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Echoes from the Mothers

November 28, 1882 - Vernon Journal
By the Needmore Blade

    Mrs. Fanny Coryell came upon the stage of action nearly 80 years ago-hence she has run a long race and had an important mission in life. She first opened her eyes to the light of day in New York-hence she is a native Yankee; but she has lived in this State long enough to be well Hoosierized-still she continues to carry many of the old York State habits, notions and expressions. In early life she became the wife of Michael Coryell-her name being Drake before marriage. More than 40 years ago they settled one mile east of Vernon, where Mr. Coryell died about 17 years ago. Mrs. Coryell still lives on the home farm, with prospects of a decade of years yet. She is a faithful and worthy member of the Methodist church.

    Granny May lives in Scipio, and is probably the oldest woman in those parts-reaching hard after 90 years. She was born on East somewhere, and was the wife of Mr. Bolton, who died and left her a widow with several children. She managed to raise them, and afterwards married Tobias May. Now she is a widow, strong and hopeful, not willing to leave the world until she has completed a full century.
    Lives in Brewersville, and is the boss talker of all the women of that region. She commenced her eventful career in Ireland about three score and ten years ago, hence, according to scripture, her time is up, but she has no notion to exchange worlds just yet. She was raised in the Catholic faith, but, on ripening into womanhood, she denounced that faith and joined the M. E. church.

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