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State of Indiana

Montgomery County

I, David G. Cunningham, aged 53 years, a resident of Crawfordsville, PO, Montgomery County, Indiana, being duly sworn, on my oath declare that I am a son of Mary Cunningham, widow of John Cunningham, deceased. That it is impossible to procure the testimony of the Minister who married my father and mother for the reason Mother has forgotten his name and there are no parties living, whom we know that can tell – Also, that application was made to the Clerk of the County Court of Shenandoah County, Virginia, for a certified copy of the record, of the marriage and by letter we are informed it cannot be found. Aside from the testimony of Abraham Hall, who was an eyewitness to the ceremony, it is impossible to furnish better testimony, that furnished by the old Family Bible of which I am the custodian. The Title Page of the said Bible, reads as follows:

The Holy Bible, containing the old and new Testaments: Translated out of the original tongues and with the former translations diligently compared and revised.

Boston: Printed for Thomas and Andrews, West, and Richardson, and West and Blake. W. Greenough, Printer, 1813.

On the front leaves before the title page is the old family Record, in the handwriting of my father as follows:

John Cunningham was born in Hampshire County, Va., October 30, 1787.

Mary Cunningham, his Wife, was born in Shannandoah County, Va. June 14, 1794.

James H. Cunningham was born April 17, 1817.

Thomas J. Cunningham was born the time at 2 o’clock in the morning.

The above is on the first page; on the second page is the following:

John Cunningham was born in Hamshire County Va October 30th in the year of our Lord 1787.

Mary Cunningham, his Wife, was born in Shanandoah County, Va. June 14th in the year of our Lord 1794.

James Harrison Cunningham was born April 17th, 1817. (or 14th) Thomas Jackson Cunningham was born April 17th, 1817 (or 14th). The sons of John and Mary Cunningham.

On the third page is the following:

James Harrison Cunningham died on 28th of July 1817. Thomas Jackson Cunningham died on 6th of August 1817.

Mary Eleanor Cunningham died on the 1 day of November 1824.

Robert Washington Cunningham died March 31, 1833.

Emily Elizabeth Cunningham died February 16, 1835.

On the sixth page is the following:

Rebecca Ann Cunningham was born the 17 of April 1820.

Mary Eleanor Cunningham was born on the 21 Day of September 1823.

David Greer/Green Cunningham was born the 13 Day of May 1826.

And on the seventh page is the following:

John William Cunningham born the 25th day of December 1829 in the morning.

Emily E. Elizabeth Cunningham was born on the 4 Day of September in the morning 1834.

I do further declare that the above mentioned entries were made in the said Bible in my father’s handwriting with which I am well acquainted. I do further declare that I have no pecuniary interest in my Mother’s claim for a pension. I do further declare that I heard my father say, after he commenced to draw a Pension, that when he made his application, he ought to have told them, (I suppose he meant the Attorney that made out his claim) that he was married while he was in the service, so that if he died before Mother, she could draw the Pension. From what he said, at that time, and at other times, when talking with Mother, in my hearing, I am satisfied that they were married before the War of 1812 was over.

David G. Cunningham

Subscribed and sworn before me this 15 day of March, 1879, and I hereby certify that I am personally acquainted with David G. Cunningham, the affiant, that he is a respectable and credible witness, and his statements are worthy of belief. Also, that he presented for my inspection, the old Family Bible, referred to in the foregoing affidavit, and that on comparing the quotations of the title page and the Family Record, with the same as shown in said Bible, I find them correct and that I believe the said Bible to contain the Family Record, as made by the deceased, as it bears every evidence of age, and appears to be what he represents it to be. I do further declare that I have no interest whatever in this matter.

Witness my hand and seal the date above written.

Theodore D. Brown, Clerk

Montgomery Circuit Court

NO 27358

War of 1812

Additional Evidence in Claim of Mary Cunningham, widow of John Cunningham, dec’d, late Buglar in Captain Carpenter’s Co. Ohio Militia,

War of 1812

Proof of Marriage
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