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In the Republican, Thursday, Sept. 20, 1906

The Fewell's Meet For The First Time In 35 Years
    A most pleasant social event occurred on the 12th inst, at the home of Mrs. Telitha Fewell, in Bigger Township, the occasion being a family reunion. The Fewell family at one time, one of the leading families of that section had been called by the duties of life, to various fields of action and for 35 years they had not been together.
    Some time since they concieved the idea of again meeting on the "old stomping ground" and at the home of the good old mother for whom neither time nor distance had marred the affections of childhood and the above date was accordingly fixed as the time when all the children should once more meet around the old hearth stone to manifest their abiding love for the dearest friend on earth.
    Of the immediate relatives present were: George Fewell, Judyville, Ind., Phillip Fewell, Loree, Ind., Benjamin Fewell, Bethany, Ill., Mr. and Mrs. J.F. Stanley, Los Angeles, Cal., Mr. and Mrs. J.W. Silvers, Butlerville, Ind., Mrs. Corda Wilkins, Greenfield, Ind., Albert Fewell who lives with his mother and a large number of grandchildren and neighbors and the day was spent as only such days can be, where love and affection sits enthroned, where friend meets friend, where the days of youth are all lived over again and where old men and women become boys and girls again, to pay homage to mother and gather around the family board to feast and guarrel over the bigest piece of pie and the chicken gizzard, and as they joyously devour the bounteous meal, almost wish, as they did when they were young, that in the economy of nature, they had been created with less brains and bigger stomachs.
    With life lived over again in a few short hours, the members of the happy family each went his way, carrying with him the thoughts of a day replete with many cherished memories and a mother wears a brighter smile as she rapidly travels toward the setting sun. She feels anew the joys of youth and feels just pride in her worthy offsprings, while she feels that he has not been unkind, even in her allotment of married relation.

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