Early School History of Newton County

    The information included in the files here are from "Early School History of Newton County".  Information includes a map of the township with locations of the schools, as well as a list of the teachers and history of the school.  Below is the information found on pages one and two of the booklet. Original copies can be found at the Resource Center. Click on the Township name for that particular report.

We the retired teachers of Newton County dedicate this book with pride to Mr. William Schanlaub, (pictured left), and other educators of  Newton County. Mr. Schanlaub started his career as an educator in this county in 1902 and gave continuous sevice until 1951. Not only was he sincere in his work as a teacher and a superintendent, but his friendliness and interest toward the teachers make him eligible for this dedication.

History Writers:
Beaver Township: Rowena Adamson
Colfax Township: Leona Kanne
Grant Township: Dorothy McGraw and Olive Kopka
Iroquois Township: Rowena Adamson
Jackson Township: Nellie Carter
Jefferson Township: Mary Kitsmiller
Lake Township: Glen Arbuckle
Lincoln Township: Kathryn Clark
McClellan Township: Leona Kanne
Washington Township: Lelia Driver and Gladys Brewer

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Bibliography: Counties of Warren, Benton, Jasper and Newton, 1883; A Standard History of Jasper and Newton Counties, 1916, by Hamilton and Darroch; 1876 Map of Township Schools in Newton County.
Contributors of Resources: Billy Sue Bingham, Martha White, Janice Shirer, Judy McKnight, Virginia Hirshman; Standard Atlas - Dorothy Meadows; Lincoln Township: Rex Binge.

    "Our gratidute should be extended to Rowena Adamson who spent many hours in research to make this history possible. She was chairlady of the "Early School History of Newton County" committee. The committee worked as individuals also, but without Rowena's enthusiasm, it would not have achieved as much success as it did."