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Smith 2


Note: This is my family bible. I descend from his son, Simeon, who had hundreds of descendants live in Sullivan, Parke and Montgomery Counties, Indiana.  Thus, this does relate very much to our county.  Odd story here is that my grandfather, Leland "Carl" Smith, great grandson of George tried to talk his cousin out of the bible, but since the cousin had no descendants, he felt it should go to the Vigo County library (as far as I know, not a Smith descendant lived there - perhaps he tried the Rockville library and they said no?) where it would be taken care of.  Ready for this?  It was burned along with several others that had been given to them.  Luckily (or unluckily for me since I didn't know there were three different organizations that had transcribed it - two wrong and one correct - I of course got the incorrect one and was sent on a 10-year-wild goose chase).  Anyway I will add my descent from George at the bottom and be careful where ya' put your family bibles :(

George Smith b. 10 Sept 1766 (this Geo & Hannah are children, not George, the s/o of Hannah)
Hannah Smith b. 24 Dec 1765
Nathan Smith b. 27 June 1767
Joshua Smith 10 May 1769
Levi Smith b. 1 Sept 1772
SIMEON SMITH ( OURS) b. 10 May 1773
Mary Smith b. 6 May 1776
Joseph Smith b. 12 March 1779  (believe that this is all the children with Sarah Coleman and that she probably died in childbirth with this Joseph) --
George Sr.  marr. Mary "Mollie" Tyler March 1781 and he died according to her pension papers March 1803 when his youngest child was but 10)
Abner Smith b. 8 Feb 1782
Sevier Smith b. 26 Sept 1783
George Smith b. 24 July 1785
Sarah Smith b. 1 Oct 1788
Bezaleel Smith b. 26 Dec 1790
Paul Smith b. 2 March 1793

More on George and Simeon
Both George and his son above George Jr. were in the Revolutionary War.  Many DAR members were in on the wrong George but a cousin of mine diligently worked to get it finally straightened out.
His wife's last name was discovered after much researching when her father's will was probated and the above children were named in that order with the birthdates.  To date, not much more on him but have the Smith side way, way back.  

Son Simeon above came to Sullivan County, Indiana with the Helms (wife, Hester's family) and other families from Ulster County New York in 1818.  In 1828 he went on to Parke County where he died.  They are buried in the old Rockville town cemetery. Just a few years ago they still had nice stones.

There were 11 children born to Hester and Simeon.  Their next to youngest son (Reuben D 1815-1898) and third to youngest child was my ancestor. Next his son, Joseph Monroe and the above mentioned Carl was my grandfather. I have GOBS & GOBS & MORE GOBS of information on the Smith & Helms families if you're interested, contact me - Karen Bazzani Zach -

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