Kosciusko County, Indiana

WPA Birth Records
1882 - 1920

Ada to Bak Bal to Bel Ben to Bok Bol to Bri Bro to Cap
Car to Col Com to Cri Cro to Dew Dic to Ekh Eld to Fil
Fin to Gam Gan to Gra Gre to Ham Han to Hef Hei to Hoc
Hod to Huf Hug to Jus Kai to Kiz Kla to Lea Lec to Lon
Loo to Maz Mea to Mik Mil to Mon Moo to Mye McA to McW
Naf to Osw Ott to Pla Ple to Red Ree to Roa Rob to Sca
Sch to Sha She to Smi Smo to Sti Sto to Tee Teg to Und
Ung to War Was to Wig Wil to Zom

This is a transcription of the WPA Birth Records for Kosciusko County, Indiana. These births were recorded through the efforts of the WPA (Works Project Administration), a program of the U.S. Federal Government from 1936 to 1940 that employed out of work individuals to transcribe and index a variety of public records in Indiana. More information on the WPA efforts can be found in this article by Rhonda R. McClure. John G. West also provides an index of what records were recorded for each county in Indiana by the WPA.

The Kosciusko County WPA Birth Index was created in 1938 and included some 18,823 records of birth during the period of time 1882 - 1920.

Our gratitude goes out to Marge Priser, Beth Miner and Tina Buchman for providing this transcription. A special thanks to Deb Johnson from the county Health Office who helped proof read the computerized index.

What's available from the Kosciusko County Health Department:

The Book & Page numbers are the OFFICIAL book & page at the Health office. For $10.00 fee, you can get up to 5 people looked up. The "genealogy" report gives all of the information that is provided on the OFFICIAL pages, including full name of father, if given, full name of mother, if given, date of birth, date registered (in the official records), place of birth of parents, age of parents and order of birth (within family). Sometimes there was considerable time between those two dates. The real advantage of requesting the genealogy report is that there are many "write-ins" that will be revealed. You can contact the Kosciusko County Health Department at:
3rd Floor, Room 318
100 West Center Street
Warsaw, Indiana 46580-2349

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