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HUMBERT Family Bible

Memoranda: This certifies that on the 22nd day of October, 1884, Joseph HUMBERT and Lydia HAMPTON were by me united in marr. at Chauncey, Tippecanoe Co, Ind. James S. Read, Minister of the gospel.
Joseph Humbert and Lida Hampton were married Oct 22, 1884.
Amos Earl Humbert was b. Sept 19, 1885.
Lyda B. Hampton was b. July ? 1865
Eliza Jane Humbert d. Aug 13, 1901

Joseph Humbert and Eliza Ellen Mc NEEL was marr. Dec 30, 1865.
Clary Eley Humbert was b. Sept 24, 1866
Josephfeen Humbert was b. May 21, 1868
Noraellen Humbert was b. March 23, 1871
William Humbert was b. July 29, 1872
Charley Humbert was b. Nov 20, 1873
Ellenor Humbert was b. Oct 17, 1876
Birdy Humbert was b. Aug 9, 1879 (Dearborn)
Eliza Ellen Humbert was b. Oct 28, 1851
Joseph Humbert was b. Dec 13, 1840

Nora Ellen Humbert departed this life July 7, 1871
Josephfeen Humbert departed this life Sept. 16, 1871
William Humbert departed this life Feb 25, 1873
Charley Humbert departed this life Sept 21, 1874
Ellemar (sic) Humbert departed this life Feb 15, 1877
Birdy Humbert departed this life Aug 26, 1880
Eliza Ellen Humbert departed this life May 2, 1883
Mary Ellen Hampton d. June 18, 1887
Amos E. Humbert d. June 27, 1933
There were other births included, but of people now living so did not include them on the internet listing!!!!

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