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January 7, 1891 - North Vernon Plain Dealer - Page 2
This is the way local news was typically presented buring this time frame. Usually papers here were only 4 to 8 pages and of those only one or two had local events. Correspondents from the local communities wrote the news and the paper used it in pieces to report. I added this to show even these little snippits of news can help in research. Look for who visited who, mention of them being relatives, deaths in local neighborhoods that may not show anywhere else.

Hayden Letter.

    Christmas and New Year's with all their joys and sorrows have come and gone, and the world wags on about the same as before to all outward appearance....Jos. Megel says that the New Year's ushered in another Democrat at his home but must wait 21 years before he will be entitled to vote.....Levi N. Whitcomb and wife from Little Rock, Arkansas, spent the Holidays at his father's Albert Whitcomb.....Ezra Whitcomb from Jackson county was at his father's A. Whitcomb, last week.....Guy M. Whitcomb has gone to Louisville, to work.....George S. Brown returned to Obion, Tenn., Monday last.....The Literary entertainment at Kendrick's Hall last week was very slimly attended....
    The following named officers were installed in Enterprise Grange, by Past Master John VanRiper, Jan. 3, 1891: Worthy Master M. H. Day
" Overseer, C. S. Whitcomb
" Lecturer, J. M. Larabee
" Steward, Wm. Doughty
" Ast. Steward, P. B. Ewan
" Chaplain, S. Peterson
" Sec't, W. B. Whitcomb
" Gate Keeper, J. St. John
" Pomona, Mrs. C. Ringer
" Flora, Mrs. R. Downs,
" Ceres, Mrs. J. M. Larabee
" L. A. Steward, Lizzie Downs
    Andrew Haley will ship a load of stock to Cincinnati this evening..... The public schools commenced business again Monday.

Scipio Letter

    Miss Emma Banks, of Indianapolis is visiting relatives and friends here....Miss Dora Scott, of New Washington, returned home on last Tuesday....C. N. Clapp, is attending court at Columbus today....Notwithstanding the muddy roads, and dark and rainy nights, last week, the festival was a success; about $43, was cleared....D. A. Hutchings, of Columbus bought the property of Mrs. Nancy McConnell, last Thursday, and will move back to Scipio....Billy Stafford, bought a house and lot of Mrs. Lizzie Richardson, which adjoins his property in town for $175....Mr. and Mrs. Will Harding and sister, of Hayden, spent New Years day with Mrs. Harding's Father, in town. Mrs. Senin Huston, of Columbus, spent a few days visiting here last week....Mrs. Lula Wilkerson, and Carrie Gautier, of your city, attended the festival here on New Years eve....     Mrs Mabel Williamson of Columbus, spent the most of last week with Mrs. Obid Amick and family....Mrs. Vale, of Aurora, returned home from visiting her daughter, Mrs. T. J. Johnson, on last Monday....The old year was watched out and the new one in at Dr. Phillip's....The social at Mr. Tharp's, on last Friday, was a very enjoyable one....Mr. T. J. Johnson, was spending a few days at his father's at Aurora, last week....Capt. Jennings is here making arrangements for a course of lectures, to be given by himself in about two weeks. The proceeds will be for the benefit of the church.... Mrs. Lena Corya, of Queensville, is visiting her sister at her old home here today.

Coal City Letter
Coal City, Ind., Jan. 5th, '91

Mr. Editor:
    I have done without the dear old Plain Dealer as long as I can stand it, for without it I fear I will get melancholy and fall into obsecrity. My sister Mary, of Jennings, is here on a holiday visit, and has told us so much about our old friends, and old places, and waked up so many fond recollections I feel constrained to subscibe for the paper, and write a long letter for its readers. I and my family are in our usual health, and as prosperous as common, and enjoying ourselves tolerable well. My Horace and Cora have been in Franklin College for several years, and are making high grades in their studies, and are strongly attached to the school. Horace is preparing for the ministry. My younger daughter, Rose Annie, is in the high school of this town. I am still following my old profession, warning sinners, and comforting saints, and am having fair success in the work. Dear Old Jennings, my mind often roves over those hills. There I was partly raised, there my wife was raised, and there my children were born. There many of my friends lie buried, and there I expect to be buried. There I taught my first schools, and entered on my present life work. Now I am 52 years old but I have not forgotten the scenes and friends of my youth and middle age. Perhaps many of your readeers will remember many items from my pen when I lived there. We all join in sending our love to all.
        Yours Truly,
                W. E. SPEAR

Zenas Letter

    The Christmas exercises at the Baptist church on the evening of the 24th ult., were well attended....Monroe Pardun and lady, of Rexville, were visiting relatives here in the Holidays....Andy Eberwein, formerly of this place, now of Madison county, is visiting friends here....Owing to bad weather and other causes the oyster supper at the Baptist church was not a great success in any respect....Revs. Long and Smith are conducting a revival at Hopewell. Only three additions to the church as yet....Miss Annie White, of Decatur county, is home on a visit....Henry Pool took a Dearborn county lady to wife in Holiday week. We have not been able to learn her maiden name. His friends all wish them happiness....Isom Low gave a ball on Saturday evening, Dec. 27th, in honor of his brother-in-law, Perry Pardun, of Kansas....Michael Sporleder has completed his new residence. It is a pleasing monument to Mike's skill and taste. On the evening of its completion he gave a 'house-warming' to which his friends gathered in great numbers, and "tripped the light fantastic" till the "wee small hours." It was unanimously voted a boss time.

Deputy Letter

    Fred Ritzline, went to Scottsburg, last Saturday and organized an Eastern Star Chapter. The officers of the Chapter here had arranged to go but were prevented by the inclemency of the weather....Next Saturday and Sunday, is quarterly meeting here....The church people held another festival at the Masonic Hall, New Years eve. Rain and mud did not prevent the people from spending their money freely, and the conductors of the festival were made happy. Mr. Ben Randall, of Paris Crossing, deserves credit for his presence, liberality and congeniality. It is a wonder his pride is not affected when he sees himself the object of so much attention by the young ladies.....Mr. L. Harrington, of North Vernon, spent New Years Day with a lady friend in this neighborhood....F. M. Harrod and wife, of Scott, Co., were calling on friends here yesterday....Mrs. Long, who has been sick for some time, is in a critical condition....If our Post Master here is a sample of the appointments made by this administration, it ought to be very popular.

Slate Letter

    Rev Ramsey, of Kentucky, and Rev. Leigh have been holding a protracted meeting at the Marion Baptist church since the 23. They expect to close Sunday 4th. inst....Milford Page and Fred Deputy got into a little difficulty at Mr. Zion M. E. church the other night and Page came out 2nd best....George W. Roberts, of Minnesota, is here looking after his interest in the estate of his mother, the late Martha Dix....John Tewell, who moved from this locality thirty four years ago and settled in Illinois, was here visiting during holiday....Blanch Adams has returned from a two weeks visit at Seymour....Mrs. J. W. Reed has gone to North Carolina for her health....Rev. George Applegate was called to the pastorate of the Marion Baptist church by its members at their last business meeting.... Laura Law is very low with consumption and her death is expected soon....The boys made a raid on the foxes a few days ago and had a nice time. They had seven hounds and took in two foxes....Sim Tobias is on the sick list with Bronchitis....Miss Emma Dean Stewart, daughter of Peter Stewart, died with consumption on the 24th, and was buried on the 26th, at Pisgah. So ended the life of a good girl who was loved by all who knew her. She will be greatly missed in a large circle of friends.... Ezra Wiggam died at Seymour on Sunday 28th, with consumption and was buried on the 30th, in the Marion Baptist Cemetery. He was 29 years of age and leaves a widow.... Mrs. Olla Barnes, formerly of this township, died at Seymour on the 31, was buried at Marion Baptist cemetery on the 2nd, inst. She was 28 years old and leaves husband and five small children. The funerals of the last two were conducted by Rev. Ramsey....Mrs. Ann Carpenter has returned from Sellersburg where she had been for several weeks past attending her sick brother Sat. Grayson. A large tumor was removed from his stomach. At last accounts he was still living....Mrs. Etta Lewis has just returned from New Albany where she had been visiting friends....Charles P. Butler and family visited his mother during the holidays....Mrs. Almira Butler, of Indianapolis, visited her parents for a week or two past.

Vernon Letter

    Happy New Year to the Plain Dealer....Miss Maggie Collett was quite sick for several days last week but has nearly recovered....Charlie Jenkins returned to Fulton, Ky., Thursday, and his brother Will to his work at St. Louis, Saturday....Mr. and Mrs. P.D. Baughn have returned from a week's visit to their son Grant at Rushville....Miss Flo Dowd spent New Years with friends at Columbus and left Saturday to take charge of her school at Salem....George B. Rowan went to Anderson last week to accept a position in a glass factory....Not withstanding the unfavorable weather several of our public spirited merchants treated us to a fine display of fireworks New Years evening....Miss Grace Weaver and sister-in-law, Mrs. W. D. Weaver, who have been visiting parents near Hayden, spent Friday evening with friends here and Saturday morning accompanied by Miss Carrie Dowd left for Marion, where Misses Grave and Carrie are employed as teachers in the Public schools....The Ball at Vawter's Hall New Years Eve was well attended and thoroughly enjoyed by those present....Miss Helen Read, a charming lady of Lafayette is the guest of her aunt Mrs. J. H. Wells.... Mrs. Wm. Cunliff has been quite sick for some time past but is reported much better at this time....School began on Monday and the small boy now wears mourning...Mrs. C. C. Jordan visited her sister Mrs. Carson, near Lovett, over Sunday....Dick Hill, is going to Pennsylvania this week where he has secured work in the oil fields....Meda and Lizzie O'Hair spent several days at Columbus last week visiting relatives....The nice weather Sunday brought out a good force of handsome promenaders, and for a while in the afternoon the streets had a holiday appearance....Henry, the little son of Chapin Wagner has been very sick for some time past and at last accounts was no better....Miss Mattie Brown was the guest of relatives at Columbus last week for several days....Wagner & Leavitt now have their new curtain in position at Vawter's Hall, and it is a beauty. The boys deserve great credit for the manner in which they have fitted up the Hall and when the opportunity offers should be well patronized by our people.... After this week parties looking for the Sherman house will have to go to the old Storey House, as Mr. Stott is preparing to move this week.

Brewersville Letter

    E. C. Goings made a business trip to Greensburg last Wednesday....Miss Clara Reed and Eva Adams came very near getting drowned one day last week; they drove into the creek to water their horse, and the same being higher than they thought for, the horse swam across the steam, turned and swam back again, landing the girls safe on land; it was a narrow escape from a watery grave....To the delight of everybody school began this morning after a winter's vacation....Married, Jan. 1st., 1891, at the residence of the bride's parents, Mr. Albert Clark, of Decatur county, and Miss Lucy Littell, Rev. T. A. Childs officiating....Grandma Johnson is on the sick list....Kate Sweeney who has been staying at Joe Stearns' for some time returned to her home at Letts Corner last Friday morning....Ed and Dana Miller, of Danville, Ill., are visiting friends here and a Sherwood....There is considerable sickness among the children of this place.
Jan. 5, 1890

Queensville Letter

    We wish the Plain Dealer and its friends and patrons a happy and prospeous coming year....Any news items of this vicinity will be thankfully received by us....Sickness prevented our appearance in your last issue....Will Ethel and wife returned to Anderson Wednesday....D. J. White and family, of Seymour, visited friends here during Holidays....Will Williams and Charles Wilcox will return from a visit in Northern Ohio, Monday....C.C. Curtis and wife, of Vernon, visited Mrs. J. B. Curtis over Sunday.... E. F. White and his two children were poisoned from drinking water from a new pail last week; the children were very ill and at this time the youngest is still very low. Steps to suppress the sale of such buckets will be in order....W. G. Pollock is filling the old storeroom with bailed hay....J. B. Smith lost another horse recently; this makes the third one in the last few weeks....Your old scribe from here, Miss M. M. Oldaker and Mr. Absalom Robbins were married last week, and take up residence in the Oldaker property....Will Herron, Oscar Wildey, Grant and Iven Schuyler changed residences last week....Three wild turkeys were killed near here while the snow lasted....Trapping is an important industry in this vicinity....The schools of this township began to-day....Wm. Klinger is visiting in Louisville, Ky.

Hopewell Letter

    Mrs. Sarah Shepherd, of Tipton county, is visiting relatives in this vicinity....Charles Newberry and Frank Lattimore, of Jackson county, spent the holidays here....Thomas Lay has moved into the Artz house near the church....M. J. Ewing went to Greensburg on business to-day....There was an oyster supper at John Layman's last Tuesday night....W. L. Pennington returned to West Virginia to-day to work on the R. R. after spending the Holidays at home....Married, January 2nd, 1891, at the residence of the bride's father Wm. Muster, Mr. Walter Padgett to Miss Addie Muster, Esq. Wright officiating....Clarence Muster of Jefferson county attended the Padgett-Muster wedding.... T. J. James is making an improvement in the way of a new barn....Miss Ella Mountz, of Dupont, took dinner at T. J. James' Sunday....Mrs Addie James spent the Holidays at her father's T. H. Adams'....Mrs. J. W. Barclay is visiting her daughter, Mrs. L. B. Wagner, of Vernon....Mr. T. L. Thomas and Miss Della Alexander, of Lovett, spent Sunday in this neighborhood.        Jan. 5th, '91

Paris Letter

    Big Snow all gone....Rev. W. J. Stewart and wife returned Saturday from visiting relatives in Ohio, and will commence a protracted meeting here on Tuesday night....Notwithstanding the unfavorable weather, the managers of the festival cleared $63, for which they are very thankful....Mrs. Carrie Cole and family are visiting relatives and friends here, and will return home to Indianapolis next Saturday. Miss Nellie Cole will accompany her....Mr. Charles Hudson, who has been lecturing in Kentucky for some months past, preached at Coffee Creek church last Sunday....Grant Lewis visited his sister near Campbellsburg, Indiana....Born, to Mr. William Leeds and wife, a son, the 29th of December, 1890....W. F. Marsh and family, of Greensburg, visited Geo. Riggs during the holidays, and their baby was danerously sick two or three days of the time. They returned home on Friday....Harmon Dixon was busy part of last week, doing legal business. He is a Nortary Public....Miss Hattie Lawrence and Miss Lora Webster, of Dupont, were visiting friends here last week....Mr. Frank Dixon, of Hope, was visiting friends here during the holidays....Mrs. Eva Morey is visiting her mother in Greensburg. Melville Thomas Post G.A.R. installed the following officers last Saturday, for the ensuing year: J. W. Reed, Commander; J. M. Dixon,sr.Vice Commander; Oliver Shepherd, O.D.; E. Whitsitt, Adjt; Harmon Dixon, Q.M.; J. E. Lewis, Surgeon; Joseph Ayers, Q.M.S.

East Lovett Letter

    The schools of this township all begun their regular work Monday....Mrs. Maggie Stearns who has been confined to her bed the past week is rapidly improving.... Mr. Bensonhaver and daughter returned to their home in Ohio Friday after a short visit with relatives here....Tom Lay has moved his household goods from his father's farm to the Artz property near Hopewell. A social entertainment was given at the home of L. Hendricks Tuesday night which was a pleasant affair....Mort McClellan will begin work for Bingham Sawyers in the picture business Tuesday. We wish him success....Lafe Hendricks lost a valuable cow recently....An oyster supper was given at John Layman's, Tuesday night....Mr. Lattimore, of near Crothersville, Ind., is visiting his aunt, Mrs. Jemima Johnson....W. L. Pennington, who has been at home on a visit from West Virginia, will return to his regular work with a gang of bridge carpenters....Will Lattimore, is home on a visit with friends here.

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