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North Vernon Republican      September 26, 1912

Held At Residence of Charles D. Deputy, Commiskey, Indiana

September 15, 1912

    At the suggestion of numerous members of the family, it was decided to hold a reunion of the Deputy family on September 15th, and owing to the convenience of access of the residence of Charles D. Deputy who resides near Commiskey, it was decided to hold it there. Announcement of the meeting was sent as far as possible to the relatives scattered in many parts of the country and the interest and enthusiasm was indeed surprising. By the noon hour more than 100 of the relatives and friends had assembled and a most pleasant day was spent together. Many of them had not met for many years and to them it was a great treat to spend a day with old time relatives and friends. Arrangements had been made to serve dinner in a grove near the residence but inclement weather made it necessary to serve the meal in the residence.
    An elegant meal had been prepared and as usual this was by no means the least attractive feature of the event. The Deputys are good feeders and they did ample justice to the feast prepared for them. Mrs. C.D. Deputy deserves special mention for her efforts to make the visitors have a day long to be remembered and they were a unit in voting the most pleasant day of the season.
    Those in attendnce were:
Emory Deputy, wife and daughter, Indianapolis, Ind.
Mrs. A.S. Deputy and two children, Paris Crossing, Ind.
Eldo Dodd and wife, Paris Crossing, Ind.
Willis Rice and wife, Commiskey
James Shaw and family, Paris Crossing
Jake Deputy, Commiskey
Everett Arbuckle and family, Commiskey
C.G. Arbuckle and family, Commiskey
Lathan Robinson, Commiskey
Ethelbert Arbuckle and family, Commiskey
Lucinda Deputy, Commiskey
Nellie Zook, Indianapolis
Emma Giltner, Nora, Ind.
Jas. Arthur Kinder, Commiskey
Vinnie Deputy, Commiskey
Roscoe Kinder, Commiskey
Mattie Gruber, son and daughter. Commiskey
Herbert Runyan, Commiskey
F.P. Deputy and two sons, Commiskey
Christie Shepherd and family, Edinburgh
B.B. Neidhamer, Minneapolis, Minn.
James Neihamer, Minneapolis, Minn.
Oscar Shepherd and daughter Dorothy, Edinburgh
David Engle and daughter Leona, North Vernon
Sam Deputy and wife, Lovett
Lee and Lawrence Calaway, Deputy
Walter Reaves and family, Commiskey
Wm. Mullendore, Franklin
M.D. Deputy and family, Seymour
E.B. Arbuckle and wife, Seymour
Robert Arbuckle, Commiskey
Lloyd Deputy, Commiskey
W.E. and A.M. Perry, and children, Blocher
T.S. Lett and wife, Paris Crossing
A.F. Deputy and wife, Commiskey
Mary Kysar, Commiskey
Allen Lett, Cincinnati, O.
Fred S. Deputy and family, Commiskey
Permanent Organization
    Before the crowd dispersed in the afternoon, by a unanimous vote of those present, it was decided to form a permanent organization and hold regular annual reunions. The following officers were elected: President, A.F. Deputy; Secretary, Charles D. Deputy; and Treasurer, Fred S. Deputy.

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