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This list was published in the September 7, 1875 Plain Dealer, Newspaper
The following are the names of the teachers who attended the Institute, with the postoffice address of each.

Dora Newby,  Vernon Prof. Bruse Carr Charles Murdock,  Holton
Fannie Murphy,  Butlerville H. B. Weaver,  Six Mile Thomas Armstrong,
Jennie Sucese,  North Vernon Cal Wilder,  Six Mile L. C. Huckelberry
Mary Bundy,  North Vernon Wesly Kysar,  Slate Esther B. Dol??
Duaba Sguekds,  Vernon S. Summerfield,  North Vernon Lydia Wilder,  North Vernon
Mattie Brown,  Vernon I. G. Whitcomb,  North Vernon Prof. Hess,  Bloomington
Oscar Coryell,  Brewersville W. W. Newkirk,  Queensville Alice Whitcomb,  North Vernon
John R. George,  Scipio Mary Gooding,  North Vernon Thomas Olcott,  North Vernon
J. F. O'Neal,  Butlerville Fannie Brazelton,  North Vernon John Carney,  Co. Supt.,  Vernon
Silas M. Grinstead,  Nebraska Annie Brazelton,  North Vernon Benton Williams
J. A. Wilson,  Elizabethtown Maria Green,  Butlerville Mollie Hole,  Vernon
Enoch Layton,  Slate Leva Foster,  North Vernon George M. Christ,  Vernon
Oliver Shepherd,  Paris Marshall Grinstead,  N. Vernon Henry Carney,  Vernon
William King,   North Vernon C. B. Green,  Queensville W. H. Wells,  Six Mile
M. H. Day,  Six Mile C. S. Whitcomb,  Six Mile Levi Wells,  Six Mile
James Arnold,  Butlerville Jeanie Cochran,  North Vernon Phineas B. Ewan,  Six Mile
Maggie McQuaid,  North Vernon Alice Cooper,  Lock Spring A. J. Warner, (colored)  N. V.
E. S. Miller Lacy Hassey,  Queensville Delancy Marvin,  Vernon
Josephus Russell,  Vernon Prof. Fitch,  Brownstown Eugene Wilkins
A, D, Stevenson,  San Jacinto Prof. Blinn,  College Hill Charles Huckleberry,  Vernon
Lue Stephenson,  San Jacinto Emma B. Jordan,  Vernon Ama E. Green,  Butlerville
George Van Arnum,  Butlers Switch Eva Peitzuch,  North Vernon Calia Hartman,  Scipio
Florence Dowd,  Vernon Bell Veasey,  Vernon Wallis Smith,  Scipio
Minnie Nauer,  Vernon Mattie Veasey,  Vernon Mary Childers,  Scipio
Becca Wilson,  Elizabethtown Bell Wagner,  Vernon Emma Steinback,  Vernon
Annie M. Pollock,  Queensville Calvin Thompson,  Scipio Lizzie Hole,  Butlerville
Nellie McQuaid,  Vernon Lida Prather,  North Vernon Nannie Markhill,  Scipio
Helen Fall,  North Vernon Will Foster,  North Vernon Ulysses McGuire,  Cana
Mary Heasley,  North Vernon Mattie Grimes,  Vernon J. H. Rogers,  Cana
Nannie Grinstead,  Brewersville J. E. Lewis,  Paris Hattie Taylor
Loretta Kuntz,  Butlerville D. W. Downs,  Six Mile Noah Vancleve,  Benville
Mollie F. McManamon, Lee Prather,  North Vernon H. Burge,  Butlerville
Lizzie McManamon Samuel Conboy,  Butlerville O. K. Hose,  Scipio
Fiora Weeks, T. E. Barnes,  Commiskey Ormal Baughman,  Elizabethtown
S. W. Harding,  Six Mile W. H. Furguson,  Lovett Albert Johnson,  Butlerville
W, D, Weaverm Andrew Jones,  Paris Eli Johnson,  Butlerville
Albert, Whitcomb, Prof. W. H. Fertich,  Muncie G. W. Alcorn,  Butlerville
Oscar F. Fry, Butlerville A. F. Deputy,  Commiskey Sallie Baughn,  Vernon
John R. Fry, L. W. Deputy,  Commiskey Mollie Coryell,  Vernon
Isaac Hartpence,  Six Mile Wm. Ferguson,  Lovett Mary Shepherd,  Paris
J. W. Stout,  North Vernon Ruth Anna Armstrong, Butlerville Nancy Shepherd,  Paris
Jackson Hulse,  Queensville Adella Armstrong,  Butlerville J. W. Reed,  Paris
O. F. Johnson,  North Vernon J. V. Herrow,  Scipio N. E. Howe,  Scipio
Solomon Stout,  Elizabethtown Thomas Conboy,  Butlerville W. E. Barnum,  Butlerville
Amos R. Shepherd,  Paris Joseph Wotts,  Nebraska Sophia Thompson,  Vernon
J. H. Shepherd,  Lovett Ed. Herod,  Scipio Prof. A. A. Graham,  Columbus
Jessie Sucese,  North Vernon Jennie Conboy,  Butlerville Michael Clerkin,  Butlerville
Wm. H. Tomlinson,  Scipio Adward Tierney Louis Reanick,  North Vernon
Alfred W. Dunkle,  Vernon Samuel Murdock,  Holton G. F. Bavara,  Alpha
Albert Whitsitt,  Crothersville Adeiza Malmsbury, Butlerville John Watts,  Nebraska
Retta Stewart,  Paris

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