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Miller, Abrham

Miller Bible

Copy provided by V. June Collins
(inserted) I, V. June Collins am in possession of this Bible as to date; (11-23-92) It was passed down to Samuel W. Miller (My Great Grandfather) by Abraham Miller, Jr. a son (by first wife Julia Ann Morgan) Samuel's (second wife Mattie's) son sent it to me after her death. (V. June Collins, 1934 Fairlane Road, Yreka, California, 96097)
(end insert)

Bought in St. Joseph, Buchannan County Missouri, December 6th, 1840

Abraham Miller Jr. was born 13th Dec. 1811 Carter County, Tennessee.
Nancy Ann Miller, Daughter of Abraham Miller, Jr., and Julia Ann, his wife was married to John Weiss Sunday 10:00 AM, August 7th, AD 1853 by Jacob R. Miller, Justice of the Peace, at her parent's residence, Linn County, Oregon Territory, near Syracuse.
Abraham Phillip, son of John Weiss and Nancy Ann his wife was born 15th of September 1854 Lane County, Territory of Oregon.
Samuel W. Miller, was married Nov. 29th, 1868; Sunday 11 O'clock, to Sarah C. Coon, at the residence of John Weiss, Syracuse, Linn County Oregon.
Sarah C. Miller wife of S. W. Miller was born March 14, 1849 near Peoria, Linn County, Oregon.
Sarah C. Miller died August 9, 1906, 20 miles from Princeville, Crook County, Oregon.
Abraham Miller, Jr. Born December 13th, AD 1811 Carter County, Tennessee And married to Julia Ann Morgan, August the 15th 1833, who was born Dec. 15th 1814, in the town of Milton (West Branch of the Susquehanna River) Forvelt township, Northumberland Co, State of Pennsylvania. and married in Montgomery County Indiana,
George J. Miller, son of Abraham and Julia Ann Miler, born July 31st, 1834, Mercer County, Illinois, Edwards River near New Boston.
Nancy Ann Miller, daughter of Abraham and Julian Miller was born December the 25th AD 1836 Sugar Grove, Mercer County, Illinois.
Thomas M. Miller son of Abraham Miller Julia Ann his wife was born February 18th, AD 1839 in the Town of Millersburgh, Mercer County, state of Illinois.
Samuel W. Miller, son of Abraham Miller, Jr. and Julia Ann his wife was born April 17th, 1850 Linn County, Oregon Territory.
George J. Miller, son of Abraham Miller, Jr. and Julia Ann his wife, died April 20th 1855, Lane County, Oregon Territory- Died by bleeding at the lungs n the last stages of consumption, patiently awaiting his change in the hope of a blessed immortality beyond the grave.
Cora Jane, daughter of S. W. and Sarah C. Miller his wife was born Sep 24th 1869 Syracuse, Linn County, Oregon.
Thomas Franklin, son of S.W. and Sarah C. his wife was born August 7th, 1873 near Eugene City, Lane,Co Oregon.
Cora Jane was married to Isaac M. Blevins, January 8th, 1888 By G. W. Porter, J.P., at Drewsey, Harvey Co. State of Oregon.
Cora Blevins passed away at Princeville Ore Sept. 28 1930, cause was pneumonia. she was buried at Mill Creek Cemetery.
I.M. died Oct 18th 1931, (Heart attack)
Lee Edward Blevins son of I.M. and Cora J. Blevins born 18th day of May AD 1890 on a creek known as "Big Mudy" a tributary of middle fork of Medhuer River, Harvey County, Oregon.
S. W. Miller married Martha Henderson on May 15, 1908, He served three terms as supervisor of Modoc County, California during his term of office the Board of Supervisors done a very fine job on the planning and construction of a new County Courthouse.
S.W. Miller passed away at Willow Ranch, on April 10th, 1940.
Martha Miller passed away April 14, 1949.
Abraham Miller Jr., died April 30tieh 1886 on Antelope Creek, Jackson County Oregon and was Burried at that place cause- cancer of the stomache.
Lee Edward Blevins was married July 5 1911 to Josephine O'Kelley at Princeville Oregon.
Lee passed away Oct 28th 1947 in Medford Ore and was buried in Grant's Pass, (cancer) of stomache
He had four daughters Evelyn Irene born Nov 2 1913, died Feb 1 1936 (Diabetes) Violet June, born May 31-1916 Virginia Lee, born Dec 26, 1923; Olive Ruth Lorraine, born Dec 21, 1926.
Olive Ruth Lorraine married Frank Pruett 1947 to then was born Judy Lorraine Sept 25 1948
Abraham Miller, Jr., made profession of religion November the 17th, 1828. And was baptized by Elder John Lee, Pastor of the Crawfordsville Church of Regular Baptists, Montgomery County, State of Indiana on Sunday the 7th of June 1829 in Sugar Creek.
Julia Ann Miller, wife of A. Miller, Jr., was baptized by Elder Joseph Jones pastor of the Henderson Church f regular Baptists, as a member of the branch of the said Church held at Sugar Grove, Mercer County, Illinois, In Edwards river on the First Sunday in May 1839, made profession of religion August 1834.

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