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Hall, James

HALL Family Bible
Family Bible Record of James H. Hall and Emma Price Hall, Montgomery Co., Ind. Last known owner Hazel Hall Little, Crawfordsville
Thomas Hall b. Va Nov 3(th?), 1776
Elizabeth Williamson b. Va. March 5, 1781
William Price b. ? Feb 14, 1780
Emma Summers b. ?
James H. Hall b. Warren Co, Ohio Oct 8, 1814
Emma Price b. Maryland April 17, 1817
Sarah E. Hall b. Montgomery co In Nov 14, 1841 (as are rest in Births)
Inf son b. Nov 14, 1841
Henry C. Hall b. March 1, 1844
Mary E. Hall b. Dec. 30, 1846
Taylor Hall b. April 21, 1849
Anna Hall b. Sept. 9, 1851
Kelly Hall b. Mar. 29, 1854
George F. Hall b. May 9, 1856
Edmund Howard Nutt b ?
Edie Hall b. April 13, 1873
Carrie Hall b. July 28, 1879
Clarence McKinsey b. May 24, 1876
Inf. s. b. Feb 22, 1879
Emma Hall b.
Elsie McKinsey b.
May McKinsey b.
Leroy A. Hall b. Feb 18, 1886
Nellie Hall b. Dec. 14, 1890
Hazel Hall b. June 16, 1895
Kelly Hall b. Sept 2, 1897
Ruth Burroff b.
Dean Little b. Sept 8, 1895
Donald Dean Little b. May 6, 1927
Barbara Ruth Little b. March 24, 1929
George K. Hall, Jr.
Patricia Ann Hall
Kathryn Louise Butler
Charles Butler (the names above were in the bible, but dates not filled-in)
Thomas Hall and Elizabeth Williamson (no date)
William Price and Emma Summers (no date)
James H. Hall and Emma Price Feb 9, 1841
Henry C. Hall and Catherine Claudfelter (sic) Mar. 21, 1872
Mary E. Hall and George McKinsey Jan. 22, 1874
Anna Hall and Sanford Nutt Nov 2, 1876
Kelly Hall and Nora Moffitt Sept 1889
George Hall and Della Ashby Dec 10, 1884
Hazel Hall and Dean Little March 4, 1922
Kelly Hall, Jr. and Ruth Buroff Dec. 1, 1923
Carrie Hall and Edward Swank May 9, 1900
Edith Hall and Robert Stubbins (no date)
Emma Hall and Wallace McMagathan (no date)
Elsie McKinsey and Harry Vaugn (d.) 2nd marr. to a Shields
Mae McKinsey and Harry Weaver (no date)
Louise Stubbins and John Greene (no date)
Mary Stubbins and Wendell Harrison (no date)
Ruth Stubbins and ? Morrison
Lucy Anna Swank
Donald Dean Little and Ethel M. Tate Jan 8, 1955
Barbara Ruth Little and Donald Butler April 18, 1948
Edmund Howard Nutt and Ruby ____
Thomas Hall d. Oct 8, 1840
Elizabeth Hall d. Nov 5, 1845
William Price d. Aug 20, 1858
Emma Price d.
Inf son of James & Emma Hall d. Nov 14, 1841
Taylor Hall d. Nov 26, 1863
Inf son of George and Mary McKinsey d. March 5, 1879
Sarah E. Hall d. Sept 11, 1933
Henry Clay Hall d. Nov 10, 1930
Kelly Hall d. May 25, 1932
Mary Ellen McKinsey d. Nov 6, 1917
Anna Hall Nutt d. July 31, 1914
James H. Hall d.
Emma Price Hall d.
George F. Hall d.
Della A. Hall d.
Edgar Swank d.
Robert Stubbins d.
Dean Little d. Nov 9, 1948

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