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North Vernon Sun - October 16, 1908

Selected for the Various Schools of Jennings County - Also Township Trustees
The following are the names of the teachers and the schools they will teach during the coming school term. The school officials are also given.

   *Belle Batchelor, San Jacinto
   Mabel Sullivan, San Jacinto
   C.H. Boyd, Butlerville, R.1
   Mrs. C.H. Boyd, Butlerville, R.1
   James A. King, Vernon, R.2
   C.S. Nichols, Vernon, R.2
   Julit Shuck, Butlerville, R.1
   Agnes Lapp, Dupont, R.2

   *Guy Allee, Butlerville
   Hubert A. Sullivan, Butlerville
   T.E. Goforth, Butlerville
   Maude Larrabee, Butlerville
   Effie Robbins, Butlerville
   Pearl Sinnett, Nebraska
   Lola Morrison, Nebraske
   Myrtle Budd, Nebraska
   Blanche Rice, North Vernon
   Alice D. Andrews, North Vernon R.4
   Ada Neimier, Butlerville
   Isa Phillips, Butlerville

   E.F. White, North Vernon
   Pearl Wickens, North Vernon
   Pearl McConnell, North Vernon
   Mae Runyan, North Vernon
   Lena Mangold, North Vernon

   *Luella Spaulding, Zenas
   Olsie Allen, Zenas
   J.A. Steinmetz, Nebraska
   Edith Weedman, North Vernon R.1
   Grace Campbell, Brewersville R.1
   Vinnie MacBride, Nebraska, R.1
   Margaret Yeager, North Vernon, R.1
   Amelia Heilman, North Vernon, R.1
   Harlin Sporleder, Nebraska, R.1
   Virgie M. Kail, Nebraska, R.1
   Lillian Kibler, Nebraska

   W.A. Hutchings, Scipio
   Bertie Hutchings, Scipio
 &n bsp; Wilma Watson, Scipio
   J.P. Amick, Scipio
   Albert Hulse, Scipio
   J.L. Tierney, North Vernon, R.3
   Katie Tierney, North Vernon, R.3
   Chloe Hulse, North Vernon, R.3
   Nora Sullivan, Queensville
   Willard Milholland, Scipio
   John Gividen, Scipio
   Mertie George, Scipio
   Charlotte Hulse, Scipio
   Vance Curtis, Queensville
   Mrs. Cora Bradford, Elizabethtown

   *W.S. Norman, Lovett
   Wm. Hargeshimer, Lovett
   Laura Huckleberry, Lovett
   W.H. Ferguson, Lovett
   Carl M. Hopkins, Commiskey
   Obie White, Vernon, R.1
   Delbert Pfeiffer, Vernon, R.1
   Stella Hancel, Dupont, R.2
   Mildred Kroft, North Vernon

   A.S. Kysar, Paris Crossing
   Nelle Rogers, Crothersville, R.3
   A.W. Rogers, Crothersville, R.3
   Alfred H. Wetzel,Crothersville, R.3
   Stella Hunt, Crothersville, R.3
   Flora Brooks, Crothersville, R.3

   *Elias Brewer, Paris Crossing
   Ethel Zentmyer,Paris Crossing
   Mrs. Stella M. Houk, Commiskey
   A.L. Barnes, Commiskey
   Loyd Raichart, Paris
   Wm. Hargeshimer, Lovett
   Cora Blasdell, Paris Crossing
   *Logan Browning, Brewersville
   Maude Hooker, Brewersville
   Rose Noon, North Vernon, R.5
   Lillian Gannon, Brewersville
   Josephine Campbell, Westport, Rt.3
   Robert McCammon, Westport, Rt.3
   James W. Kane, North Vernon, R.1
   F.B. Harlet, North Vernon, R.1
   Mary Williams, Brewerswville, R.1
   Nina Lewis, North Vernon, R.5

   *E.T. Sanders, Hayden
   S.E. Whitcomb, Hayden
   Maud VanRiper, Hayden
   Myra Wohrer, Hayden
   Ella Wohrer, North Vernon, R.6
   Mrs. Florence Didenhoffer, North Vernon, R.6
   Tillie Sutton, North Vernon, R.5
   Margaret Sadler, North Vernon
   Adah Howe, North Vernon
   Louise Anne Wheeler, North Vernon
   Alice Mumenhoff, North Vernon

   Mary Robison, Vernon, R.1
   Anna Carney, Vernon
   Hazel McKibbon, Vernon, R.1
   Alice Murphy, Vernon, R.2
   Anna Spaulding, Vernon
   Nettie King, Vernon

   *Charles Deitsch, Vernon
   Alice Bundy, Vernon
   Gertrude Batchelor, Vernon
   Mary Crist, Vernon

   Supt. Geo. P. Weedman,
   J.H. Brownings,
   Harriett Powell,
   Ethel Woody,
   L.C. Pace,
   Esther Cloyd,
   Adelaide B. Young,
   Hattie Eaton,
   Amelia Adams,
   Mae Bundy,
   Mrs. Flors Newby,
   Anna Haney,
   Madge Allen,
   Bertha Huckleberry,
   James A. Dameron, (colored school)
   Mrs. E.A. Smith, music teacher, North Vernon

   W.N. Sullivan, San Jacinto
   E.H. Davis, Butlerville
   John Schierling, North Vernon
   W.A. Rayburn, Nebraska, R.1
   T.F. Milholland, Scipio
   W.E. Clarkson, Lovett
   John N. Donnell, Paris Crossing R.1
   Ovid C. Richardson, Brewersville
   L.P. Humann, North Vernon, R.6
   Monroe Thomas, Vernon

Vernon School Board
   E.C. Boner
   S.A. Trapp
   C. Holmes

North Vernon School Vernon
   John Fable
   W.R. Fall
   Enoch Hillerman

C.C. Jordan, truant officer

Names marked * are the principals of township high schools

John Clerkin,
   County Superintendent

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