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(bible owned by Mr. Frank Showalter, Speedway IN in the 1970's)


John McCOY & Elizabeth TOWEL were married the 22nd day of the 5th mo, 1833

W.M. McCOY & E.J. WILKEY were married the 17th day of the 6th mo, 1855

Jonathan HADLEY & Martha McCOY were married 10th day of 3rd month, 1853

John T. McCOY & Sarah E. NELSON were married the 12th of 9th month, 1861

James H. LAVERTY & Anna Jane McCOY were married the 29th day of 3rd mo, 1866

Thomas MARKS & Rachel T. McCOY were married the 13th of 6th month, 1873.

Jesse H. McCOY & Loretta JESTER were married the 25th day of 12th month, 1873

Edna B. McCOY & Cyril C. CONNELLY were married Jan 12, 1899

Frank C. McCOY & Berniece FORRESTER were marr. Oct 18, 1899

Fred McCOY & Viola HOLMES were married (no date)

Martha McCOY & Earl BULLOCK married July 1917

Martha Jeanette CONNELLY and John Noel OTT married Nov 4, 1921

Ruth McCOY & Fred STANLEY married June 22, 1929

Edna McCOY & Kermit GALLATIN married Jan 21, 1934

Gordon McCOY & Mary BOUGHTON married Dec 31, 1933


Elizabeth TOWELL McCOY b. Aug 15, 1811 NC

Martha McCOY daughter of John & Elizabeth was born 24th day of 3rd month, 1834

Willis McCOY son of John & Elizabeth was born 4th day of 8th month, 1836

John T. McCOY son of John & Elizabeth was b. 5th day of 11th month, 1838

Isaac McCOY son of John & Elizabeth was born 9th day of 6th month, 1841

Anna Jane McCOY daughter of John & Elizabeth was born 3rd day of 8th month, 1844

Rachel T. McCOY daughter of John & Elizabeth was b. 18th day of 7th month, 1846

Jesse H. McCOY son of John & Elizabeth was born 1st day of 9th month, 1850

Edna B. McCOY daughter of Jesse H. & Loretta C. was born Nov 10, 1874

Frank C. McCoy son of Jesse & Loretta b. Oct 14, 1878

F.C. McCoy son of Jesse & Loretta b. Feb 28,1 882

H. Martha McCoy daughter of Jesse & Loretta b. Oct 3, 1886

Martha Jeanette CONNELLY daughter of Edna M. and Cyril C. b. Sept 27,1 900

Charles Gordon McCOY son of Frank & Berniece b. Aug 12, 1900

Ruth McCOY daughter of Frank & Berniece b. Sept 7, 1906

Edna McCoy " b. April 28,1 909

Jesse McCOY son of Frank & Berniece McCoy d. March 1915

Fred McCOy -- Fred & Viola b. Aug 8, 1908

John Harvey McCoy son of Frank & Bernice McCoy

Helen McCOY daughter of """"

Loretta Cinlaja (?) """""""""""" b. Jan 2, 1919

Jesse son of """""""""""" b. Aug 2, 1921

Martha Catherine BULLOCK daughter of Martha & Earl BULLOCK b. Jan 3,1 919

Earl BULLOCK, Jr. son of """"""""""""""""" b. Feb 11, 1921

Robert William BULLOCK """""""""""' b. Aug 14, 1924

Elizabeth Jean daughter of Jeanette & Noel OTT b. Dec 2, 1925


Jesse H. McCOY d. Jan 26,1 915 of paralysis

John TOWEL b. 11th month 16th 1775 deceased 2nd mo. 10th 1864

Martha Towel wife of John deceased 6th mo. 13th 1817

Deceased near Pittsburgh??? with typhoid fever, Isaac McCOY 25th day of 5th mo. 1862

Deceased at home with ? of the heart, Anna Jane LAVERTY 3 day of 5th month, 1869

John McCOY d. 4 mo. 24 1898 of heart failure

Willis McCOY d. 12 mo. 1903 of congestion of brain

Martha McCOY HADLEY d. Oct 28, 1912

Elizabeth TOWEL McCOY d. Oct 1, 1916 aged 105 years

John T. McCoY died ?

Rachel McCOY MARKS d. 1931

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