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BRONNENBERG; SIMES and MCKIMMY RECORDS. Surnames include McKimmy; Campbell; Simes; Johnston; Tharp; Bronnenberg; Fuqua; Hiatt.

These sets of family records have been transcribed from the family records section of Bibles that were believed to have been purchased at an auction in Paris, Illinois. The purchaser, Barbara Hammond, has transcribed these records and furnished them to us to share with Madison County, IN. There is no additional information about the family available from either the submitter or the original auction purchaser. Submitted to this site on 30 Jun 2001.

The copyright on the marriage page is July 1906.

Page 1
The Bible was presented to Mabel E. McKimmy by Otto F. McKimmy in the year of 1914

Page 2
This certifies that Otto McKimmy of West Terre Haute and Mabel E. Campbell of West Terre Haute were joined together by me in the Bonds of Holy Matrimony at West Terre Haute on the 12th day of November in the year of our Lord 1909 in the presence of Joseph Campbell signed by Rev. J. Ord Cresop.

Page 3 - Marriages
Milburn Odel McKimmy and Dorothy Alice Simes McKimmy Sept. 2, 1939
Ralph Leon McKimmy and Irma Belle Johnston McKimmy Aug 15, 1942

Page 4 - Births
Vernon McKimmy Nov 13, 1910
Milburn Odell McKimmy Sep 28, 1915
Ralph Leon McKimmy Aug 20 1919

Page 5 - Deaths
Vernon McKimmy Nov 13, 1910


A second set of records has the following information:
Potter’s Standard Edition The Holy Bible Philadelphia: John E. Potter & Co. 514-617 Sansom Street. No publish date shown.

Page 1. Marriages.
D.B.Simes and M.J. Simes was married March 24, 1861
Margaret Jane Simes was born April 9, 1842
David B. Simes born May 5, 1821
Charles A. Tharp and Catherine A. Simes were married July 6, 1897

Page 2 - Births
William J. Simes was born February 28, 1863
D.E. Simes / David E. Simes was born January 14th 1865
Thomas L. Simes was born Marcy 29th 1867
Catharine Annie Jane Simes was born August 15th, 1878

Page 3 - Deaths
David E. Simes died December 16th 1866
David B. Simes died Feb 23rd, 1883

Two handwritten sheets provided the following information: Name and Place of Birth

Page 1-
Thomas Lanty Simes, Union Twp. Madison Co. Indiana died Aug 12, 1921
Bethaney Jane Bronenburg Simes, Salem Twp, Delaware Co., Indiana
James Berry Simes, Union Twp. Madison Co. Indiana
Tracy Simes, Salem Twp. Delaware Co., Indiana
Harvey Ashford Simes, Salem Twp. Delaware Co., Indiana
David Frederick Simes, Union Twp., Madison Co., Indiana
Florence Lea Simes, Union Twp., Madison Co., Indiana
William Heathercliff Simes, Union Twp, Madison Co., Indiana
Ula Simes, Union Twp., Madison Co., Indiana
Ada Catherine Simes, Union Twp. Madison Co., Indiana
Bertha Ann Simes, Morgan Twp. Owen Co., Indiana
John Paul Simes, Bowdry Twp, Douglas Co., Illinois
Mary Agnes Simes, Bowdry Twp, Douglaa Co., Illinois\t\t
David Berry Simes, born May 5, 1821 in Pike Co., Ohio died 22 Feb 1833 (Grandad of David Frederick Simes
Wife: Margaret and John Simes, born April 9 . 1842 in Madison Co., Indiana died 30 Dec 1908. They are both buried in Madison Co., Indiana ( not clear which one died in 1908)
Thomas Lantz Simes (father) buried at Garrard Chapel in Owen Co., Indian, died Aug 2, 1921, buried Aug 4, 1921

Page 2 -
My grandparents - Mother’s people. - no death dates.
Frederick Bronnenberg born 25 May 1839
Sarah Ann Fuqua born 23 Feb 1846
William Bronnenberg born 25 May 1868
Bethany Jane Bronnenberg born 7 Jun 1870
Alfred Butler Bronnenberg born 3 Jul 1872
Emma Florence Bronnenberg born16 Oct 1874
Charles Bronnenberg born 25 Jun 1881
Jordan Bronnenberg Born 27 Dec 1886
Wallace Earl Hiatt born 25 Aug 1892
Lola Hiatt born 4 Mar 1898
Faye Curtis Bronnenberg born 17 Oct 1892
Jordan and Blanche Bronnenberg married Dec 26, 1908
Frederick Bronnenberg and Sarah Ann Fuqua married Jan 1, 1866
Frederick Bronnenberg died Oct 9, 1918 at 1:15
Sarah Ann Bronnenberg died Feb 6, 1922 at 8:45
William died Jan 30, 1890
Butler died Oct 16, 1892


BLACKLEDGE/DRYER BIBLE PAGES, 1864. - a transcription of the handwritten Family Records taken from the Bible that once belonged to Linny Blackledge Dryer. The title page of this Bible states 1864.

Page 1 - on the inside cover:
Linni B Dryer; Book Bought at_____________;October ______; (then it looks like initials)
Below that : Linnie B. Paden mother Clarence E Paden (who was my grandfather)

Page 2 - The Handwritten pages started here, at the end of the Old Testament:
Richard Blackledge born January 12 , 1778; Elizabeth Blackledge, 1772, his wife born.
Harvey Blackledge Dec. 14, 1810; Charlott " Jan 29(?) 1812; Parmelia " June 29, 1816
Milton " April 27, 1818; Angeline " April 3, 1819; Ruth " Aug. 20, 1820
Franklin " June 10, 1822; Jessey " July 15, 1823; Elsha(Elishu?)" April 6(?), 1829
Drucilla " May 21, 1830; Matilda " May 1, 1832; Woodruff " April 3, 1836

Elish Blackledge was born April the 6th, 1829 A.D.
Milton Blackledge was born July the 25a.d.(?)1853 A.D.
Malinda Blackledge was born November the 5, 1855
Elisha Blackledge was born May the 25, 1858, A.D.
Clarence E. Paden was born Oct. 23, 1888 (this last entry was NOT in the same handwriting)

Elishu (Elisha?)Blackledge died the 15 day of March 1858
Linnie B. Paden - died Sept. 9th, 1911
Milton Blackledge died the 22day of February, 1858
Elisha Blackledge Jr. died the 22 day of August 18_5 A.D.
Drucilla Dryer passed away February 9, 1905, At Rest
L.L. Dryer Died March 30th, 1914 Aged 90 yrs 1 mo. 24 d
Marvin Paden died May 1921

Elisha(Elishu?) Blackledge and Sarah Miller were married September, 1852(?62)
Marvin Paden and Linnie Blackledge were married Jan 17, 1886
Clarence E. Paden and Mary H. Noone were married April 30, 1913---- Elwood, Ind. St. Joseph's Church
St. Joseph's Church, Elwood, Indiana (Madison County)


James Noone died June 23 1925 -2a.m. Elwood Indiana
Ida Leora Noone died July 26(or 27), 1942, 2:15 a.m. South Bend, Indiana (There are two different entries for Ida's death , one saying the 26th and one the 27th.)

Tuesday, 28 Aug. 2001: Submitter wrote "I am including the transcript of the Blackledge Bible . . ., as some of them were born and died in Elwood of Madison County. Many of my mothers relatives are buried in either the St. Joseph graveyard, a Cemetery listed as Maplewood, and also as the Elwood Cemetery. Her fathers people came from Tippecanoe county and much of these people were also in Tippecanoe county. However, I believe that Linnie B. Dryer (the daughter of Drucilla Blackledge Dryer and L.L. Dryer)
lived in Elwood according to my mother." Submitted by: Bronwyn Groeneveld.


PAGE 1: In the year of 1943. Oct 31, 1943. On your birthday 75 years (The bible was originally given to Mary Elizabeth Toppe who lived either in Seymour, Ind. or in Indianapolis.)

Dearest Mother--May God watch over you not only one day but everyday through these years to come. From your childrens: Daughters--Mary and Leona (this would be Mary Elizabeth Toppe Griffith and Leona Gertrude Denny Toppe--Mary being her daughter and Leona being her daughter in law); Sons--Homer and Henry (these were her sons Homer and Henry Toppe). God bless you. Love.

PAGE 2: July 25, 1952. From Mother and Daddy To our little girl Margaret Mae Toppe (This was an entry made by Leona Toppe to her and Henry's adopted daughter, my mother). Take this book Honey and let it guide you on through life. With our love.

PAGE 3: (prayers written by Leona Toppe) . December 5, 1954 Oh God, our Father so fill us with goodness and Love, that we may live our lives with the good things in life. Help us to be obedient to they command. Father bless each one as they pretake of this bread representing the broken body which was givin for you in memory of him. In Jesus name we ask it. Love mother.

Jesus, bless these gift we bring thee, give them something sweet to do, may thy help some child to love thee. Jesus we would love thee to. Amen.

Go ye, into all the world and preach the gospel.

FAMILY REGISTER: This section was completed by Margaret Toppe:

Husband: Norman Sanders; Born: July 13, 1938 in Madison County (Frankton);

Wife: Margaret M. Toppe; Born: July 5, 1942 Indpls.--actual parents were Robert and Freida Reese Daglish of Indianapolis --Robert was Leona's son by her first marriage to Raymond Daglish of Marion County.


Dorothy Leona Sanders Sept 5, 1961 Tues. 10:05pm b. Anderson; Colleen Gay Sanders Sept 10, 1962 Monday 4:51pm b. Anderson; Donna Lee Sanders Nov 25, 1966 b. Anderson; Norma Lucile Sanders Sept 28 b. Anderson; Roi Parise Phillips (added by someone else later) no relationship to Sanders---March 31---this was Margaret's son by later marriage to Roy Phillips in

Jerry Sanders and Sue Hickerson Nov 1961 (Norman's brother)

DEATHS: Grandmother Toppe passed away July 25, 1952 (Mary Elizabeth Stille Toppe); Richard Sanders on Sept 3 between 1963 and 1966 (son of Margaret and Norman who died a few hours after birth); Grandpa Toppe passed away on October 4, 1975 (this being Henry F. Toppe of Pendleton, Ind.


November 28, 2001: C. Brown sent us a transcript of the Bible records belonging to his grandparents, Henry and Leona Toppe.


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