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PerryMarshallPleasant Run
Indian CreekShawswickGuthrie
Spice ValleyMarionBono
CemeteryTownshipLocation [1]Find-a-Grave[2]
LawrenceportBono38.74659 -86.38638 — Main St. S of LawrenceportF
Stonington (destroyed)BonoF
Sulpher SpringsBono
TalbottBono38.71720 -86.3278 — Tunnelton-Bond Rd. S of BonoF
BuddhaGuthrie38.79341 -86.40617 — Old Buddha Rd. N of Tunnelton Rd.F
CarltonGuthrie38.79610 -86.42940 — Tunnelton Rd., 1 mi W of BuddhaF
CrawfordGuthrie38.8464405 -86.3991565 -- East of Bedford on Gunsmith School Road (County Road 417E)
Daniel GuthrieGuthrie
Ditney RidgeGuthrie
Dixon Chapel/ProctorGuthrie38.80193 -86.27834 — Dixon Chapel Rd. E of Jasper McKeaigg Rd.F
Dixon FamilyGuthrie
DoddGuthrie38.77920 -86.33560 — Devils Backbone Rd. E of Tunnelton Rd.F
Elijah AllenGuthrie
FairviewGuthrie38.87139 -86.31608 — 417 Old US Highway 50 East, LeesvilleF
Flinn Family (aka Flinn-Guthrie)GuthrieF
Granny WhiteGuthrie38.85047 -86.28037 — north of the Shields Cemetery in Leesville, on a private farmF
Guthrie/Davis GuthrieGuthrie
John AllenGuthrie
Kenray Lake or WilliamsGuthrie
Leesville United Methodist ChurchGuthrie7344 Leatherwood Rd E, BedfordF
PinhookGuthrie38.81458 -86.35526 — Pinhook Rd. S of Ken-Ray Lake F
Reed FamilyGuthrieFt. RitnerF
ShieldsGuthrie 38.84706 -86.28017 — S of Granny White cemetery, near LeesvilleF
Thomas DoddGuthrie
TunneltonGuthrieTunnelton Road, Tunnelton
Wever SpeerGuthrie38.87025 -86.32413 — 1200 Standish Steel Road, South of US 50, on private propertyF
Zilpha DoddGuthrie
BooneIndian Creek38.88170 -86.66720 — Boone Hollow Rd, N of Silverville; must get permission of landowner to enterF
Bridge ChurchIndian Creek38.89060 -86.65030 — E of Indian Creek Rd., N of SilvervilleF
Fayetteville Church of ChristIndian Creek38.86666 -86.58051 — Hwy 158 NE of FayettevilleF
Ferguson/MayfieldIndian Creek38.8822715 -86.6488867 — Indian Creek Road N of Hwy 158F
Mt. PleasantIndian CreekHigh Water Rd. at Indian Creek Rd., N of Indiana 158F
Mt. Pleasant Regular BaptistIndian Creek38.85951 -86.68208 — Hwy 158, W of SilvervilleF
New Church - House of PrayerIndian CreekF
New UnionIndian Creek38.87140 -86.55690 — Hwy 158, between Fayetteville & BedfordF
Old UnionIndian Creek38.84670 -86.58940 — Old Union Church Rd. at Fayetteville-Coxton Rd.F
Patton HillIndian Creek38.90033 -86.54170 — Patton Hill Rd., at Wood Cliff Estate Rd.F
PierceIndian Creek38.89297 -86.61592 — Pierce Cemetery Rd (a dead end) off Maul Ridge RdF
PinkstonIndian CreekF
Pleasant HillIndian Creek38.86890 -86.65750 — High Water Rd. at Indian Creek Rd.F
ShilohIndian Creek38.87197 -86.56373 — Hwy 158 at Avoca-Eureka Rd.F
Silverville First BaptistIndian Creek38.85825 -86.66846 — Hwy 158 W of Boone Hollow Rd.F
Wagoner (or Waggoner)Indian Creek38.8600494 -86.6652758 — Boone Hollow Road, N of Hwy 158F
WilsonIndian CreekF
BassMarion38.76470 -86.50060 — Indiana 37, about 3 miles NNW of MitchellF
Burton (or Burton Grove)Marion38.714213 -86.502485 — on Burton Cemetery Rd., W of Fleenor Rd., about 2 miles SW of MitchellF
ErwinMarion 38.77310 -86.46080 — NE corner of Meridian Rd & Quackenbush RdF
FreedomMarion38.71490 -86.47010 — Indiana 37 S of MitchellF
Gaines Tarry ParkMarionF
HallMarion38.72330 -86.54030 — Indiana 60 at Potter-Burton Rd.F
HamerMarion38.73311 -86.42089 — Spring Mill State Park, MitchellF
IsomMarion38.71495 -86.54454 — Indiana 60 at Liberty Church Rd.F
KnottMarion38.78864 -86.53989 — U.S. 50 between Indiana 37 and LoogooteeF
Liberty BaptistMarion38.69184 -86.54465 — Liberty Church Rd. S of Indiana 60F
Mitchell CityMarion38.73350 -86.48573 — Old State Rd. 37 at Main St.F
Red CrossMarion38.79940 -86.51080 — Indiana 37 at Art Gallery Rd.F
SheeksMarion38.78739 -86.45449 — Yockey Rd. at S. Old Palestine Rd.F
Spice Valley BaptistMarion38.73834 -86.54958 — Spice Valley Rd. at Potter-Burton Rd.F
ThomasonMarion38.77640 -86.51560 — Moto Cross Rd. W of Indiana 37F
AndersonMarshall38.97159 -86.55380 – Indiana 37, about 4 miles N of AvocaF
Avoca Baptist ChurchMarshall1 Center St. at Giger St., AvocaF
Avoca Hwy 37NMarshall
BennettMarshall38.91484 -86.55112 — Indiana 54/58 at Benham Ln., AvocaF
BrinegarMarshall38.95634 -86.55879 — W of Indiana 37 at Washboard Rd.F
Etter (destroyed)Marshall
Evans FarmMarshall
FishMarshall 38.91172 -86.46607 — N from Bedford on Mt. Pleasant Road, then E to 539 Younger Road and N about 600 yards in back of the Don Fish farmF
Fish WatsonMarshall38.91170 -86.46875 — N from Bedford on Mt. Pleasant Rd. to CR-350N, E about 100 yards to 191 Younger Rd., then N about 400 yards in back of the farmF
HardshellMarshallAvoca off Hwy 54/58; can be seen from highway (There is no formal sign for this cemetery. It is located next to a large red barn up on a slight hill.)F
HaysMarshall38.95798 -86.51435 — Hayes Rd., off Judah-Logan Rd.F
HilltopMarshall38.91116 -86.55574 — Avoca Eureka Rd., W of N. Pike Rd.F
HopkinsMarshall38.91808 -86.52404 — Old State Rd. 37N at Kentucky Hollow Rd.F
Judah Church of ChristMarshall 38.96039 -86.53646 — Old State Rd. 37N at County Road 12WF
Mt. Pleasant Christian ChurchMarshall38.91112 -86.46937 — Mt. Pleasant Rd. at Younger Rd.F
Mt. ZionMarshall38.96237 -86.54451 — at end of Maddox Lane, off Old State Rd. 37F
PerkinsMarshall38.94280 -86.55500 — N Pike Rd., between Washboard Rd. and Trogdon Lane, on private landF
Beyers & RainboltPerry38.98320 -86.67747 — Arthur Rd, about a mile from Popcorn Church Road on the right, near Greene County lineF
CobbPerryBetween Springville & Avoca; get permission at 6146 St Rd 54W to enter cemeteryF
EastPerryNE 1/4 Sec. 6 T6N R2W
GravesPerry38.99220 -86.65860 — McMillan Rd (Weaver Rd if coming from Monroe County) on Benton McMillan farm near Monroe county line; must get permission from the McMillans to enterF
GrayPerry300-400 block Springville-Judah Rd on Verna Armstrong FarmF
LowderPerry38.96250 -86.64440 — About 3 miles north of Springville on W side of Popcorn RoadF
Oak GrovePerry38.94851 -86.61751 — Spencer Pike beside Oak Grove Pentecostal ChurchF
Old SlavePerrySE corner of township, near Reuters Lane
PrestonPerryCorner of Preston & McDowell Lanes, south of Springville, south of Hwy 54-58
ShortPerryon Spencer Pike in a field on private land, NW 1/4 T6N R2W, North of Springville and West of County Road L6N8WF
Springville BaptistPerrySW 1/4 Sec. 9 T6N R2W Located on Bedford St. in Springville North of Hwy 54-58F
Springville ChristianPerry38.92857 -86.61761 — Old Farm Road, south of Springville, .2mi South of Hwy 54-58F
Springville West (Methodist)Perry38.93351 -86.62498 — Bedford St. north of Springville after the Baptist CemeteryF
ZikesPerryNE 1/4 Sec. 1 T6N R2W Back in field west of County Road 675W, completely destroyed
BaileyPleasant Run38.92860 -86.44640 — Bartlettsville Rd., between Bartlettsville and Indiana 58F
Bartlettsville Christian ChurchPleasant Run38.97166 -86.44024 — Corner of Bartlettsville Rd & Dunn Bridge RoadF
Bartlettsville MethodistPleasant Run38.96988 -86.44333 — Bartlettsville Rd S of BartlettsvilleF
Bonham (destroyed)Pleasant Run
ClarkPleasant RunF
CoveyPleasant Run38.98360 -86.45330 — Coveyville RoadF
Elston (destroyed)Pleasant Run
FaubionPleasant Run38.94530 -86.36030 — NE of Heltonville near Indiana 446F
Fullen/Francis HunterPleasant RunNorth of Mundell Church Rd.F
GilgalPleasant Run38.93927 -86.37929 — Diamond Rd. at Gilgal Rd. N of HeltonvilleF
Guthrie CreekPleasant Run38.88187 -86.28021 — Norman Road N of SR50F
HawkinsPleasant Run38.96720 -86.41720 — Dunn Bridge RoadF
Hickory GrovePleasant Run38.98782 -86.31071 — Hickory Grove Rd. NE of HeltonvilleF
HolderPleasant RunF
McPike/FosterPleasant RunF
Meadows Church of GodPleasant Run 38.96898 -86.39735 — Meadows Church Rd. W of Indiana 446F
MitchellPleasant Run38.99363 -86.35972 — Hunter Creek Rd. E of Indiana 446F
Mundell ChurchPleasant Run38.91073 -86.33569 — Mundell Church Rd. E of Indiana 446F
Pleasant RunPleasant Run38.92947 -86.43726 — Corner Bartlettsville Road & Pleasant Run RoadF
ReedPleasant Run38.91241 -86.41511 — North Side of Todd LaneF
SipesPleasant Run38.95093 -86.33623 — S of Henderson Creek RdF
TanksleyPleasant Run38.93830 -86.40920 — Gilgal Rd. W of Indiana 446F
Whitted/DePauw ChapelPleasant RunF
Beech GroveShawswick38.85860 -86.49580 — W. 18th St. in Bedford, S of Thornton ParkF
BreckinridgeShawswick38.8814394 -86.4886041 — on Madison St., on N side of BedfordF
CrawfordShawswick38.84640 -86.39920 — County Road 417E S of US 50F
Cresthaven Memory GardensShawswick38.80720 -86.50920 — Old St Hwy 37 S of BedfordF
ErieShawswick38.88208 -86.38080 — Erie Church Road at County Rd 525EF
Green HillShawswick38.85580 -86.48720 — L St. at 18th St. in BedfordF
IkerdShawswick38.86970 -86.43920 — off US 50 east of BedfordF
LeatherwoodShawswick38.86204 -86.39359 — Leatherwood Rd. at Maple Leaf Rd.F
Phipps FamilyShawswick38.86062 -86.52041 — W. 16th in Bedford, between Indiana 37 and Steven Ave., "destroyed; falling victim to urban sprawl and highway expansion"F
Poor FarmShawswick
Scoggan (George)Shawswick
Scoggan (Holman)Shawswick
Scoggan (Samuel) Shawswick38.82890 -86.48140 — Church Camp Rd. N of Sand Pit Rd.F
SherrillShawswick38.84190 -86.36920 — Bob Stipp Rd. between Pinhook Rd. and Meyers Rd.F
StarrShawswick38.82470 -86.39140 — Vinegar Hill Rd. at Bedford Hills Dr.F
Williams FamilyShawswick"2 1/2 miles North of the Pinhook Church of Christ, is on the farm now owned by John Fender (1983)"F
AtchisonSpice Valley
BeasleySpice Valley
BrunnerSpice Valley38.68720 -86.62670 — Winegar Rd., near Old Vincennes Rd., on Orange county lineF
BryantsvilleSpice Valley38.76700 -86.57347 — Kings Ridge Rd. at County Road 500F
BurtonSpice Valley38.70940 -86.57830 — S of Indiana 60, near GeorgiaF
Burton GapSpice Valley38.719085 -86.509824 — along Indiana 60, about 1.4 miles W of MitchellF
Conerly SwitchSpice Valley
ConnellySpice Valley 38.76610 -86.54750 — County Road 650 between US 50 and Indiana 37F
CosnerSpice Valley
CoxSpice Valley38.80360 -86.61890 — Stumphole Bridge Rd about 1 mile E of WilliamsF
Fairview Church of ChristSpice Valley38.75200 -86.64959 — 1004 Kings Ridge Rd., HuronF
Grody (Mooretown)Spice Valley38.7172739 -86.6197168
HarrisSpice Valley
HordSpice Valley
HuronSpice Valley38.72170 -86.68060 — US Hwy 50 W of HuronF
Indian Creek Primitive BaptistSpice Valley38.83349 -86.67162 — Keith R. S of SilvervilleF
JohnsonSpice ValleyF
LandrethSpice Valley
Mt. OliveSpice Valley38.80147 -86.68070 — Indiana 450 W of WilliamsF
Port WilliamsSpice Valley38.78849 -86.66445 — Huron & Williams Rd., at Port Williams Rd.F
TincherSpice Valley38.73920 -86.57170 — Box Rd. (dead end) W of Sherwood Rd.F
TolliverSpice ValleyF
WhiteSpice Valley
Williams ChurchSpice ValleyF

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