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1859 - 1928

Vernon Times - July 1915

    Some years ago there came into the possession of an interested Mason a book containing the proceedings of Jennings Lodge, No. 59, Free and Accepted Masons, located at Vernon, Ind., and extending from November, 1859, until June 4, 1868. This seems to have been the last record written.
    Thinking some matters contained therein might be of interest to Masons of today or members of the families of those who were members of Jennings Lodge, perhaps to establish relationship to the fraternity, the writer has transcribed some names and items.
    The first record in the book was written in the latter part of November, 1859, at which time Jeremiah Bundy was Worshipful master. Members named in these proceedings were.
    Henry Wagner, N. C. Barnum, Richard Moore, Monroe Nelson, Uriah Wagner, Lucius Bingham, Geo. W. New, Achilles Padgett and Robert Branham.
    At this meeting it was noted that the record of the Lodge had been destroyed by fire. The members named above were appointed on committees to procure collars and jewels, aprons, gavels and pillars, ballot box, rods, etc. The officers for the year from June 1st, 1858, to June 1st, 1860 are given as follows:     Jeremiah Bundy, W. M.; Henry Wagner, S. W.; Monroe Nelson, J.W.; Achilles Padgett, Treas,; Geo. W. New, Sec.; Smith W. Story, S.D.; W. C. Barnum andW. B. Hagins, Stewards; Thos. Foster, Tyler.     Other members: Caleb D. Amsden, Thomas J. Bland, Wm. A. Bullock, N. J. Beachley, John S. Basnett, John Craig, Thomas Lindley, Levi S. Evans, John Dixon, Joannes Glenn, Guy Jackson, C. C. Johnson, James W. Kyle, Ben. F. Lewis, Finley C. Lattimore, A. W. Lattimore, Geo. R. McIlroy, Nathan Leeds, James M. Mayfield, Horace Mullen, James M. Nelson, Samuel Read, A. L. Roop, Wm. P. Shields, Wm. Thicksten, Robt. F. Taylor, Ira Mullen, James R. Parker, John McCammon, Wm. Moncrief, James H. Newby, Isaac Richardson, Jacob Stonemetz, Thos. J. Story, Thos. Thicksten, Geo. W. Tucker, John T. Shields.
    Members admitted during the past year: Geo. W. Kendrick, C. D. Amsden, Jabez Wheeler.
    At this time the fact was recorded that the following non-affiliated Masons lived in the district:
    Alanson Andrews, Mark Robinson, James Shields, Henry Vawter, Hiram Prather, Joseph Cowell, Achilles Vawter, Phaniel Davis Sr.
    James S. Smith was admitted to membership in February, 1860, and Samuel M. Dixon was admitted in March, the same year.
    Permission was granted Butlerville Lodge to confer the degrees on George Sinnett.
    On the 1st day of March, 1860, Hagerman Tripp and Edward S. Whitcomb were raised to the second degree of Master Mason. On this same date Mark Robinson presented a petition asking that the Grand Lodge be recommended to institute a Lodge at North Vernon. The petition was not accepted.
    N. C. Barnum was installed as Master of the Lodge on the 15th of June, 1860.
    John G. Wynn was elected to membership on the 31st of August, 1860.
    For the year June 1st, 1860, to June 1st, 1861, 24 members were suspended for nonpayment of dues. During the year a new Lodge hall had been built and occupied.
    On November 14, 1861, Scipio petitioned to establish a Lodge. Granted.
    Adjoining Lodges were notified of members suspended for nonpayment of dues.
    On the 19th day of March, 1862, the lodge buried with appropriate ceremonies the late Achilles Vawter.
    The by-laws and rules of order were set out in full and the following additional list of members is given. Their admission into the Lodge came later.
    John F. Fable, E. G. Bondurant, Frank Rust, Deforest Parker, J. M. Hodshire, Theodore S. Alley, John West, John L. Files, John S. Silver, Levi W. Todd, Johnson E. Summerfield, C. H. Cole, Jos. Phillips, Timothy Cronan, John W. Dayton, Jos. Bradley, Delancy Marvin, J. H. Huckleberry, W. S. Allison, V. D. Hodshire, H. Wetsel, Isaac Richardson, R. S. Johnson, W. G. acton, C. Batchelor, Chas. M. Hodshire, Henry Story, O. S. Dodd, R. C. Armstrong, Richard C. Gibbs, Henry Hinchman, Wm. O. White, James E. McClellan, J. L. Yost, V. B. MArvin, Joshua Ogden, A. D. Basnett, N. D. Gaddy, Samuel Page, Leonard Ennis, P. D. Stearns.
    Brother Reynolds, of the Westport Lodge, was reported as a visitor at the meeting on the 6th day of November, 1862.
    Members of the Lodge who were serving as privates in the war for the Union were declared exempt from payment of dues while in the service.
    A Committee, A. Andrews, H. Prather and J. M. Mayfield, was appointed to prepare and submit resolutions regarding the death of George W. Kendrick, who died at Murfreesbora, Tenn., January 23, 1863. The resolutions are written in full in the proceedings. It is recorded that the body lay in state in the court room and that an appropriate address was delivered by Rev. Washington Malick and later buried in the Vernon cemetery with Masonic rites. Late in 1863 and in 1864, a number of persons going into the military service applied for degrees conferred in the space of a week from date of applications, their cases being declared an emergency.
    John P. Fable and Hartman Wetzel were raised to the Sublime Degree of Master Mason on May 21st, 1864.
    On August 11, 1864, the fee for the degrees was raised from $15 to $20.
    Jos. Hole and Geo Sinnett, of Butlerville Lodge, were visitors at the meeting on September 15, 1864. Bro Hole taking the East and acting as _____________________(missing piece of the paper) - in good standing, were given the Master Mason Degree, fee being remitted.
    James A. Stockwell was an occasional visitor at the Lodge meetings.
    On the 3d day of August, 1865, a petition was presented by H. Wetzel, A. P. Jackson, Phillip Fable, T. S. Alley, W. M. Thicksten, John West and J. W. Dayton, asking the privilege of forming a lodge at North Vernon to be called Center Lodge.
    The committee appointed to eamine room for proposed new Lodge-Samuel Read, J. S. Smythe and J. H. Wagner-failing to report for several meetings, a new committee was appointed: E. L. Dolph, J. S. Smythe and Joannes Glenn, with orders to report at following meeting. An unfavorable report was made by this committee at the meeting on November 30, 1865.
    A list of the members in the army in 1865 is given: Henry Story, V. D. Hodshire, Frank Rust, Deforest Parker, C. M. Hodshire.
    John Schierling, Thos. Thicksten and James S. Ewan were visitors at the meeting on May 24, 1866.
    Thomas C. Batchelor was raised to the Sublime Degree of Master Mason at meeting on September 20, 1866. Visiting brothers from Butlerville Lodge at meeting on November 22, 1866: Hole, Silver, Sinnett, Grinstead and Cope.
    At the meeting on December 20, 1866, the death of Brs. Robert F. Taylor on December 19 was announced.
    A petition, offered at the meeting February 14, 1867, asking permission to establish a Lodge at North Vernon was read and referred to Bros. Jas. H. Huckleberry, S. M. Dixon and Phillip Fable, with instructions to procure suitable room for lodge hall.
    Aaron Dole was a visitor at the meeting on March 14.
    The presence of A. S. Dole is noted frequently as a visitor.
    The following appears in the record of the meeting on the 18th day of April, 1867:
    The committee appointed to examine suitable room for new Lodge at North Vernon and to examine into the Masonic standing of the petitioners, reported that they had found a suitable room for a hall and so far as they could reported favorable on the standing of the petitioners and recommended them to the Grand Lodge to obtain letters of dispensation or a warrant of constitution to form a new lodge at North Vernon to be called North Vernon Lodge No.___
    Brother Snodgrass was present at the meeting held on the 16th day of May, 1867, and was invited to assist in conferring degrees. The worshipful Master, Jos. Bradley, having absented himself for three regular meetings, the Lodge unanimously elected S. W. Story to represent it in the Grand Lodge.
    A notice of the death of Bro. Wm. A. Bullock on May 24, 1867, is a part of the record of the meeting on the 25th of May. The Lodge had charge of the laying away of the body in the Vernon burying ground on May 26th, Bro. Allanson Andrews acting as Master of Ceremonies.
    The installation of the officers for ______________can not read. Thos. J. Snodgrass, Past Master, assisted by N. C. Barnum. The officers were:     Smith W. Story, W. M.; J. W. Summerfield, S. W.; S. M. Dixon, J. w.; John S. Silver, Secretary; James H. Huckleberry, Treasurer; Thos. C. Batchelor, S. D.; John L. Files, J. D.; R. C. Armstrong and Delancey Marvin, Stewards; Timothy Cronan, Tyler.
    Henry Hinchman was raised to the Sublime Degree of Master Mason at the meeting held on October 11, 1857.
    Arrangements were made for the use of the Lodge room by Vernon Chapter Royal Arch Masons. The Tyler's fee was fixed at 1.50 per night.
    During the year 1867 the following members admitted:     T. S. Alley, V. D. Hodshire, J. Bradley, Jos. Phillips, H. Tripp, J. M. Hodshire, E. G. Bondurannt, J. P. Fable, R. S. Johnson.
    Wm. K. Bantz was raised to the Sublime Degree of Master Mason during the first part of 1869. A number of others had received the degrees of Entered Apprentice and Fellowcraft, but the record ends here.
    The last record is the list of officers for the year ending July 1st, 1869.
    Johnson W. Summerfield W. M.; R. C. Armstrong S. W.; Geo. W. New J. W.; R. C. Gibbs, Treas.; W. O. White, Sec.; A. D. Basnett S. D.; James E. McClellannd J. D.; Timothy Cronan, Tyler.
    The membership of the Lodge during the years 1859 to 1869 was as follows, though some were admitted and several died, some were suspended and never reinstated.
    Henry Wagner, N. C. Barnum, Richard Moore, Monroe Nelson, Uriah Wagner, Lucius Bingham, George W. New, Achilles Padgett, Robert Branham, Jeremiah Bundy, Smith W. Story, Wm. Swift, W. B. Hagins, Thos. Foster, Caleb O. Amsden, Thos. J. Bland, Wm. A. Bullock, N. J. Beachley, John S. Basnett, John Craig, Thos. Lindley, Levi S. Evans, John Dixon, Joannes Glenn, Guy Jackson, C. C. Johnson, Jas. W. Kyle, Ben F. Lewis, F. C. Lattimore, Ira Mullen, John McCammon, James H. Newby, Jacob Stonemetz, Thomas Thickston, John T. Shields, _______ Amsden, Samuel M. Dixon, E. S. Whitcome, John P. Fable, Frank Rust, Deforest Parker, J. M. Hodshire, Thos. S. Alley, John West, John L. Files, A. W. Lattimore, Geo. R. McIlroy, Nathan Leeds, J. M. Mayfield, Horace Mullen, Samuel Read, A. L. Roop, Wm. P. Shields, Wm. Thichsten, Robt. F. Taylor, Jas. R. Parker, Wm. Moncrief, Isaac Richardson, Thos. J. Storey, George W. Tucker, George W. Kendrick, James S. Smythe, Hagerman Tripp, Achilles Vawter, E. G. Bondurant, John S. Silver, Levi W. Todd, J. W. Summerfield, C. H. Cole, Jos. Phillips, Timothy Cronan, John W. Dayton, Jos. Bradley, Delancy Marvin, W. S. Allison, J. H. Huckleberry, V. D. Hodshire, W. G. Acton, Hartman Wetzel, W. O. White, J. L. Yost, V. B. Marvin, N. D. Gaddy, Leonard Ennis, Enoch Layton, George Whitsell, R. S. Johnson, C. M. Hodshire, Henry Storey, T. C. Batchelor, O. S. Dodd, R. C. Armstrong, R. C. Gibbs, Henry Hinchman, James E. McClelland, Joshua Ogden, A. D. Basnett, Samuel Page, P. F. Stearns, J. D. Stott.
    The records of the years show that the following members were elected and served as Worshipful Master.
    Jeremiah Bundy, N. C. Barnum, J. H. Wagner, W. B. Hagins, S. W. Summerfield.
    No doubt later records of the Lodge meetings held, in which were noted other additions to the membership, but they are not at hand, and may possibly have been destroyed. The charter was surrendered in some later year, and eight or ten years ago the number 59 was given to North Vernon Lodge by the Grand Lodge on petition.

Masonic Lodge Celebrates Sixty-First Anniversary
Jennings County News - May 31, 1928

    The foregoing is taken from a booklet prepared by Wm. G. Norris, W. L. More, VanDyke Hale and used by permission, on the occasion of the celebration of the 61st anniversary of North Vernon Lodge, No. 59, F. & A. M.:
The Tenets of our Institution are Brotherly Love, Relief and Truth.

    "By the exercise of Brotherly Love we are taught to regard the whole human species as one family, the high and low, the rich and poor, who as created by One Almighty Parent and inhabitants of the same planet are to aid, protect and support each other. On this principle Freemasonry unites men of every country, sect and opinion and conciliates true friendship among those who might otherwise have remained at a perpetual distance.
    It is a duty on all men but, particularly on Masons, who are linked together by and undissoluble chain of sincere affection, to relieve the distressed, to soothe the unhappy, to sympathize with their misfortunes, to compassionate their miseries, and to restore peace to their troubled minds. On this basis we form our friendships and establish our connections.
    Truth is a divine attribute and the foundation of every virture. To be good and true is the first lesson we are taught in Masonry. On this theme we contembplate and endeavor to regulate our conduct. While influenced by this prinicple hypocrisy and deceiit are unkown among us, sincerity and plain dealing distinguish us, and the heart and tongue join in promoting each other's welfare and rejoicing in each other's prosperity."
To the Worshipful Master, Wardens and Brethern of North Vernon Lodge No. 59, Free and Accepted Masons:     Your committee appointed some weeks ago to determine the names and number of members during the life of the Lodge, from the date of the Dispensation empowering the Lodge to initiate, pass and raise applicants for Masonic Degrees, and to receive on Demit members of the Order who had taken the degrees in other Lodges, which date was June 28, 1867, a period of sixty-one years, have performed the duty required of them to the best of their ability, by close scrutiny of the Books of Records of the Lodge, and report as follows:
    The Grand Lodge of Free and Accepted Masons of the State of Indiana issued Dispensation referred to, and appointed as the first principal officers of our Lodge, Allexander S. Dye, Worshipful Master; James M. Hodshire, Senior Warden; William C. Scotten, Junior Warden.
    The new Lodge, officered as above, held its first meeting June 29, 1867, and Worshipful Master Dye appointed the following minor officers:     Thomas J. Snodgrass, Senior Deacon; Lewis W. Hill, Junior Deacon; Everard G. Bondurannt, Treasurer; James S. Ewan, Secretary; Guy Jackson, Tiler.
    At the next meeting, July 6, 1867, these officers were all present except Guy Jackson, Tiler, whose place was filled for the meeting by Thos. S. Alley. Other members of the Order present at this meeting were Hiram Prather, Mark Robinson, Robert Love, J. Fitzgerald, Edward S. Whitcomb, William Thicksten, Robert Johnson, Frank Grinstead and Philip Fable.
    At the meeting on July 13, 1867, the following brethren petitioned for membership, they having already received the degrees in other Lodges.: Lewis H. Hill, Guy Jackson, J. A. Fitzgerald, Robert Love, Thos. J. Snodgrass, W. Cravens and Hagerman Tripp.
    The first petitions for initiation were those of Jonathan M. Jones, John Fable, Joseph Pietzuch and David Bay.
    The members of the Lodge afterward received by being raised to the Sublime Degree of Master Mason, as well as those received on demit from other lodges, following in yearly succession:     1867-Hiram Prather, Jonathan M. Jones, John Fable, Joseph Pietzuch, David Bay, Frank Grinstead, Charles Gautier, Guy Jackson, L. H. Hill, Robert Love, Mark Robinson, A. S. Dye, J. M. Hodshire, W. C. Scotton, Frank M. Rust, Robert S. Johnson.
    1868-Alanson Andrews, Theodore S. Alley, Thomas B. McClain, Wm. A. Cheever, John M. Green, J. C. Cope, Thos. J. Snodgrass, Charles Wells.
    1869-John H. Baldwin, Thomas C. Jones, Robert E. Hunt, Reuben Levy, George C. Hartpence, Henry Ehlers, Sigfried Weber.
    In this year the Grand Lodge granted the Charter and gave the Lodge the number 386. The date of the Charter is May 25, 1869. In 1901, when Dr. W. H. Stemm was Worshipful Master, the Lodge petitioned the Grand Lodge for a change of number from 386 to 59, the number formerly of Jennings Lodge located at Vernon, and which had surrendered its charter some years before. The petition was granted and since that time our number has been 59.
    1870-Lewis C. Tate, James Tate, W. H. Meeker, Oliver Shepherd, James Alley, George Davis.
    1871-George Lewis, Thomas J. Charlton, Amos Cain, Amos R. Shepherd, John L. Files, Vick D. Hodshire, John Droitour, Geo. L. Jackson, Nathan C. Leeds, W. H. Logan, Elias S. Holliday, George Beeman.
    1872-James S. Shields, Guy L. Tripp, George W. DeLapp, John C. Jones, Joseph H. Passmore, Albert E. Evans, William R. Fall.
    1873-Milton W. Jackson.
    1874-George W. Penniston, James Peppel, Wolfe Gumble, V. C. Meloy.
    1875-Lewis Fulkerson, Albert A. Tripp, Theodore Welcome, Thomas W. Russell, Harry C. Smith, Ben E. McLain, Charles A. Haslett.
    1877-Wm. Henderson, Frank Beckley, Wm. Rowe, Ernest H. Tripp.
    1880-Al J. Johnson.
    1881-Albert A. evans, Elvin G. King, Albert M. Gordon, Robert Swift, Wm. Teepee, E. Z. Evans.
    1882-George W. Getzendanner, Charles E. Cook, Wm. A. Harshman.
    1883-Willis N. Mitchell, George VanArnem, Jay B. Sucese, Jacob Rash, John VanArnem.
    1884-Oscar Evans, David B. Reeder, Wm. G. Norris, Joseph D. Cone, Ben F. Hargrove, Edward S. Downs, James D. Hudson, Walter S. Prather, John E. Rash, Lowell Whitmore, James H. Green, Wm. Kittle, Aaron Dole, A. S. Carson, Thos. Pearce, A. L. Spear, H. R. Weeks, Jared H. Ryker.
    1885-Enoch L. Hillerman, John S. Wells, H. W. Cook, Ben W. Hobson, J. H. Read, J. M. McRee, C. H. Green,Sr.
    1887-Frank E. Klingner, C. L. Bovard.
    1888-John E. Leland, Philip Kissell.
    1890-Edwin C. Fable, Elmer B. Doll, Frank G. Meloy, R. H. Shook, W. L. More.
    1892-Horace Ellis.
    1893-Willetts J. , Charles E. Platter, W. A. Dailey, F. M. Fewell.
    1894-Wm. H. Stemm.
    1895-Frank Tech, Edward Tech, Dell Robinson, Charles L. Weber, John W, Corya, B. P. Crouch.
    1896-Frank M. Platter, James N. Milton, Harold W. Cope, Clifford H. Long, Joseph H. Powell, John Fall, J. M. Tobias, R. M. Cooper.
    1897-Frank L. Conner, Wm. J. Smith, Chas. Manfille.
    1898-Harry H. Dixon, Jas. N. Covert, Lincoln Dixon, Bert New, Joel Smith, Ralph Summerfielld, Wm J. Lyons.
    1899-Sidney F. Dailey, Leo. W. Verbarg, H. Deveraux, O. R. Platter, Frank E. Bacon, Ernest H. Lange, Ed. Williams, Daniel R. Sanders, W. G. Young, L. D. Hamrick, Amos C. Silver.
    1900-Hubert Marsh, L. H. McConnell, Frank Clifford, Fred H. Tripp, Asa Brumblay, Edwin Lewis, David Nealey, Albert Gautier, J. I. Grishaber, Sam McGladdery, Curtis B. Newsom, Chas. westover, C. S. Crocker, Willard New, Harry Hicks, W. N. Turner, Elymas Day, Chas. Trapp, W. F. Tech, Chas. Amick, Fred Verbarg, Chas. J. Oursler, Sam H. Amick, John W. Kenton, W. E. Phillips, Wm. Baer, Jos. M Stearns, Oscar Stearns, J. F. Brocksmith, H. C. Meloy, Wm. S. Campbell.
    1901-J. P. Jacobs, Willis W. Miles, H. H. Dowd, Wallace W. Haller, Albert J. Stith, Charles C. Strang, Smith W. Story, Judson West.
    1902-Andrew J. Patrick, Al. H. Read, Edwin Hicks, Albert Foebel, A. H. Richards.
    1903-C. R. Patrick, S. Roy Peters, Jos. Scott Smith.
    1904-John Wheaton, C. C. Bonnell, E. G. McClure, J. I. Reynolds, W. H. Ale, Jacob Bertman.
    1905-E. C. Theobald, E. O. Ewan, W. E. Ewan, H. L. McNaughton, Estel E. Walker, W. O. Brockemyer, Harry A. Brumblay, E. P. Trapp, W. H. Howe, Vern Hudson, Ralph W. Norris, Calvert C. Klingner, John R. Carney, Oscar Lindsey, John W. Cooper, Curtis w. Russell, E. E. Olcott, Wm. A. Sellers.
    1906-J. E. Craft, Clyde McGowan, John T. Jones, Chester A. Batchelor, Frank Robinson, Otto Harms, Harry Beck, Carl Wagner, Donn Tripp, Jos. W. Verbarg, Wallace Rash, Everett McCammon, Geo. R. Hill.
    1907-James Renie, R. T. Hudson, Ed. S. Williams, Clifford Bemish, A. E. Ewan, Carney Hicks, A. R. Murphy, H. G. Bacon, E. S. Wilkerson, John M. Dills.
    1908-W. Gabriel, J. E. Wagner, J. C. Amick, Lester Hicks, Albert Halstead, G. S. McCaslin, R. J. Schobert.
    1909-Thos. Robinson, Plat M. White, Chas. E. Tebby, Lawrence Amick, Clyde Rubottom, H. E. Barth, Robert R. Fall, Frank Robinson.
    1910-Walter S. More, Jeff. S. Burdge, Frank Geisel, Harry A. Stearns, Earl A. Randall, John H. Green, Elias Brewer, Ray F. Horton, J. C. Whitace.
    1911-Melville E. Whip, Roy E. Campbell, Myron Bertmn, Silas Huckleberry, S. S. Barnett, Glendale Scott.
    1912-E. E. Holland.
    1913-Jos. M. Huffington, Adolf F. Major, W. H. Reynolds, W. M. Cull, Harold L. Stearns, N. J. Inman, James Huntington, Wallter J. Mitchell, John A. Dowd, Thos. W. Stout, Herbert R. Silver, W. G. Dunlap, Fred W. Lindley, Clem. V. Bridges, Fred Young, John Kotheder, Herman F. Auerswald,Jr., Thos. J. Ewing, Roger A. Tripp.
    1914-P. B. Ewan, Carl Alexander, Frank Adams, James A. Carter, Dudley Stemm, Clifford A. Whitcomb, Wm. F. Brumblay, A. F. Wiggam, W. T. Wilkerson, J. R. McCaslin, Donald S. Dixon, Gordon H. Butler, E. A. Riley, W. F. Vogel, A. H. Wagoner.
    1915-C. H. Green,Jr., Thos. R. Jeffords, Fred McCarnan, O. C. Richardson, Aaron Striger, Ralph Weedman, Frank Jordan, Alvin J. Wetzel.
    1916-Joe DeOnbar, Leonard Hallawell, Carl B. Wilkerson, Chas. A. Hammond, Theo. C. Willman.
    1917-Chester A. Amick, Clarence B. Amick, Hobart Beck, Grover C. More, Bert C. Runyon, Robert Lee Russell, Elbert Ryan, Frank J. Malott, Lawrence Shoemaker.
    1918-Perry C. Beck, Isaac Gindler, Willard Milholland, Clyde E. Thompson, Em. E. Sheets.
    1919-Chas. M. Barth, Christian J. Beck, John J. Booher, VanDyke Hale, Homer L. Matthews, Robert J. More, Roland Vance, Marion H. Amick.
    1920-L. D. Meyer, J. W. Stearns, M. Bertman, H. V. Black, R. M. Cartright, H. A. Childs, H. L. Conner, W. N. Gannon, W. L. Grossman, C. A. Hicks, G. w. Jordan, F. Lewis, E. T. Lindsey, G. A. Litchfield, Fred Matthews, Roy K. Ryker, Oliver E. Shepherd, E. J. Welker, Chas. Willman, Wm. Wattenberg, Chas. Woodard.
    1921-Geo. E. Amick, Jos. B. Beatty, Geo. W. Coamas, Leo W. Ganso, Douglass Hamilton, Homer E. Harlow, Herbert R. HArper, Robert D. Johnson, Wm. Kelso, W. G. Milholland, Morton H. Reynolds, R. H. Richardson, Ralph H. Runyan, Dan Scheeffe, Earl J. Werner, Herbert T. Werner, Clarence F. Wilkerson, Harrison Williamson, James Wood, Jos. C. Barth, Harvey A. Wilson.
    1922-Archie Wood, Cecil Clarkson, C. D. Callis, J. F. Swift.
    1923-John S. Gray, Vern M. Rice, Chas. R. Allen, Ewing H. Campbell, Lawrence Glasson, J. E. Price, Noble E. Groley, Daniel Lester.
    1924-Claude McCully, Amos Mahan, Clyde Hare, Max M. Goldberg, F. H. Auerswald,Sr., Tyro Dollens.
    1925-Wm. A. Platter, Alton Michaels, Edison M. Beck, John Bowman, Chas. Miller, Clarence Talkington, Samuel Clark, Archie Cosby, Wm. H. Clements, Fletcher Dowd, Newton Benson, Raymond Folson.
    1926-George W. Speedy, Virgil C. Blue, Richard Bacon, Theo Roy Klein, Norval H. Vance, D. Fred Zebell, H. R. Purkheiser, Claudes Ashley, John M. Grate, Ernest E. Bland, Frank O. Wells, Dale Miller, N. C. Taylor, John W. Wildey, F. E. Little, W. R. Whitcomb.
    1927-Wilbur E. Beeman, Alfred M. Young, James F. Boggs, David M. Carson, Lester N. Byram, Thos. J. Johnson, Fred Armstrong, Raymond C. Beck, Wm. Newman, Albert L. Meredith, Geo. C. Bolser, Geo L. Heller, James M. Wildey, Jos. E. Bramblay, Kenneth M. Deputy, John Evans.
    1928-Jacob C. King, Fred Hopkins, Henry B. Wools.
Alexander S. Dye (1) 1867 Clifford H. Long (3) 1905
Thos J. Snodgrass (2) 1868 Lafayette L. McConnell (1) 1908
Wm. C. Scotton (1) 1870 Jos. S. Smith (1) 1909
Thos. J. Snodgrass (1) 1871 Wm. O. Brockemyer (1) 1910
John C. Cope (3) 1872 Harry W. Beck (1) 1911
John Fable (4) 1875 Wm. J. Smith (1) 1912
Volney C. Meloy (1) 1879 Clifford H. Long (1) 1913
John Fable (4) 1883 R. T. Hudson (1) 1914
Wm. A. Harshman (3) 1887 Harry A. Stearns (1) 1915
W. G. Norris (2) 1895 Edwin Lewis (1) 1916
Wm. L. More (2) 1896 Harry A. Stearns (1) 1917
John Fable (1) 1897 Frank H. Adams (1) 1918
Albert E. Ewan, Sr. (1) 1899 W. H. Wilkerson (1) 1922
John Fable (1) 1900 VanDyke Hale (1) 1923
Wm. H. Stemm (1) 1901 Elbert A. Riley (1) 1924
Daniel R. Saunders (1) 1902 Harry A. Stearns (1) 1925
Daniel R. Saunders (1) 1902 John F. Swift (2) 1926
Ernest H. Lange (2) 1903 Groven C. More 1928
    Those members now living and belonging to the Lodge who have presided in the East, and who are entitled to the Past Masters Jewel, the presentation of which will be a feature of tonight's entertainment, are, with the number of years each served as Worshipful Master:
John Fable, 15 years William G. Norris, 3 years
Ernest H. Lange, 2 years Wm. O. Brockemyer, 1 year
W. J. Smith, 1 year R. T. Hudson, 1 year
Edwin Lewis, 1 year
VanDyke Hale, 1 year J. Fred Swift, 2 years
Albert A. Tripp, 1 year Wm. L. More, 1 year
Wm. H. Stemm, 1 year Clifford H. Long, 6 years
Harry Beck, 1 year Harry A. Stearns, 3 years
Wm. T. Wilkerson, 2 years Elbert A. Riley, 1 year
    Two of these named, Clifford H. Long and J. Fred Swift are already possessors of the Jewel of Honor.

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