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December 24, 1908 - North Vernon Republican

   George Lewis Carson the subject of this sketch, son of Lewis Graham Carson and Mary Carson, was born May 22, 1862, in Jennings county,Indiana, where he was raised and spent a good part of his life. Deprived of a father's care and protection in infancy he was cared for by a tender, loving mother. When only a year old he was sick unto death as it were with brain fever, but by faithfulness of a competant physician and the unceasing care of his devoted mother he gradually returned to health. His childhood and boyhood life was no more eventful than is common of the ordinary courtry boy. It was in the tender years of childhood that he gave himself to the savior and united with the Graham Presbyterian Church, which membership he retained until his death.
   In the fall of 1888 he was again near unto death's door with typhoid fever and again the care and attention given him was blessed by the Devine Healer and he was restored to further usefulness. In the month of October 1890 he was united in marriage with Neely M. McAllister of South Boston, Washington county, Indiana. Being in limited circumstances he has had to follow whatever vocation would enable him to support his family as the years have gone by. For many years he has been very much handicapped in his efforts because of ill health, which was a great source of sorrow and worry to him, not because of his suffering so much, but because he could not give to his loved ones all the comforts and advantages he was anxious for them to have. Since the last of May of the present year he had been continuously under the physicians care, suffering at time very severely, much of the time not able to leave his home.
   A little more than two weeks ago he left his home to make a trip lasting some time and took him through several counties and necessitated his stoping in the homes of stranger friends. It was while thus engaged and in the home of Mr. Joseph Blair of Tampico, Jackson county, Indiana, that he went to sleep on the night of November 24th to the cares, troubles and trials of this earthly life to awaken the next morning in that new and complete life toward which he looked and for which he had lived.
   As a husband he was always and ever true to his trust as he understood it. As a father he was kind and indulgent, as a friend ever faithful, as a citizen ever true to the right as he understood it. As a christian he was true to his faith as his conscience received light, as was demonstrated by his life and by his last talk with his friends on the night before his death, when he said after speaking of his loved ones quite a while, "I have consecrated my children to the Lord and I am trusting in Him".    He leaves a wife and five children, one brother, a number of nephews and nieces, uncles and aunts, besides a host of friends to mourn their loss. While we lay his body in the Silent City of the Dead to await the resurrection morn, let us forget what seemed to us as his faults and cherish his vitues, ever looking for comfort and consolation unto him who has said "I am the Resurrection and the Life."
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