Civil War Soldier's Reunion - 74th Indiana Infantry

Photo courtesy of Mrs. Kathy Workman and her late husband,David Workman. Newspaper accounts, courtesy of MarjoriePriser. One Vet identified is the gentleman in the frontrow on crutches, Capt. John N. Runyan. Another Vet identified, the third man on from the right, front row, is John Miner, who was a corporal in the 74th. Here is a compilation of the various campaignsthe 74th Indiana Infantry was involved in. If you have questions or can furtheridentify any of the gentlemen pictured, please contact Margeor Gene Andert.

Warsaw Daily TimesWarsaw Daily TimesWarsaw Daily Times
30 Aug 18901 Sep 18902 Sep 1890
The Seventy-Fourth Indiana.The Seventy-Fourth Indiana.THE VETERANS.

Sixth Annual Reunion, to be Held at Warsaw, September 1 and 2

The following is the program for the sixth annual reunion of the survivorof the Seventy-fourth Indiana Infantry, to be held at Lakeside Park, Warsaw,September 1 and 2:

9 to 12 a.m. Reception of Comrades.
1 p.m. Dinner at Hotel Hays.
2 to 6 p.m. Renewing of Old Acquaintance.
6 p.m. Supper at Hotel Hays.
7 p.m. March to Lakeside Park.
       Led by Bass's Drum Corps.
8 p.m. Camp-fire at Auditorium.
       Music by Loveday's Quartette.
       Prayer by Rev. J.Q. Hall.
       Address of Welcome, Mayor Royse.
       Music, Loveday's Quartette
       Response, Capt. O.T. Chamberlain.
       Music, Loveday's Quartette.
       Camp-fire Talk by Comrades.
       Return to Hotel Hays.
6:30 a.m. Roll Call.
7:00 a.m. Breakfast at Hotel Hays.
8:30 a.m. March to Lakeside Park.
10 a.m. Business Meeting.
       Election of Officers.
       Fixing Time and Place for Next
       Annual Reunion.
11 a.m. Visit to Spring Fountain Park.
       Cyclorama of the Battle of
       Missionary Ridge.
       Life on the Mississippi.
       Switchback Railroad, etc.
2 p.m. Grand Good-Bye.
       Dinner at Hotel Hays.

Bass's Drum Corps will be in attendance both days.
The Beyer Brothers will make every arrangement to receive the survivorsof the regiment on reaching Spring Fountain Park, and admission to the Cycloramaof Missionary Ridge and Lookout mountain will be free to all members present
       N.P. Cook, President.
       J.E. Stephenson Secretary.

Sixth Annual Reunion in Session Here to-day

As we go to press, the Seventy-fourth Indiana Infantryis in the midst of its sixth annual reunion, the attendance being quitefair. The headquarters were fixed at the Hotel Hays, where provisions havebeen made to take care of every surviving member of the regiment who maybe here during the two days' reunion. The Seventy-fourth Indiana was organizedin the autumn of 1862, and crossed over the Ohio at Louisville, just aboutthe time that General Buel, at the head of the Army of the Cumberland, arrivedat that place on his celebrated retreat in that year. The regiment was attachedto the Army of the Cumberland and participated in nearly all the battles,skirmishes and raids of that great army, from the time it reached the commanduntil the close of the war. It suffered greatly in the disastrous battleof Chickamauga, but the next year, under the command of General Sherman,it did its full duty in the memorable "hundred days under fire,"known as the Atlanta campaign. After the capture of that place, it wenton the March to the Sea, was in all the battles that followed the captureof Atlanta, and participated in that grandest of all the military pageantsof modern times - the Grand Review at Washington City. This is only a hurriedglance at the salient points in the history of the command as we have neithertime nor space to go into details as to the record of the regiment. Sufficeit to say that the regiment did its duty at all times and under all circumstances,and was one of the 154 regiments sent out by the old Hoosier State, notone of whom ever showed the "white feather" in the face of theenemy. Those who are in attendance are beginning to show grizzled looksas reminders that we are getting farther and farther away from the excitingdays of the war period, but we earnestly hope that every veteran presentwill bully enjoy the reunion, and the commingling once more together, andin a renewal of the ties that are known to no other people in such a wayas it is among the men who marched, bivouacked, hungered, fought, and werewounded together, and who buried their dead comrades on many distant fields.There will be many renewals of old friendships to-day and to-morrow, andevery one wishes for the "old vets" a pleasant time.

The Survivors of the Seventy-fourth Indiana Enjoying Themselves.

All of yesterday was taken up in the receiving the Veteransof the Seventy-fourth Indiana Infantry, as they arrived in this place preparatoryto celebrating their Sixth Annual Reunion. Men could be seen shaking handswith comrades whom they had not seen since the final muster-out, and, manyenjoyed talking over old times, recalling reminiscences of the excitingperiod, which they had met to celebrate. Nearly every train brought additionsto the number, and as soon as they arrived, the committee for that purposehad their names registered, issued tickets to each, and provided them witha badge of the regiment. The following comprises a list of those present,the names, of course, being confined to the Seventy-fourth regiment, althoughthere were ex-Soldiers from other Commands present, also:
Company A
John N Runyan, 1st Leut, Warsaw, Indiana
W A Hatfield, Burkett, Ind
J H Barnes, Corp, Warsaw, Ind
Geo Hill, Warsaw, Ind
J W Hibschman, Warsaw, Ind
H Clayton, Leesburg, Ind
O Campbell, Salem Center, Ind
Chas H Western, Hudson, Ind
W F Peddycord, Nappanee, Ind
J H Poulson, Warsaw, Ind
R M Hickman, 1st Sergt, Warsaw, Ind
G W Harter, Capt, Warsaw, Ind
E Popham, Minneapolis, Kan
N P Cook, Sergt, Warsaw, Ind
I B McDowell, Cromwell, Ind
B W Carr, Silver Lake, Ind
J F Barrick, Warsaw, Ind
J Kuder, 1st Lieut, Warsaw, Ind
J Hanson, Fort Wayne, Ind
J A Cook, Warsaw, Ind
G H Reynolds, Colina, Ohio
A S Milice, Capt, Warsaw, Ind
Hiram Richcreek, Warsaw, Ind
G H Gaskill, Burkett, Ind
Joshua F Scott, Warsaw, Ind
S M Seilers, Corp, Warsaw, Ind
M W Lutes, Warsaw, Ind
S C Kinsey, Claypool, Ind
Philip Winters, Warsaw, Ind
Wm H Lucas, Packerton, Ind
Oliver P Jaques, 2d Lieut, Warsaw, Ind
H H Conrad, Sergt, Anderson, Ind
Philip H Maish, Corp, Warsaw, Ind

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