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Some of the cemeteries below are links leading to transcriptions online. .
67 Cemeteries in Lake County
55 Cemeteries in Porter County
AINSWORTH CEMETERY See Chester Cemetery Hobart, IN Ross
BANKS ⁄ OLD SETTLERS See Old Settlers Hobart, IN Hobart
BELSHAW FAMILY Moved to Sanders Cem. Lowell, IN W.Creek
BORGER ⁄ BRUNSWICK See Brunswick Cemetery Cedar Lake, IN Hanover
BRUNSWICK ⁄ BORGER 14315 Calunet Ave. Cedar Lake, IN Hanover
*CALUMET PARK CEM. 2305 W. 73rd Ave. Merrillville,IN Ross
CATHOLIC CEMETERIES See St.John & St.Joseph Hammond, IN North
CEDAR CREEK CEMETERY On Rt.2- Lowell Cemetery Lowell, IN Cedar Crk
*CHAPEL LAWN CEM. Cline Ave.South of Rt.30 Schererville,IN St. John
CHESTER FAMILY CEM. 7500 S. Grand Blvd. Rt51 Hobart, IN Ross
*CONCORDIA LUTHERAN 6551 Calumet Ave. Hammond, IN North
CRESTON CEM. 15327 Cline Ave. Lowell, IN Cedar Crk
CROWN HILL CEM. 3616 N. Lake Park Ave. Hobart, IN Hobart
DEEP RIVER ⁄WOODVALE See Woodvale Cem. Hobart, IN Ross
DEER CREEK CEM. 109th & Grand Ave. Crown Point, IN Winfield
DENNIS ⁄ STURDEVANT See Sturdevant Cemetery Merrillville,IN Ross
DUTTON⁄PLEASANT VIEW See Pleasant View Cem. New Ellíot, IN St. John
DYER CATH ⁄ST.JOSEPH See St. Joseph Cem. Dyer, IN St, John
*ELMWOOD CEM. 1413 - 169th St. Hammond, IN North
*EVERGREEN MEMORIAL 3900 W.Ridge Rd-Sandusky Hobart, IN Hobart
*FERN OAKS CEM. 1518 E. Elm St.(49th Av) Griffith, IN Calumet
FULLER FAMILY 169th Ave.W.of Sheffield Lowell, IN W. Creek
GERMAN EVAN.⁄REICHER See Reichers ⁄ Zieseníss Crown Point, IN Center
GERMAN METHODIST EPI 149th & Wicker Ave. Rt41 Cedar Lake, IN Hanovar
GOFF FAMILY CEM. 12355 W. Cedar Lake Rd. Crown Point, IN Center
GREENWOOD CEM. Now St. Joseph's Cem. Hammond, IN North
HACK FAMILY CEMETERY 10505 Joliet St. St. John, IN St. John
HAMMOND JEWISH CEM. same as Kneseth Cem. Hammond, IN North
Hessville Cemetery Arizona and 169th St. Hessville, IN  
Hessville Paupers Cemetery 169th & Parrish Ave. Hammond, IN North
HICKORY POINT CEM. Moved to Salem Meth.Cem. LeRoy, IN Winfield
HOBART CITY CEM. Front St. & Michigan Ave Hobart, IN Hobart
HOLTZWARTH CEM. 400 W. 82nd Place Merrillville,IN Ross
HOLY CROSS BYZANTINE See Resurrection Cath . Hammond, IN North
HOLY GHOST ORTHODOX 6830 Northcote Ave Hammond, IN North
HOLY NAME CEMETERY 11000 W. 133rd Ave. Cedar Lake, IN Hanover
HOPE CEMETERY 8917 Klineman Rd. Highland, IN North
JOHN LUTHER BURYING Site Of Crown Point Sch. Crown Point, IN Center
JOHN LUTHER BURYING Moved to Maplewood Cem. Crown Point, IN Center
KLAASVILLE CEM. See St. Anthony Cemetery Cedar Lake, IN Hanover
KNESETH ISRAEL CEM. 167th & Northcote Ave. Hammond, IN North
LAKE COUNTY PAUPERS See Hessville & Paupers Hammond, IN North
LAKE PRARIE CEMETERY 181st & Wicker Ave.(Rt41) Lowell, IN W. Creek
LOWELL MEM. PARK 1341 Commercial Ave. Lowell, IN Cedar Crk
*LOWELL MEM. CEM. Crown Point, IN      
*MAPLEWOOD MEM. CEM. 555 S. Indiana Crown Point, IN Center
MCCARTY CEMETERY 159th & Mórse St. Lowell, IN Cedar Crk
*MEMORY LANE MEMORIAL Rt 30 - W. of Burr St. Schererville,IN St. John
or here
700 E. 73rd Avenue Merrillville,IN Ross
METHODIST⁄OLD BURYING Prob. to West Creek Cem. Lowell, IN W. Creek
MEYER ⁄ MOUND CEM. 8809 W. 132nd Pl.back of Cedar Lake, IN Hanover
MILL POND CEMETERY (Abandoned) Valparaiso, IN Center
MILLER CEMETERY 6402 Melton Road-wayback Gary, IN Calumet
MOUND ⁄ MEYER CEM. See Meyer Cemetery Cedar Lake, IN Hanover
MOUNT MERCY CEM. 4401 W. Ridge Rd. Gary, In Calumet
*OAK HILL CEM. 4450 Harrison St. Gary, IN Calumet
*OAK HILL CEM. 6445 Homan Ave. Hammond, IN North
OLD BURYING GROUND (Abandoned) Crown Point, IN Center
OLD BURYING GROUND Wilkinson Pl. prob.destroyed Lowell, IN W. Creek
OLD BURYING GROUND Moved to Maplewood Cem. Crown Point, IN Center
OLD MILL POND CEM. Extinct Crown Point, IN Center
OLD SETTLERS CEM. 1205 S. Lake Park (Rt.51) Hobart, IN Hobart
OLD WHITING CEM. Moved to Kneseth Israel Hammond, IN North
ORCHARD GROVE CEM. Rt. 55 South Of Highway 2 Lowell, IN Cedar Crk
PHILLIPS ⁄ PLEASANT Same as Pleasant Víew New Elliot, IN St. John
PLEASANT VIEW CEM. Rt. 330 & Fairbanks New Elliot, IN St. John
PLUM GROVE CEMETERY St. Rd 2 - West of I-65 Lowell, IN Eagle Crk
REICHERS ⁄ ZIESENISS 145th & Grant St. (east) Crown Point, IN Center
RESURRECTION CEM. 6810 Northcote Ave. Hammond, IN North
*RIDGELAWN CEMETERY 4401 W Ridge Rd. Gary, IN Calumet
ROSS CEMETERY 5001 Whitcanb St. Gary, IN Calumet
SANDERS CEM. 10220 W. 205th Ave.(R41) Lowell, IN W. Creek
SASSE FAMILY CEM. Destroyed (Fred Sasse) Cedar Lake, IN Hanover
SCHOON CEMETERY Homan Ave. S. of Ridge Rd. Munster, IN North
SCHUBERT FAMILY 9320 W. 133rd (way back) Cedar Lake, IN Hanover
SOUTHEAST GROVE CEMETERY 155th & Southgrove Rd. Crown Point, IN Eagle Crk
ST. ANTHONY CEM. 15200 W. 145th Ave Cedar Lake, IN Hanover
ST. EDWARD CEM. 5761 W, 177TH Ave. Lowell, IN Cedar Crk
ST. FRANCIS XAVIER 2447 Putnam St. Lake Station,IN Hobart
*ST. JOHN CEM. 1551 167th & Northcote Hammond, IN North
ST. JOHN CEM. 9400 Wicker Ave. Rt.41 St. John, IN St. John
ST. JOHN TWP. CEM See Ploasant View Cem. New Elliot, IN St. John
ST. JOSEPH ⁄ DYER 440 Joliet Rd. US 30 Dyer, IN St. John
*ST. JOSEPH CEM. 1551 167th & Northcote Hammond, IN North
ST. MARTIN⁄HOLY NAME See Holy Name Cem. Cedar Lake, IN Hanover
ST. MARY CEMETERY 810 W. South St. Crown Point, IN Center
ST. MARY CEMETERY 169th & Kennedy Ave. Hammond, IN North
ST. MARY RUSSIAN DR. 4401 W. Ridge Rd. Gary, IN Calumet
ST. MICHAEL'S CEM. 1 Wilhelm St. Schererville,IN St. John
ST. MICHAEL'S POLISH 169th & Bertram⁄Northcot Hammond, IN North
ST. NICHOLAS BYZ.CEM 167th & Northcote Hammond, IN North
ST. PETER & PAUL CFM 400 East 56th Ave. Merrillville,IN Ross
STURDEVANT ⁄ DENNIS East of Randolph on 89th Merrillville,IN Ross
THOMPSON CEM. 155th Av.east of Parrish Lowell, IN W. Creek
THREE CREEK MONUMENT 1341 Comnercial Ave. Lowell, IN Cedar Crk
TOLLESTON CEMETERY 20th & Grant St. Gary, IN Calumet
TURKEY CREEK CEM See St. Peter & Paul's Gary, IN Calumet
WALDHEIM GERMAN CEM. 1901 W. 19th Place Gary, IN Calumet
WEST CREEK CEM. 20575 (Calumet Ave.(N of 2) Lowell, IN W. Creek
WEST POINT CEMETERY 131st. & Fairbanks Cedar Lake, IN Center
WOODVALE CEM. 7574 County Line Rd. Hobart, IN Ross
ZION EVANGELICAL CEM 14804 W. 113th Ave. Dyer, IN Hanover