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Snyder/Lofland Family Bible

John & Martha E. (Snyder) LOFLAND Family Bible
(The Lofland Family bible is in fair condition, intact. Title page states: "The Holy Bible containing the Old and New Testaments, translated out of the Original Tongues, and with the Former Translations Diligently Compared & Revised: together with marginal references, apocrypha, concordance & Psalms. The Text comformable to the Oxford Edition and the American Bible Society's Edition of 1816. Philadelphia: William W. Harding, 1875." The bible is now owned by John Breaks Lofland, 915 Waynetown Rd, Crawfordsville, Ind which came to him at the death of his father, John Lucas Lofland. At John Breaks Lofland's death, the Bible will go to his son, John Leslie Lofland).

John Milton Lofland b. June 23, 1846
Martha Evaline Lofland b. March 31, 1853
William Heverlo Lofland b. Aug 1876
Goldie Pearle Lofland b. Jan 28, 1879
Alfred Milton Lofland b. March 21, 1884
John Lucas Lofland b. Feb 8, 1888
(above children of John L & Martha E. Lofland - those below are children of John L & Clara C. Lofland)
John Breaks Lofland b. Oct 30, 1922
Luther Lee Lofland b. March 21, 1925
Nora Evelyn Lofland b. July 6, 1927
Robert Glenn Lofland b. March 16, 1929
James Milton Lofland b. Feb 28, 1933
Clara C. Breaks Lofland b. March 29, 1889
Della P. Elliott Lofland b. June 7, 1881
(Maiden name Eichelberg)
Meryl Fay Fruits b. June 7, 1888 (Maiden name: Oliver)

"This certifies that John M. Lofland and Martha E. Snyder were soleumnly united by me in the Holy Bond of Matrimony at home on the 2 day of November in the year of our Lord One Thousand Eight Hundred and 1875 comformably to the Ordinances of God, and the Laws of Indiana. In Presence of Lancing Long and wife, William Stonecypher and wife. Signed: Joseph Snyder, Esq."
John M. Lofland and Martha E. Snyder were married Nov 2, 1875
William H. Lofland and Pearl B. Shanklin were married Dec. 19, 1891
Oscar N. Zook and PEarle G. Lofland were marr. Sept 5, 1900
John L. Lofland and Clara C. Breaks were marr. March 4, 1922
John B. Lofland and Lela M. Clark were marr. Sept 14, 1947
Robert Eugene Richardson and Nora Evelyn Lofland were marr. June 26, 1949
Robert Glenn Lofland Martha Ellen Brookshire were marr. Aug 22, 1950
John L. Lofland and Della Pearl Elliott were marr. Jan 5, 1952 by Rev. John R. Servies
John L. Lofland and Meryl Fay Fruits were marr. June 7, 1958
Luther Lee Lofland and Sandra Jean Wheeler were marr. June 1, 1958

Julia Ann Croy Lofland died at her home 15 minutes before three a.m. Jan 19, 1898
Heverlow Lofland died at his home at one o'clock p.m. Feb. 9, 1899
John Milton Lofland d. at his home Nov 30, 1901 at 1:20 p.m.
Parker Julia Lofland d. July 19, 1913 at 3 p.m.
Martha Evaline Lofland d. at her home at twenty minutes of eight on May 16, 1925
Clara Connard Breaks Lofland d. at her home at 11 p.m. June 18, 1942; age 53Y2M20D wife of John Lucas Lofland
William Heverlo Lofland d. April 24, 1948
Alfred Milton Lofland d. May 1, 1953
Robert Eugene Richardson d. Dec 16, 1954
Della P. Elliott Lofland d. Sept 6, 1956 at 3:50 a.m.
John Lucas Lofland d. Feb 17, 1968 at 1:25 a. m
Meryl F. Lofland d. Dec 15, 1976 at 9:15 a.m.
The Memoranda page has the following:
Julia A. Lofland d. March 7, 1903
Ruth Eva Lofland d. April 12, 1903
There are also children of John & Lela Lofland and Luther & Sandy Lofland listed but are not included here since they are living today.

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