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Old Settlers' Meeting and Harvest Home
September 11, 1878 - Vernon Banner

    The Old Settlers of Jennings and adjoining counties met at the Fair Ground, on Friday, and held one of the most pleasant meeting it has ever been our pleaure to attend. Addresses were made by Col. A. Andrews, D. M. Hill, Col. Smith Vawter, Wm. Deputy, Thomas Bland, Miles Bundy, Sr., John McGannon, Henry Sullivan and H. New. In the evening old relics were exhibited by Col. Smith Vawter and others. Uncle Tommy Pool was introduced to the audience as being the oldest man on the ground, being in the 94th year of his age. Among the old relics that were exhibited, and probably that which caused the greatest laugh, was a small keg, exhibited by Col. Vawter, that was used in early days as a "Brandy Keg," which was considered equal to three men at a log rolling. Quite a number of old style song books were on exhibition, and the old folks sang several songs from them, which was a rarity in this day and age of the world. Taking the meeting as a whole it was a most complete and enjoyable affair, for the young as well as the old, and one that will be remembered for years to come, by those present.

    The County Harvest Home, on Saturday, drew a very large attendance of people, from both town and country. These Harvest Home festivals, to some extent may be regarded as an improvement upon county fairs. They present the very best Agricultural, Horticultural and the Domestic handiwork of the women.
    Agricultural addresses were made by G. W. Swarthout, Ben Tweedy, A. G. Smith, D. Overmyer and Daniel Lewis. The addresses were very good and pleasing to the ears of their hearers.
    There were not as many articles nor as much stock on exhibition as there should have been, although there was a fair show of both.
    At the close of the speaking a subscription was taken up for the benefit of the sufferers from the yellow fever, and was quite liberally responded to by our citizens.
    The Harvest Home may be regarded as a success in every particular, and as far as we were able to learn, met with general approval.

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