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West Point Cemetery
Center Twp., Lake Co. IN
From 1950's DAR Records

Located on the Lowell-Cedar Lake Road at the point where the west road runs into the north-south road and over the hill is the old location of the West Point Cemetery. It is just south of the Kennedy Hotel.

It is here that a bronze plate mounted on a native boulder attests to the fact that Obadiah Taylor, a Revolutionary War soldier is buried. Others of the Taylor family and members by marriage and neighbors were buried. All the stones are gone, and we are indebted to Miss Ethel Vinnedge, a descendant of Obadiah Taylor for some of those who were buried here.

Obadiah Taylor is to date the only known Revolutionary War soldier buried in this county. The bronze plate reads as follows:
"10 rods north lies the grave of a Revolutionary War Soldier Obadiah Taylor. 1762-1839. Placed by the Lake County D.A.R. Chapters, 1941; Timothy Ball, Julia Watkins Brass, Calumet, Pottawatomie, Obadiah Taylor."

The story concerning the disappearance of the stones from this cemetery is that property became more valuable for business than as a cemetery. As a consequence either the county Commissioners or the Township Trustee or both condemned the area as a cemetery, allowed the stones to be thrown over the bluff into Cedar Lake, and permitted businesses to build on the site.

Those whose vital statistics are available from Miss Vinnedge are as follows:

LILLY, Dr. Calvin; died 1839

TAYLOR, Adonijah; Feb 11, 1792; 1843
- Obadiah; (I); 1762-1839
- William; born 1821

WARRINER, Louis; died 1845
- Sabra; wife of Louis; 1792; Aug 24, 1838
- Sabra; dau. of Louis and Sabra; died Aug 24, 1838

Additional family info:

From Historical Notes:
Hon. Lewis Warriner..."His wife, an estimable woman, Mrs. Sabra Warriner, two sons and two daughters, composed the family." Mentions the "sickly season" of 1838 where mother and youngest daughter were laid to rest "in that now neglected mound on the bank of the lake." (Cedar Lake) "His surviving children both having married and left the county, he, in 1856, went to reside with his son, Edwin B. Warriner, at Kankakee, Illinois, and afterwards with his daughter, Mrs. James A. Hunt. He died at his son-in-laws residence at Prairie grove, Fayette County, Ark., May 14, 1869."

List of settlers that signed the Constitution of the Squatters Union.
Adonijah Taylor, "Timber and Outlet." The last according to Claim Register, "May 15th."
Horace Taylor (son of Adonijah)
Calivin Lilley

1850 census of surviving family members:

7 7 TAYLOR Sabra M. 4 F Indiana X
7 7 TAYLOR Norman W. 2 M Indiana
8 8 TAYLOR Obadiah G. 27 M Farmer 180 Pennsylvania
8 8 TAYLOR Julia S. 21 F Pennsylvania
8 8 TAYLOR Mary Ann 4 F Indiana X
8 8 TAYLOR Cassius M. 3 M Indiana
9 9 TAYLOR D. C. 23 M Farmer 150 Pennsylvania X
9 9 TAYLOR Louisa E. 19 F Indiana X
9 9 TAYLOR Lucy 57 F 200 Vermont
9 9 TAYLOR Calvin L. 18 M Farmer Pennsylvania X
9 9 TAYLOR Lucy Ann 14 F Indiana X

11 11 WARRINER Lewis 58 M Farmer 1,000 Massachusetts
11 11 WARRINER Edwin B. 24 M Massachusetts
11 11 WARRINER Fanny C. 19 F Massachusetts X

45 45 TAYLOR Calvin 54 M Farmer 2,500 New York
45 45 TAYLOR Manervia 47 F New York
45 45 TAYLOR Charles 20 M Farmer Pennsylvania
45 45 TAYLOR Lydia 13 F Indiana X