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                                     List of Jennings County Teachers
                                               The Year 1919-1920
                                                                           From the North Vernon Sun Feb 1920

Listing by Name, Where Teaching, Post office Address

                          Bigger Township
Pearl Wickens                   San Jacinto                       North Vernon
Phoebe Fields                    San Jacinto                       North Vernon
Dessie Anderson              San Jacinto                        Dupont
Bertha Cravens                Maple Grove                     Dupont  
Gladys Vance                   Rabbit Plains                      North Vernon
Zoe Holmes                      Bland Town                         Butlerville
Chas. Ploghe                     Harmongy Hill                    North Vernon
Goldie Smith                     Rush Branch                       Butlerville
Vernon Brooks                 Victory                                 North Vernon

                           Campbell Township
Floyd Malott                      Butlerville                          Vernon
Jesse Meyer                      Butlerville                          Butlerville
Moeona Fletchall               Butlerville                          Butlerville
Lillian Kibler                      Butlerville                          Butlerville
Edith Fitzgerald                  Butlerville                          Butlerville
Carrie Beck                        Butlerville                          Butlerville
Lloyd Rine                          Nebraska                           Butlerville
Dorothy Bindhammer         Nebraska                          Butlerville
Willard Lowe                      Cherry Valley                    Brewersville
P. F. Shuck                          Fairmont                            North Vernon
Elua Morrison                     Rice                                   North Vernon
Delbert Schonfeld               Hopewell                            Butlerville

                             Center Township
Ray Walker                         Oak Dale                           North Vernon
Nina Lewis                           Zoar                                   North Vernon
Merle May                          Elzea                                  North Vernon
Edith Wilson                         Davis                                 North Vernon
Will Hall                               Elliott                                 Scipio

                              Columbia Township
Leslie Boicourt                     Zenas                                 Nebraska
Ella Gault                              Zenas                                 Nebraska
Encoh Morris                       Flat Rock                           Nebraska
George Pearcy                     Puddletown                         Nebraska
Edith Montgomery               Beech Grove                      Nebraska
William Dillard                     Ice Creek                           Nebraska
Gladys Edwards                    Slab Town                          Nebraska
Mabel Baker                        Slab Town                           North Vernon
Essue McCammon               White Oak                          Butlerville
Lottie Tucker                        Jerico                                  Osgood, Rt. 5
Iva Wilkerson                       Lone Cedar                         Commiskey
Joyce Pearcy                         May Flower                        Nebraska

                                    Geneva Township
Oliver Voris                            Scipio                                 North Vernon
Katie Tierney                         Scipio                                 North Vernon
Florence Butler                      Scipio                                 Scipio
Thos. Palmer                          Scipio                                 Scipio
Clyde Wilson                          Scipio                                 Scipio
Helen Bundy                           Scipio                                 Scipio
Mary Amick                           Scipio                                 Scpio
Eunice Amick                         Blue Grass                         Scipio
Florence Henry                       No. 10                                Scipio
Arthur Neal                             Brown's Corner                 Scipio
Lindley Fenley                         Oak Grove                        Scipio
Cora Bradford                         Hege                                   Elizabethtown
Lottie Beesley                          Queensville                       Queensville

                                      Lovett Township
Will Dawson                             Lovett                                 North Vernon
George Bandeen                      Lovett                                 North Vernon
W. H. Ferguson                        Lovett                                 North Vernon
James A. Morin                       Weston                                North Vernon
Charles Graham                       Hickory Corner                  North Vernon
Mabel Kinder                           Tea Creek                          North Vernon
Mildred James                         Redman                               North Vernon
Clara Earl                                 Union Star                           North Vernon

                                         Marion Township
Erby Deputy                              Marion H. S.                      Commiskey
Marie Gruder                            Marion H. S.                      Commiskey
Ova Donnell                               Gum Lick                           Paris Crossing
Opal Owen                                  Mosley                              Paris Crossing
Opal Wilson                                Lower Cana                       Paris Crossing
Ruth Rogers                               Mt. Zion                             Paris Crossing
Irene Coryell                              Upper Cana                        Paris Crossing
Nettie Layton                             Hughes                               Commiskey
Bertha Robinson                        Center                                Paris Crossing   

                                        Montgomery Township
Delbert Pfeifer                          Paris Crossing                    Paris Crossing
Pearl Johnson                            Paris Crossing                   Paris Crossing
Mary C. Creigmile                    Paris Crossing                   Osgood
Ethel Deputy                             Paris Crossing                    Commiskey
Chester Ashton                         Old Paris                             Commiskey
Lenard Margason                     Old Paris                             Deputy, Rt. 2
Forrest Kinder                           Commiskey                        North Vernon
Edna Wilkerson                         Commiskey                        Commiskey
P. M. Corya                                New Bethel                        Commiskey

                                               Sand Creek Township
E. A. Graves                               Brewersville                       Brewersville
Edith Hale                                   Brewersville                       Westport
Helen Clark                                Brewersville                       North Vernon
Lucille Grinstead                        Wimple Creek                    North Vernon
Harold Hale                                 Walnut Grove                    Westport
C. W. Reeves                              Fish Creek                          North Vernon
Agnes Malony                             No. 9                                   North Vernon
Lena Mangold                             St. Ann                                North Vernon
Paul Lewis                                    Bear Creek                        Brewersville
Earl Boicourt                                No. 1                                   Brewersville
Faye Roane                                  Sherwood                            North Vernon

                                                   Spencer Township
P. J. Fushelberger                        Hayden                                Hayden
Maude Van Riper                        Hayden                                Hayden
Clara Wehry                                 Hayden                                North Vernon
Carl Megel                                   Hayden                                North Vernon
Mary Roirdan                              Hayden                                 North Vernon
Elsie Morrison                             Hayden                                 Hayden
Catherine Downs                          Hayden                                Seymour
Lloyd Larrabee                             No. 1                                    Hayden
Ardis Mote                                    No. 2                                    Hayden
Eunice Morison                             No. 5                                    North Vernon
Mary M. Riordan                         Meyers                                Commiskey
Inez Nordloh                                  Specht                                  North Vernon
Ida Nordloh                                    Glixner                                North Vernon

                                                      Vernon Township
J. E. Powell                                    Vernon                                  Vernon
Chesley Holmes                            Vernon                                  Vernon
Merle Cunningham                       Vernon                                  Vernon
Mary Clarkson                              Vernon                                 North Vernon
Beatrice Krkam                             Vernon                                 North Vernon
Laura Hess                                     Vernon                                 North Vernon
Elma Reece                                     Simpson                              North Vernon
Ethel Bailey                                    Champion                            North Vernon
Paul McClure                                 Grayford                               Vernon

                                       Teachers in North Vernon Schools
                                         G. M. Hopkins, Superintendent   
Jas. W. Westerfield, Principle of High School, --Science
Harruet Powell, Domestic Science
L. A. Jackson, Industrial Art
G. E. Perry, History and English
Clena Bex, Manual Training
Althea Clerkin, Music and Drawing
Minnie White, Fifth and Sixth Grade
Olsie Steinmetz, Fourth Grade
Mae Runyan, Second and Third Grade
Bertha Huckleberry, Primmer
Wm. Sebree, Colored School
Mabel Miles, English
C. D. Calis, Mathematics
W. D. Harison, History and Athletics
Jessie Banks, Latin Physiology
Blanche Kaltenbach, Sixth Grade
Ethel Wolf, Fifth Grage
Hattie Eatom, Third Grade
Helen Robbins, Second Grade
Pearl McConnell, Primmer

                               Parochial Schools of North Vernon
Sister Leo Nila                                                               Sister Silas
Sister Robertina                                                             Pres. Of The Board:  Father Widerin

                                          Board of Education
Bigger                            Thos. Schlotman                    North Vernon
Campbell                        Emmerson Rine                    Butlerville
Center                            Henry Miller                         North Vernon
Columbia                        Henry Pearcy                        Nebraska
Geneva                          John Richardson                    Scipio
Lovett                            Wm. R. McClellan                 Lovett
Marion                           Alfred Kysar                          Commiskey
Montgomery                  D. W. Mathews                     Commiskey
Sand Creek                     John M. Kane                      North Vernon
Spencer                           John B. Haley                       North Vernon
Vernon                            Clarence E. Dawson             North Vernon
City of North Vernon     N. M. King                            North Vernon

                              County Superintendent,  Shepherd Whitcomb, Vernon
                              Attendance Officer,   C. C. Pennington, North Vernon

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