Brady, Frances A.
Bramy, 14
Brandon, Elizabeth
Brandon, Jane
Brandon, Martha E.
Brandon, Samuel
Brecount, Nancy
Brecount, Thadeus
Breman, Charles
Brewer, Asa
Brewer, Asa
Brewer, Atthesoner
Brewer, Benjamin
Brewer, Sussannah
Brewer, Thomas
Bridgeman, Azance
Bridgeman, David
Bridgeman, Eloise
Bridgeman, Elonzo
Bridgeman, Ephraim
Bridgeman, Ephraim
Bridgeman, Joana
Bridgeman, John
Bridgeman, John
Bridgeman, John Brady
Bridgeman, Joseph
Bridgeman, Lamunl
Bridgeman, Lydia A.
Bridgeman, Mary Ann
Bridgeman, Mary C.
Bridgeman, Michael
Bridgeman, Nancy E.
Bridgeman, Samuel
Bridgeman, Sarah Jane
Bridgeman, Susanah
Bridgeman, Ufomer
Bridgeman, unnamed
Briggs, Benjamin
Briggs, E
Briggs, Eunice Orphan
Briggs, Rosanna
Brinner, John
Brinner, John Scott
Brinner, Sarah
Britler, George W.
Britler, Harrison
Britler, Mary Louisa
Britler, Synthia Ann
Brodderick, Elizabeth
Brodderick, John G.
Brodderick, John M.
Brodderick, Mary C.
Brodderick, Nancy E,
Brodderick, Rosattha M.
Brodderick, Sarah I.
Brodderick, William H.
Brodderick, William T.
Brokey, Manitta
Bronson, Elizabeth
Bronson, Jacob
Bronson, Jeremiah
Bronson, Johnatham
Bronson, Mahala
Bronson, Rebecca
Bronson, William
Brookbank, B.
Brookbank, Ellen N
Brookbank, John R
Brown, Daniel
Brown, Franceena
Brown, George W
Brown, Margarett
Brown, Mary K
Brown, William A.
Brunton, Cyrus
Brunton, Daniel
Brunton, Daniel
Brunton, Henry
Brunton, Joseph
Buchanan, Sarah
Buchanan, W
Buckingham, O.
Burg, Margaraett
Burg, Mary E.L.
Burg, Susannah I.
Burg, William
Burns, Edward
Burns, Isabella
Burns, John
Burrell, Catherine
Burrell, Daniel
Burrell, Elizabeth
Burrell, Frankllin
Burrell, Harriett
Burrell, Mariah
Burrell, Nathaniel
Burrell, Samuel
Burrell, Susanah
Burton, David
Burton, Joseph
Burton, Louiza
Burton, Lyberty L.
Burton, William
Bush, Isaac
Byrum, Baley
Camblin, Elma G.
Camblin, Solomon
Cameron, A.L.
Cameron, Elizabeth
Cameron, Henry Clay
Cameron, James Elsy
Cameron, John
Cameron, Margarett
Cameron, Margarett
Cameron, Mary
Cameron, Rachael C.
Cameron, William L.
Carmichael, Adaline
Carmichael, Daniel
Carmichael, Elizabeth
Carmichael, Elizabeth
Carmichael, Ezekial
Carmichael, Hannah Jane
Carmichael, Henry
Carmichael, John
Carmichael, John
Carmichael, Martha Ann
Carmichael, Nancy
Carmichael, Newton
Carmichael, William
Carmichael, William W.
Carpenter, A.R.
Carpenter, Martha Emma
Carpenter, Ola
Carpenter, Susan
Carr, Adalline
Carr, Alpheus
Carr, Carey E.
Carr, Jacob
Carr, James W.
Carr, John D.
Carr, JOHN w
Carr, Margarett L.
Carr, Mary
Carr, Mathew P.
Carr, Nancy
Carr, Olivia
Carr, Rebecca I.
Cashow, Charlotte
Cashow, Elizabeth
Cashow, John
Cashow, Joshua
Cashow, Margarett
Catslead, M.D,
Catslead, Orpheus
Catslead, Virginia
Catt, Allen
Catt, Elizabeth
Catt, Elizabeth
Catt, George W.
Catt, John
Catt, Josephine
Catt, Sarah L.
Chaffee, Mary Jane
Cheseboro, Clara
Cheseboro, Ella
Cheseboro, George
Cheseboro, J. B.
Childers, Henry
Childers, James Isaac
Childers, Joel W.
Childers, Susan
Childers, Susan E
Chisim, James Benton
Chisim, Joseph
Chisim, Mary E
Chisim, Mary Jane
Chisim, Nancy Jane
Chisim, William W
Clark, Amos
Clark, Benjamin D.
Clark, Catherine D
Clark, Catherine E.
Clark, G.W.
Clark, George W.
Clark, Hannah
Clark, Hester
Clark, Indeaura
Clark, Isaac W
Clark, Jackson
Clark, James J.
Clark, Jeremiah
Clark, John H
Clark, Martha
Clark, Mary
Clark, Phebe Ione
Clark, Philip
Clark, Samuel I.
Clark, Sarah Ann
Clark, Sarah Jane
Clark, Susan R
Clark, Thomas M.
Clark, unnamed
Clark, William H.
Clark, William R.
Clifton, Anna
Clifton, Charles W.
Clifton, David L.
Clifton, Elizabeth B.
Clifton, Ellen
Clifton, Lucinda C.
Clifton, Maria
Clifton, Thomas L.
Coffelt, Ceresta
Coffelt, Charlotte
Coffelt, Clair
Coffelt, Delia Alice
Coffelt, Ida Adaline
Coffelt, Jacob
Coffelt, Marion
Coffelt, Michael
Coffelt, Susan
Coffelt, Thomas
Coffett, Andrew
Coffett, George
Coffett, John
Coffett, Martha E.
Coffett, Pheba
Coffinbury, Benton
Coffinbury, Cinthia Jane
Coffinbury, Emely
Coffinbury, Emely Jane
Coffinbury, Geore
Coffinbury, M.L.
Coffinbury, Martha Ellen
Colfax, S
Collins, Charles H.
Collins, Elijah
Collins, Elvin
Collins, Ephraim
Collins, Henry
Collins, James
Collins, John
Collins, John W.
Collins, Martha
Collins, Mary
Collins, Mary
Collins, Mary Jane
Collins, Mathew
Collins, Rachael
Collins, Rhoda
Collins, Sh**t
Collins, Thomas
Collins, William
Common, Solomon
Condit, Alice A.
Condit, H.B.
Condit, Paul P.
Coon, David
Coon, Elsey Catherine
Coon, George W
Coon, Henry
Coon, Ma**n
Coon, Mary Ellen
Cooper, Elizabeth
Cooper, Elizabeth
Cooper, Elizabeth
Cooper, G
Cooper, Lucinda
Cooper, Mary E
Cooper, Nancy Jane
Cooper, Sarah
Cooper, Thomas
Cooper, W.C.
Corbon, Hiram
Corbon, Mary C.
Corbon, Sarah A.
Coty, E
Cowgill, Barbara
Cowgill, Emma A.
Cowgill, James
Cowgill, Lucas
Cowgill, mary Ann
Cowgill, Mary Jane
Cowgill, Nancy
Cowgill, Perry
Cowgill, Sarah
Cowgill, William
Crawn, Mary Jane
Crawn, Sarah F.
Crawn, Thomas
Creek, Albert
Creek, Clarence
Creek, David
Creek, David
Creek, Emily
Creek, Emily
Creek, Moses
Crowl, Alpha
Crowl, Alpha
Crowl, James G.
Crowl, Onlian Boty
Crown, Francis Marion
Crown, Martin
Crown, Phebe
Crum, Anna
Cushaw, Thomas I.
Cushow, Henry
Daddow, James W.
Daddow, Jesse
Daddow, Rebecca
Darroch, Abraham
Darroch, Austin
Darroch, Celia
Darroch, Daniel C.
Darroch, Duncan
Darroch, Elbert
Darroch, John
Darroch, Lucy
Darroch, Malcum
Darroch, William
Davidson, Robert
Davis, **oin
Davis, Alvin Ray Smith
Davis, Amos B.
Davis, Caleb R.
Davis, Catherine
Davis, Charles
Davis, Elizabeth I.
Davis, Flitchr B
Davis, George
Davis, Isaac A.
Davis, John
Davis, John
Davis, Josiah
Davis, Mary
Davis, Mary I.
Davis, Ossacher
Davis, Ossacher
Davis, Rebecca
Davis, Rebecca Jane
Davis, Thomas *
Dearduff, Catherine
Dearduff, Christian Cirrus
Dearduff, Daniel
Dearduff, Daniel
Dearduff, George W.
Dearduff, George W.
Dearduff, Henry
Dearduff, John T.
Dearduff, Josephene
Dearduff, Lucinda
Dearduff, Mahala
Dearduff, Mme
Dearduff, Nancy I
Dearduff, Sally
Dearduff, Sally
Dearduff, Sally Catherine
Dearduff, Samuel I.
Denney, Henry
Denney, Isaac
Denney, Rees A.
Denney, Sarah
Denny, Phebe
Denton, Benjamin G.
Denton, LaFayette W.
Denton, Lematin
Denton, Lucretia Jane
Denton, Malvina M.
Denton, Matilda
Denton, Monroe S.D.
Denton, Thomas J.
Dewees, Abram
Dewees, Cinthia
Dewees, Eliza
Dewees, George W.
Dewees, Hannah
Dewees, Hannah
Dewees, Jesse
Dewees, Mary
Dewees, Sarah
Dewees, William
Dewese, Barthena
Dewese, Elizabeth
Dewese, Franaces
Dewese, Martha Ann
Dewese, Thomas R
Dewese, William
Dexter, Austin
Dexter, Charles
Dexter, Danford
Dexter, Richard
Dexter, Sarah Jane
Dexter, Thomas Jefferson
Dexter, William
Dodson, Jeremiah
Dodson, Lewis
Dodson, Mary Jane
Dodson, Milton
Doty, Almira
Doty, Andrew
Doty, Ida Jane
Doty, Joseph
Doty, Leander
Doty, Samuel
Dunham, David
Dunham, Frances
Dunham, Francis A.
Dunham, Ida M.
Dunn, Elonza
Dunn, Ephraniga L
Dunn, Joseph
Dunn, Lamuel
Dunn, Matilda
Dunn, Reason
Dunn, Sarah Catherine
Dunn, William C
Earl, George
Earl, Martha R.
Earl, Mary
Earl, Philip
Earl, William C.
Edmdson, Thomas
Edmondson, Mary
Edmondson, Nancy E,
Edmondson, Robert A.
Edmondson, William H.
Edmonson, Catherine
Edmonson, Mary Wisdon
Edmonson, Solomon
Elakenhons, George
Eldrige, Ellen
Eldrige, George W.
Eldrige, Leonadus H.
Eldrige, Monthille I.
Eldrige, Sarah E.
Eldrige, Thomas C.
Eldrige, William
Elijah, Alexander
Elijah, Charles A.
Elijah, James
Elijah, Mary
Elijah, Mary Jane
Elijah, Morgan
Elijah, Ransom
Eliza, 18
Ellis, Credelia E.
Ellis, Duncan
Ellis, Duncan E.
Ellis, James
Ellis, Leticia
Ellis, May A.
Ellis, Sarah
Ellis, William
Enfield, Charles
Enfield, Christian
Enfield, Elizabeth Eva
Enfield, George
Enfield, Henry
Enfield, John
Enfield, Margarett
Enfield, Mary
Etropohan, Michael
Evans, Anna M.
Evans, Edward H.
Evans, Emaline
Evans, Franklin
Evans, John
Evans, Joseph
Evans, Sarah
Evans, Thomas
Evans, William M.
Fecid, Elizabeth
Fecid, Fanny I.
Fecid, Mary Ann
Fecid, Nancy
Fecid, Phebe Ann
Fleming, Eliza Ellen
Fleming, James
Fleming, Loutha
Fleming, Mary Jane
Fleming, Sarah Ann
Fleming, William
Flesh, Adam
Flesh, Ava
Flesh, Caroline
Flesh, Clarah
Flesh, Elizabeth
Flesh, John
Foice, Abigail
Foice, Eddy
Foice, Harry
Foice, Levi
Force, Claretta
Force, Ellen
Force, John
Force, Mariah
Force, Nathaniel
Force, Nathaniel
Force, Nelson
Force, Res*al
Frankenburger, Alice A
Frankenburger, Charles
Frankenburger, Mary C
Frankenburger, Mary E
Frankenburger, Sarah E
Frankenburger, Susan A
Frankenburger, William T
Franklin, John E.
Franklin, Mary L.
Frankllin, Jerome F.
Frankllin, John
Frankllin, Lucy Ann
Frankllin, Sarah B.
Frazer, Almira
Frazer, Charles
Frazer, Ellen
Frazer, George
Frazer, Janus
Frazer, Louisa
Frazer, Mary
Frazer, Melinda
Frazer, Melvina
Frazer, Sarah
Frazer, unnamed
Frelin, *arah E
Frelin, Charles
Frelin, John C
Frelin, Nancy
Frelin, Thomas M
Gabspie, Cleretta
Gabspie, Hugh
Gabspie, John
Gabspie, Muffin
Gabspie, Reese
Gabspie, Samuel
Gabspie, Thomas
Galespia, Elvina
Galespia, Henrietta
Galespia, Sharlotte
Galespia, Sylvester
Galespia, Theodore
Galespie, Adda
Galespie, James
Galespie, John
Galespie, Sarah
Galespie, Sarah
Gallensbury, M.S.
Gasway, James
Gervice, Charley
Gervice, Elizabeth
Gervice, Frank
Gervice, W. H.
Gervice, William
Goddard, Catherine
Goddard, Elizabeth
Goddard, Herman M
Goddard, John I
Goddard, Mary Ann
Goddard, Mellissa I
Golspir, James
Gomly, Deonodu
Goodness, Octave
Goodwin, Emeline
Goodwin, W
Goudy, Isabel
Goudy, Leland
Goudy, Melissa I.
Graham, Charity
Graham, George S.
Graham, James H
Graham, Jane
Graham, mary Ann
Graham, Walker M
Graham, Walter
Graves, Albert L.
Graves, Ann Elizabeth
Graves, Benjamin
Graves, Charles M
Graves, Daniel
Graves, Daniel M.
Graves, Elizabeth
Graves, Flora F
Graves, Frank L
Graves, Harriett
Graves, Harvey N
Graves, James
Graves, Louisa O
Graves, Mark O.
Graves, Mary
Graves, Phebe
Graves, Thomas E
Greene, Louisa
Greene, Martha
Greene, Stephen
Greene, Suzana
Griffith, Alfred I.
Griffith, Eliza
Griffith, Elliza
Griffith, Emma
Griffith, Faith P.
Griffith, Hellen
Griffith, Henrietta
Griffith, Thomas
Guessa, Benjamin
Guessa, Betsey
Guinn, Biddy
Guinn, James
Guinn, Mary
Guinn, unnamed
Guinn, William
Gull, John
Gull, Rebecca I.
Gunn, John
Gunn, Joseph
Gunn, Katherine
Gwinn, Abert
Gwinn, Anlia
Gwinn, Anna
Gwinn, ary J
Gwinn, Caroline
Gwinn, Eliza A.
Gwinn, John W.
Gwinn, Lewis M
Gwinn, Mary Jane
Gwinn, Monroe
Gwinn, Moses C
Gwinn, Robert
Gwinn, Sarah A.
Gwinn, Virginia
Gwinn, William
Hagerty, Jeremiah
Hall, Alice
Hall, Flora
Hall, Huberet
Hall, I.M.
Hall, Mary
Hall, Nancy
Halvey, Patrick
Ham, Amanda C.
Ham, Benjamin H
Ham, Charlotte C
Ham, Daniel
Ham, David
Ham, David
Ham, Dorthea I
Ham, E.I.
Ham, Elizabeth
Ham, Elizabeth
Ham, Fountain W.
Ham, Francis T.
Ham, George
Ham, Ida
Ham, Ione
Ham, Jacob
Ham, Jane
Ham, John A.
Ham, Jonas
Ham, Jonas
Ham, Joseph L.
Ham, Josephene
Ham, July E
Ham, Leonados
Ham, Louisa A.
Ham, Mahala
Ham, Martha I
Ham, Mary
Ham, Mary F,
Ham, Phelina C.
Ham, Rachael
Ham, Sarah A.
Ham, Silas A
Hammon, Amanda
Hammon, Elizabeth
Hammon, John
Hammon, Louisa
Hammon, Samuel
Hampton, John
Handley, Benjamin H
Handley, C.M.
Handley, David
Handley, Elizabeth
Handley, Esra
Handley, John R
Handley, Mary Jane
Handley, Mary Jane
Handley, Michael
Handley, Michael
Handley, Rhoda
Handley, Rhoda R
Handley, William
Handley, Wm R
Haney, Andrew
Haney, Cynthia
Haney, D.A.
Haney, Daniel
Haney, David
Haney, E.L.
Haney, Eliza
Haney, Emelline
Haney, Ephraim
Haney, Esther
Haney, G.E.
Haney, George
Haney, James
Haney, Levi
Haney, Lewis
Haney, Mary Ann
Haney, Michael
Haney, William
Hanger, Clinton
Hanger, Daniel
Hanger, mary
Hardesty, Joseph
Harington, Alain A.
Harriman, Albert
Harriman, Elizabeth
Harriman, Elsey
Harriman, G.M.
Harriman, Josephene
Harriman, Sarah M.
Harrington, James
Harrington, Mary
Harrington, Mary Jane
Harrington, Sarah
Harrington, Sarah E
Harrington, Udora L
Harrington, William
Harris, Charles H
Harris, Edgar C
Harris, John
Harris, Louisa
Harris, Royal B
Harris, Ruth A.
Harris, Tava Alice
Harris, William
Harrison, Alfred
Harrison, Benjamin
Harrison, Elishaber
Harrison, Margarett
Harrison, W.H.
Harrott, Catherine
Harrott, Mary Mellissa
Harrott, William
Hartman, William
Hartsell, Elizabeth
Hartsell, Henry L
Hartsell, Joseph
Hartsell, Mary Jane
Hawkins, Ann F.
Hawkins, Bart
Hawkins, Belinda
Hawkins, Charles H.
Hawkins, Edgar
Hawkins, Elaine
Hawkins, Florence N.
Hawkins, Franklin T.
Hawkins, George
Hawkins, John W.
Hawkins, Lydia M.
Hawkins, Susana
Hawkins, Walter
Hawkins, Warren T.
Hawkins, William
Henan, Eva
Hess, Andrew
Hess, Austin
Hess, David
Hess, David
Hess, Edward
Hess, Eliza Ione
Hess, Elizabeth
Hess, John
Hess, John
Hess, Nancy C,
Hess, Sarah
Hess, Septha
Hess, Shermon
Hickman, Eliza A.
Hickman, F.H.
Hickman, john G.
Hickman, Martha I.
Hickman, Mary A.
Hickman, Townsend
Hickman, Victoria
Hickman, W
Hitchcock, Isaac
Hitchcock, Mary
Hitchcock, Sarah
Hitchings, Charles
Hitchings, John
Hitchings, Joseph
Hitchings, Lucy
Hitchings, Mary
Hitchings, Sarah
Hitchings, unnamed
Hogan, Catherine
Hogan, Charles
Hogan, john
Hogan, Lawrence
Hogan, Mary Jane
Holloway, Elizabeth
Holloway, Elizabeth I.
Holloway, John
Holloway, John
Holloway, William
Holmes, Elizabeth
Holmes, Evaline
Holmes, James
Hooks, John
Hooks, Joseph
Hopkins, C.M.
Hopkins, M.W.
Horner, Henry
Horner, Henry
Horner, Lucina
Horner, Many A
Horner, Sylvester
Hosier, Abner
Hosier, Amanda
Hosier, Angelina
Hosier, Jacob
Hosier, Joab
Hosier, Mahala
Hough, C.F.
Hough, Francis A.
Hough, James M.
Hough, Jane
Hough, Joseph
Hough, Ru G.
Hough, Thomas
Hough, William
Houschitt, Jacob
Howard, Hamilton
Howard, Jane
Howard, Mary Ann
Howard, William
Howen, Henry
Hunter, Martha
Hunter, Philip
Hunter, Thomas H.
Hurst, John N.
Hurst, Julian
Hurst, Lydia A.
Hurst, Mary E.
Hurst, Samuel
Hurst, Seward
Jackson, Cinthia
Jackson, Eli
Jackson, Emeline
Jackson, Harlan
Jackson, John W
Jackson, Mary M
James, Eunice
James, George W.
James, Ida A.
James, Juleann
James, Lavina
James, Manerva
James, Thomas M.
James, West M.
James, William I.
Jessen, Benjamin
Jessen, Christian
Jessen, Elsey
Jessen, Hannah
Jessen, James
Jessen, John
Jessen, Mary A
Jessen, Mary Ann
Johnson, Ann
Johnson, Daniel
Johnson, Dempsey
Johnson, Francis I.
Johnson, James W
Johnson, Jeremiah
Johnson, John G.
Johnson, Lemuel
Johnson, Louiza
Johnson, Margaret G.
Johnson, Mary
Johnson, Mary
Johnson, Mary M
Johnson, Orlando
Johnson, Sarah
Johnson, Silas
Johnson, Susanna
Johnson, unnamed
Johnston, B. Roberson
Johnston, Catherine
Johnston, Clark
Johnston, Edmund
Johnston, Emeline
Johnston, Isaac
Johnston, John
Johnston, John
Johnston, Kezia
Johnston, M.H. Elizabeth
Johnston, Mary
Johnston, Musgrave
Johnston, Sarah
Johnston, Sarah Ann
Johnston, Silas
Jones, Edeth
Jones, Elizabeth
Jones, Elizabeth E.
Jones, Ezra B.
Jones, George W.
Jones, Hannah I
Jones, Ione
Jones, jackson
Jones, Kesiah
Jones, Lania O.
Jones, Margaretta
Jones, Mary
Jones, Matilda (W)
Jones, Mavis A.
Jones, Moses
Jones, R. Attha
Jones, Samuel
Jones, Sanford
Jones, Sarah Ann
Jones, Theodore
Jones, Thomas
Jones, W.G.
Jutridge, Mary
Karns, Ennice
Karns, John
Karns, John Jr
Karns, Joseph
Karns, Samuel
Karns, Thomas
Kay, Costello M
Kay, James
Kay, Lobena E
Kay, Mariana
Kay, Wilhmina
Keamer, Henry G.
Keamer, Rachael
Keamer, Sarah
Keamer, William
Kellenbayer, Peter
Kelly, Aaron
Kelly, Cinthia Ann
Kelly, Hiram
Kelly, John
Kelly, John
Kelly, Leroy
Kelly, Liza
Kelly, Mary
Kelly, Mary Jane
Kelly, olive
Kelly, Samuel
Kelly, Sarah E
Kelly, William
Kenady, David
Kenady, John
Kenady, Joseph
Kenady, Maria
Kenady, Mary Jane
Kenady, Peter
Kenady, Susan
Kenady, William
Kenon, John
Kenon, Martha
Kenon, Samantha Jane
Kenon, Sarah Ann
Kenoyer, Allen W.
Kenoyer, Arena A.
Kenoyer, Ellijah
Kenoyer, Fredereick L.
Kenoyer, Frederick
Kenoyer, George A.
Kenoyer, Jacob
Kenoyer, Jacob
Kenoyer, Jane R.
Kenoyer, John
Kenoyer, July E.
Kenoyer, Lewis
Kenoyer, Louisa
Kenoyer, Margarett A.
Kenoyer, Maria
Kenoyer, Martha L.
Kenoyer, Mary Ann
Kenoyer, Mary M.
Kenoyer, Mary M.
Kenoyer, Olive L.
Kenoyer, Reuben
Kenoyer, Sarah
Kenoyer, unnamed
Kenoyer, William C.
Kent, A.J.
Kent, Clara T.
Kent, John
Kent, Levania
Kent, Mary
Kent, Rosamonnd C.
Kepler, Ellsey
Kepler, Ephraim
Kepler, Henry
Kepler, John
Kestler, David
Kestler, Elbeert R
Kestler, John L.
Kestler, John M
Kestler, Mary Jane
Kestler, Rachael
Kestler, Saraah Ann
Latin, Clinton
Latin, Lewis
Latin, Nancy
Latin, Sarah
Latin, Shep Jr
Latin, Shep Sr
Law, Elizabeth C.
Law, Joseph
Law, Mary D.
Law, Rachael E.
Law, Sarah E.
Levelder, John
Lewis, Charles H.
Lewis, Eda
Lewis, Elizabeth O.
Lewis, G. W.
Lewis, G. Washington
Lewis, Henry C.
Lewis, Joseph
Lewis, Joseph H.
Lewis, Martha Ann
Lewis, Martha M.
Lewis, Permelia
Lewis, Phebe I.
Lewis, Sarah Jane
Lewis, Whitsel
Light, Albert
Light, Buford
Light, Heugh M.
Light, Laura Ann
Light, Martha I.
Light, Mary
Light, Onlian
Light, Sylvia Ann
Linch, George F,
Linch, Lucinda
Linch, Margarette E.
Littlejohn, Daniel
Littlejohn, Hamett
Littlejohn, Lothadesus
Littlejohn, Millen Ione
Littlejohn, Ruth
Littlejohn, William
Loia, Mary E
Longwell, Eliza
Longwell, Ellen
Longwell, Flora
Longwell, James
Longwell, James E
Longwell, Mary
Longwell, Mathew
Longwell, Roberet
Longwell, William
Louthen, Albert Franklin
Louthen, George Thomas
Louthen, James
Louthen, John
Louthen, Joseph
Louthen, Lyrnc
Louthen, Margarett Ellen
Louthen, Mariah
Louthen, Mary Louisa
Louthen, Mellissa
Luster, A.C.
Luster, Alice
Luster, Charley
Luster, Henrietta
Luster, Lara A.
Luster, Malinda
Luster, Margarett A.
Luster, Phelix
Luster, Slanton OP.
Lynch, Benjamin
Lyons, A
Lyons, Able
Lyons, AnnE.
Lyons, Catherine
Lyons, Francis
Lyons, G.W.
Lyons, Isiah
Lyons, Isiah
Lyons, John
Lyons, John B.
Lyons, Joseph
Lyons, Labon
Lyons, Margarett A.
Lyons, Margarette
Lyons, Mary A.
Lyons, Morris
Lyons, Nancy A,
Lyons, Newton
Lyons, Perilla
Lyons, Qunicton
Lyons, Salindda
Lyons, Samuel
Lyons, Samuel
Lyons, Sarah Jane
Mallett, Angelina
Mallett, John
Mallett, Martha
Mallett, Ossey
Mallettt, Ellizabeth
Marion, E L
Marion, John H
Marion, L D
Marion, Lewis
Marion, Louis H
Marion, Malinda I
Marion, Mary Ann
Marion, Mary E
Marsh, Frederick
Marsh, Gertrude
Marsh, Henry
Marsh, John
Marsh, Mary Adell
Marsh, Rachael
Marshall, Charles
Marshall, Edward
Marshall, Elizabeth
Marshall, Isuphena
Marshall, Julia
Marshall, Theodore
Marshall, William
Marshall, William T.
Martin, Charles A.
Martin, Charles T.
Martin, Charlotte
Martin, Daniel
Martin, David D.
Martin, E. Jane
Martin, Edgar L
Martin, Harvey
Martin, James
Martin, John C.
Martin, Joseph
Martin, Joseph C.
Martin, Leah
Martin, Martha Ann
Martin, Mary E
Martin, Nancy
Martin, Thomas
Martin, William
Matson, Eliza
Matson, Emeline
Matson, Josephine
Matson, W
Mattox, Edward
Mattox, Emma
Mattox, Louisa C.
Mattox, Mariah H
Mattox, Monroe
Mattox, Monroe
May Ione, Anna
McClatchey, Benjamin G
McClatchey, David
McClatchey, Fanny Florence
McClatchey, Marian
McClatchey, Nora Alice
McCollins, Charles P.
McCollins, D.A.
McCollins, James H.
McCollins, Macy I.
McCollins, Margarette I.
McConnehey, Derins
McConnehey, Elizabeth M.
McConnehey, Frank
McConnehey, Mary
McConnehey, Samuel
McCullough, Angelina
McCullough, Charles R.
McCullough, Erwin
McCulough, Elvera
McCulough, George
McCulough, Manerva
McCulough, Margaret Ann
McCulough, Mariah
McCulough, Mary
McCulough, Samuel
McCulough, Samuel E
McCulough, Soloman
McCulough, Solomon
McCulough, Thomas I
McGee, Jasper N
McGee, Julius
McGee, Malissa
McGee, Martha I
McGee, Mary E
McGee, Sarah E
McGee, William I
Mead, Alma Elnora
Mead, Carey
Mead, Hearmon
Mead, Leroy
Mead, Louisa
Mead, M.J.
Mead, Maria
Mead, Mary Jane
Mead, Orin
Mead, Oscar
Mead, Volosco
Meeker, Eva Ann
Meeker, Gove
Meeker, Joanna
Meeker, Lucius H
Meeker, Mary M
Meeker, Susan
Melett, Mary
Melett, Mary
Mercer, Catherine
Mercer, Catherine
Mercer, Elizabeth
Mercer, Emeline
Mercer, Jason
Mercer, John W.
Meredith, Henry
Meredith, Lucy E.
Meredith, William L.
Meyres, Bassett
Meyres, George
Meyres, Jacob K.
Meyres, Sarah
Meyrs, Alice E.
Meyrs, Caroline A.
Meyrs, Geore
Meyrs, Harriett
Meyrs, Harvey
Meyrs, Janus
Meyrs, Mary B.I.
Meyrs, Sarah
Meyrs, Wliza
Moffitt, Ann
Moffitt, Charles
Moffitt, Daniel
Moffitt, Daniel
Moffitt, Davaid
Moffitt, James
Moffitt, Jasper
Moffitt, Jock
Moffitt, Mary E
Moffitt, Sheina
Moore, Amanda
Moore, Benedict
Moore, Betsey Jane
Moore, Catherine
Moore, Cinthia
Moore, Cinthia L
Moore, Emma L.
Moore, George
Moore, James
Moore, James W.
Moore, John
Moore, John W.
Moore, Lamnurd C.
Moore, Lolly
Moore, Mary
Moore, Mary Ann
Moore, Mary C.
Moore, Matilda
Moore, Nancy
Moore, Richard
Moore, Samuel
Moore, Zachariah T.
Morgan, John D.
Morgan, Sava
Morgan, Susan
Morman, Diantha
Morman, Milton
Morocco Village, NN
Morrison, James
Morrison, Mary K
Morrison, Movina
Morrison, Phebe A.
Morrison, Sarah
Morse, **ans Asbury
Morse, Charles C.
Morse, Frank I.
Morse, Harry
Morse, James Masell
Morse, Mary A.
Morse, Mary Ann
Mudge, Ambrose
Murphy, Andrew
Murphy, Andrew
Murphy, Christian
Murphy, George
Murphy, George C
Murphy, Henry
Murphy, James
Murphy, John W
Murphy, Lavinia
Murphy, Lydia Ann
Murphy, Margarett
Murphy, Monroe
Murphy, nancy
Murphy, Sarah
Murphy, William
Murphy, William
Myers, Charles
Myres, Adeshoxydela
Myres, Angelina
Myres, Coff
Myres, John
Myres, Lousa Cade
Myres, Sarah I.
Myres, Sylvester S.
Myres, Thomas I
Myris, John
Myris, John
Myris, Nancy
Neisz, Isaac W.
Neisz, Sarah Catherine
Neisz, William
Nevill, Charles
Nevill, Charles G.
Nevill, Julia
Nevill, Lucy A.
Nevill, Mannvy
Nevill, Mary M
Nevill, Matilda
Nevill, Olivia
Nevill, W.T.
Notingham, Jacob C.
Notingham, osiah
Notingham, Ruth
Notingham, Sarah Ann
Notingham, Susan
Nowels, Delila
Nowels, James M.
Nowels, Joseph
NS, Ellizabeth A
NS, Elma Ann
NS, Henry Irwin
NS, William M
Odle, Antony
Odle, Caleb
Odle, Caleb W
Odle, Edward N
Odle, Irena
Odle, James H
Odle, Mary Jane
Oglesby, Charity
Oglesby, George
Olds, Arthur
Olmstead, John W
Olmstead, Phillip
Olmstead, Sarah Jane
Olmstead, Starks
Olmstead, Thomas
Packer, Amelia
Packer, Margarett
Packer, Nathan A.
Packer, unnamed
Packer, William
Padgett, Elizabeth J.
Padgett, James A.
Padgett, Joel M.
Padgett, John
Padgett, John L.
Padgett, Mary
Padgett, Mary A.
Pannter, Algelina
Pannter, Almon
Pannter, Charles
Pannter, Ellis
Pannter, Emaline
Pannter, Emily
Pannter, Hiram
Pannter, Lanion
Pannter, Robison
Parke, Allen
Parke, Eliza Jane
Parke, Rebecca
Parke, Susan H.
Parks, Caga
Parks, E M
Parks, Eliza Ann
Parks, Joel T,
Parks, Lychergus C
Parks, Nobel
Parks, Susana
Patrick, Amarantha
Patrick, john
Patrick, John M
Patrick, Levi
Patrick, Marion
Patrick, Mary
Patrick, Mellissa
Patrick, Permelia
Patrick, Sarah
Patrick, Washington
Patrick, William
Peacock, John
Peak, John
Peck, Algina
Peck, Emma
Peck, Mary
Peck, Permelia C
Peck, Thomas
Peterman, Cal
Peterman, Edith
Peterman, Elizabeth
Peterman, John
Pierce, Alander
Pierce, Ann
Pierce, James
Pierce, James
Pierce, James Jr
Piercy, Clara Ellen
Piercy, Emma Laurette
Piercy, Mary Masipo
Piercy, Monroe
Piercy, Pheba Ann
Piercy, William
Ponsler, Clara
Ponsler, Luther
Ponsler, Meranda
Ponsler, O
Ponsler, Sophia
Ponsler, Walter
Porter, Barbara
Porter, Louis H.
Porter, Rosella
Porter, Theodore
Potts, Albert
Potts, Ellizabeth
Potts, Ephraim
Potts, James
Potts, Joseph
Potts, Joseph
Potts, Mary
Potts, Phillip
Powell, Daniel E
Powell, Hester Ann
Powell, James A.
Powell, Margarett
Powell, Mary E
Powell, Ruth
Powell, Thomas
Powell, Thomas M
Prue, Charles
Prue, Charles
Prue, Christena
Prue, Delmaw
Prue, Delphin
Prue, Frederick
Prue, Gla
Prue, Joseph
Prue, Mary
Prue, Matilda
Prue, Zedick
Pruett, Jammes
Pruett, nancy
Pruett, Rose
Pruett, William
Pruitt, D
Pruitt, Elizabeth
Purkey, Clayborn
Purkey, Eliza
Purkey, Elonzo
Purkey, Francis
Purkey, Sarah Ann
Purkey, Sarah E
Purrs, Lavina
Purrs, Margarett
Ramer, Eliza
Ramer, Emily L
Ramer, Franklin
Ramer, James Omes
Ramer, Mary Ann
Ramer, Mary I
Ramer, Nelson
Ramer, Sarah
Ramer, Susan
Ramer, Thornton
Rand, L.G.
Rand, Rachel
Reed, George
Reed, Mahala C
Reed, Mary Adeline
Reed, Rhoda C
Reed, Sarah M
Reed, Thomas R
Richardson, George
Richardson, Irena
Richardson, John
Richardson, Margarett
Richardson, Mary A.
Richardson, William
Richmond, Caroline
Richmond, D.M.
Richmond, Henry
Richmond, jane
Richmond, Ladicia D
Richmond, Mary E
Richmond, Mary E
Richmond, Sarah
Richmond, W.I.
Rider, Elnora
Rider, George
Rider, Henry
Rider, John
Rider, Maria
Rider, Mary Ann
Rider, Sarah Ann
Rider, William A.
Riley, William
Rineheart, Adam A.
Rineheart, Cora Ann
Rineheart, Ephrain H.
Rineheart, Gideon
Rineheart, Gideon T.
Rineheart, Travis B.
Ringo, Asa I.
Ringo, Cynthia
Ringo, Elizabeth A.
Ringo, Job T.
Ringo, Mellissa A
Ringo, Warren
Ringo, William
Robert, Charlotte
Roberts, James Buchanan
Roberts, John
Roberts, Mary E.
Roberts, Nancy
Roberts, Thomas D.
Roberts, Virginia
Roderkick, Bemjamin
Roderkick, Catherine
Roderkick, Daniel
Roderkick, Franklin
Roderkick, Iva
Roderkick, Martha
Roderkick, Taylor
Romey, Benjamin H.
Romey, Hellen
Romey, James A.
Romey, Lethia R
Romey, Septimus
Root, Charles A.
Root, Ella
Root, Emma Ione
Root, Franklin R
Root, George
Root, Mary A
Root, Sylvester
Ross, Agnes
Ross, Caroline
Ross, Daniel
Ross, Daniel
Ross, Elanor
Ross, Erastus
Ross, Floretta
Ross, Harry
Ross, Minerva
Ross, Wesley
Ross, William
Ross, William
Rush, Elane
Russell, George M.D.R.
Russell, James
Russell, Manda A.
Russell, Margarett
Russell, Margarett A.
Russell, Prior
Russell, Samuel
Russell, Sarah A.
Russell, Sarah A.
Russell, William
Russell, William
Russell, Wilson
Russell, Zadock
Russell, Zadock
Russsell, Elizabeth Ann
Russsell, Margarett I.
Russsell, Mary Ellen
Russsell, Mellissa Ann
Russsell, Richard
Russsell, Samuel W.
Russsell, Solomon
Ruth, Moncey
Rutledge, Ida
Rutledge, Jane
Rutledge, Rebecca
Rutledge, Samantha
Rutledge, William V.
Sanderson, A.O.
Sanderson, Almira
Sanderson, James
Sanderson, Mary
Sanderson, Mary Jane
Sanderson, Thomas T.M.
Sarvar, John C.
Saxton, 39
Saxton, Elmore C
Saxton, Harritt
Schilling, Afro
Scott, Jacob W.
Scott, james M.
Scott, Mahala E.
Scott, Mary E
Scott, Thomas
Scrambling, A
Scrambling, Anna
Scrambling, David
Scrambling, Washington
Shafor, Finley
Shafor, James
Shafor, Joseph
Shafor, Maria
Shafor, Mary
Shafor, Miranda
Shafor, Nathon
Shafor, Rachael
Sharpe, Alexander
Sharpe, Alexander
Sharpe, Andrew
Sharpe, Joseph
Sharpe, Mary
Sharpe, Mercy
Sharpe, Thomas
Shideler, A.K.
Shideler, Carroll L
Shideler, Charles
Shideler, Eliza Jane
Shideler, Ellmore
Shideler, james
Shideler, Joseph
Shideler, Mary Ann
Shideler, William
Shields, Isom
Shields, Nancy
Shields, William
Shoub, John
Shoub, Lucas
Shoub, Peter
Shrader, Lemanth *
Shrader, Lizzie Jane
Shrader, Mary E.
Shrader, William
Shriver, Adam
Shriver, Alice
Shriver, Ardilla
Shriver, Elijah D.
Shriver, Jacob
Shriver, Jacob G
Shriver, Martha
Shriver, Mary
Shriver, Noah
Shriver, Sarah
Shriver, Solomon
Skinner, Alonzo
Skinner, Maria
Smart, Adonijah
Smart, Almira Ione
Smart, Ann Maria
Smart, George Washington
Smart, Isaac
Smart, John
Smart, John
Smart, John A
Smart, Lucinda
Smart, Mary Ann
Smart, Otho Ambrose
Smart, William
Smith, Ada
Smith, Auskey
Smith, Charity
Smith, Christena m
Smith, Christian
Smith, David G.
Smith, Elen Jane
Smith, Elizabeth
Smith, Elizabeth
Smith, Elizabeth I.
Smith, Ellen
Smith, Ellen Rebecca
Smith, Erastus I
Smith, Frederick
Smith, George M.
Smith, Hannah
Smith, Hecpsuba
Smith, I.L.
Smith, Isaac N
Smith, James E
Smith, John
Smith, John
Smith, John
Smith, John A.
Smith, John D.
Smith, John W
Smith, Josiah
Smith, Josiah
Smith, Julius
Smith, Leah
Smith, Leah C.
Smith, Levi N.
Smith, Lydia
Smith, Malissa
Smith, Maretta E
Smith, Margarett
Smith, Margarett I.
Smith, Mary
Smith, Mary
Smith, Mary C.
Smith, Mary E.
Smith, Mary Elizabeth
Smith, Mellissa
Smith, Nancy I.
Smith, Nancy T.
Smith, Nathaniel
Smith, Philip
Smith, Rebecca
Smith, Rebecca
Smith, Rebecca
Smith, Richard H.
Smith, Sarah
Smith, Thomas
Smith, Thomas
Smith, Thomas
Smith, Thomas
Smith, Thomas I.
Smith, W Amerca
Smith, W. Harvey
Smith, W. Wattis
Smith, William J.
Smitheman, Alfred
Smitheman, Emely L
Smitheman, Lewis E
Smitheman, Manerva
Sothard, H.
Sothard, Semantha
Sothard, William N.
Speck, Isaac
Speck, Sarah
Spitler, Daniel
Spitler, George M.
Spitler, Henry
Spitler, John
Spitler, Joseph W.
Spitler, Mann
Spitler, Sally
Spitler, William
Spitler, Zachariah
Spitler, Zacheriah
Stacey, Arthur G.
Stacey, Charles E.
Stacey, James E.
Stacey, Lyman L.
Stacey, Mary
Stackey, Charles
Stackey, Gelance
Stackey, George
Stackey, John
Stackey, Julian
Stackey, Mary
Stacy, Alice
Stacy, Eliza A.T.
Stacy, Elizabeth
Stacy, George
Stacy, Margarett
Stanley, Ann
Stanley, Isaac
Stanon, Wheden
Staton, Abner H.
Staton, Benjamin
Staton, Caroline
Staton, Caroline
Staton, Charles T.
Staton, Coshions M.
Staton, Eliza Jane
Staton, Ellen
Staton, Elsa Ione
Staton, Frank
Staton, George W.
Staton, John
Staton, Jonathon
Staton, Joseph
Staton, Lucy Jane
Staton, Lusetta
Staton, Lution W.
Staton, Manda Jefferson
Staton, Martha L.
Staton, Mary A.
Staton, Nancy Jane
Staton, Samantha Jane
Staton, Samuel
Staton, Thomas
Staton, William T.
Stevenson, George
Stoner, Daniel O
Stoner, George T.
Stoner, Mary E
Stoner, Nancy A.
Stoner, Oliver F.
Stonere, John A
Stoulz, Isaac
Strole, Aacher M.
Strole, Francis A
Strole, Mary A.V.
Strole, Sarah
Strole, William D.
Strole, William L.
Sutton, Charles
Sutton, Clarissa
Sutton, David
Sutton, Ellen
Sutton, John
Sutton, John
Sutton, Manchester
Sutton, Mary
Sutton, Rachael
Sutton, Sarah Jane
Sutton, Western
Swanson, Abitt
Swanson, Charlotte
Swanson, Emnecy L
Swanson, John
Sweat, Oliver
Swigget, Catherine
Swigget, Mary Ann
Swigget, Ralph
Swigget, Robert
Taylor, Adda
Taylor, Geome
Taylor, Jeremiah
Taylor, Newman
Thompson, Abel
Thompson, Catherine
Thompson, Catherine
Thompson, Elizabeth I
Thompson, Fortton
Thompson, George
Thompson, Hannah M.
Thompson, John G
Thompson, John H.
Thompson, Joseph *
Thompson, Josiah
Thompson, L..W.
Thompson, Laura Ann
Thompson, Margarett E.
Thompson, Rachael Ann
Thompson, Sarah
Thompson, Susanna
Thompson, William M
Thompson, William O
Thompson, Young
Thornburgh, Charles C.
Thornburgh, Eliza A.
Thornburgh, Emeline
Thornburgh, Horace
Thornburgh, John B. widower
Thornburgh, John D.
Thornburgh, Joseph
Thornburgh, Thomas L.
Thornburgh, William
Thornton, Catherine
Thornton, Phineas
Thornton, William
Timmons, Ann
Timmons, Joshua
Timmons, W. Wallace
Treadway, Ezra
Treadway, John
Treadway, Mary
Treadway, Permelia
Triplett, Alice
Triplett, Charles E.
Triplett, Haidee
Troup, Susanna
Troup, Wallabe
VanNatta, Charity
VanNatta, Elizabeth
VanNatta, George
VanNatta, James
VanNatta, John
VanNatta, Marthy
VanNatta, Mary
VanNatta, Nelley
VanNatta, Rhoda
Vanness, Emeline L
Vanness, Harriett
Vanness, John
Vanness, Melissa Jane
Vanness, Sarah E
Vanness, William C
Wade, Enoch
Wade, Hester
Wade, John
Wade, Richard
Wade, Rosella
Warren, Albert
Warren, Clarisa
Warren, George
Warren, Henry H.
Warren, Horace
Warren, Mary
Warren, Ruth
Warren, Solomon
Watters, Anna
Watters, James
Watters, John M.
Watters, Masellah
Watters, Peter
Webster, Andrew Keeny
Webster, Casiah R
Webster, D.A.
Webster, Eleanor
Webster, Martha I
Webster, Mary Ellen
Webster, Matilda
Webster, Scott
Webster, Statia
Webster, William
Webster, Winchester
Welsh, George
West, Bodin B.
West, Cyrus
West, Edmon
West, Elizabeth A.
West, James W.
West, Leners I.
West, Margarett M.
West, Sarah A.
West, Sarah Jane
Whitaker, Elizabeth
Whitaker, James
Whitcom, Ellen
White, Alpheus
White, Amos
White, Athera
White, Buna Vista
White, Charley
White, Comedia
White, Eliza Jane
White, George W.
White, Henry
White, Jacob
White, Jane
White, john
White, Joseph
White, Joseph
White, Levi
White, Mary
White, Nathaniel
White, Richard
White, Richard
White, Ruben
White, Sarah
White, Sarah
White, Sarah Ione
White, Sherman
Whiteaker, John
Whiteman, Elizabeth
Whiteman, Exekiel
Whiteman, Francis A.
Whiteman, John
Whiteman, Joshua
Whiteman, Joshua E.
Whiteman, Louisa
Whiteman, Margarett
Whitson, Elijah
Whitson, Marcellus A.
Whitson, Maria
Whitson, Peter E
Whitson, Rachael
Whitson, Susan
Wilcox, Asher
Wilkeson, Catherine
Wilkeson, Henry W.
Wilkeson, John
Wilkeson, Sarah Ellen
Willett, Arthur W.
Willett, Elizabeth A.
Willett, George
Willett, Levi
Willett, Nancy A.
Williams, Barbara Ann
Williams, Cattha Ann
Williams, Cinthia Jane
Williams, George G.
Williams, Mararett E
Williams, Marilla
Williams, Mary
Williams, Rachael E
Williams, Uriah L
Willson, A.E.
Willson, Lucy
Willson, Ports
Willson, unnamed
Willson, William
Wilson, Amanda
Wilson, Blake
Wilson, Charity E.
Wilson, Charles B.
Wilson, David
Wilson, Devilla C.
Wilson, Mary E
Wilson, Rachael
Wilson, Wallace
Wilson, William
Wine bough, Catherine
Wine bough, David
Wine bough, John Francis
Wine bough, Matilda
Wine bough, Srenah
Winebigler, Henry
Winebigler, John
Winebigler, Manda
Winebigler, Margarett Della
Winebigler, Mary
Winebigler, Mary Ellen
Wishon, Henry
Wishon, Jacob
Wishon, Margaret Ann
Wishon, mary
Wishon, Nancy Jane
Witke, A.B.
Witke, Abert A
Witke, Elizabeth I.
Witke, Ida E
Wooden, Margarett
Wortley, John
Woten, S L
Wright, Charles W.
Wright, Dayoinsions
Wright, Elizabeth
Wright, Jabez
Wright, Jasper
Wright, John W,
Wright, Louisa
Wright, mary
Wright, Matilda
Wright, Nancy
Wright, Randolph
Wright, Sarah L.
Yeager, Cinthia
Yeager, Clarissa M
Yeager, Francis Marion
Yeager, George
Yeager, Solomon
Yeager, William W.
Yeoman, Darius G.
Yeoman, David
Yeoman, Irah B.
Yeoman, Malissa I.
Yeoman, Mary
Yeoman, Mary A.
Yeoman, ra
Yeoman, Samuel E.
Yeoman, Sarah A.
Yeoman, Slua L.
Yeoman, William B.
Young, Andrew
Young, Laura
Young, Mary E
Zigler, John