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North Vernon Plain Dealer - August 29, 1913

    Mr. and Mrs. Jno. H. Clarkson of Bear Creek celebrated their fiftieth wedding anniversary August 10th. Mr. and Mrs. Clarkson were married August 9th 1863, in Jefferson county, Ind. In 1872 they moved to Bear Creek this county and since that time have resided at this place. They are among our oldest residents.
    Mr. and Mrs. Clarkson are the parents of nine children, 7 living. They also have 20 grand children and 4 great grand children. The family was all present except Louisa Abbott of Sulphur Springs, Texas and Matilda Emery of South Bend, to help celebrate on this glorious occasion.
    Some time previous to August 9th with the thermometer registering near the 100 mark and some industrious persons of both genders, willing and anxious for work, could be seen with their heads together arranging for the fiftieth wedding anniversary of this old couple.
    Not one objected to the arrangement and everything being agreeable on the morning of August 10th a large crowd of neighbors, friends and relatives assembled at the beautiful and commodous home with well filled baskets and paraphernalia appropiate for such occasions.
    The dining room and tables were beautifully and artistically decorated with golden glow and much beauty was added by two large cakes placed in the center of the tables, one cake decoration being the clasped hand and pink roses, while on the other rested two white doves, both decorations being gentle reminders of 50 years ago.
    At 12 o'clock an elaborate dinner was served to about 150 guests of this vicinity, surrounding towns and cities. Two young men being pressed into service as waiters did every thing to the best of their ability to welcome and entertain every one present.
    The out of vicinity guests were: T.J. Clarkson, Kansas City, Mo., Bro. J.F. Clarkson, Jas. A. Perry, Kimmisday, Ill., Bro. H. Clarkson, Mr. Whitcomb, N. York, Mr. and Mrs. Alferd Smith, Mrs. Prichard, and Ernest Denny, Indianapolis, Mr. and Mrs. Ed Tech, Mr. and Mrs. Campbell and son, Mr. and Mrs. Cope, Mrs. Davenport and family, Mr. and Mrs. Ben Miller and daughter Helen, Mr. and Mrs. Lawson, Mrs. Robins and daughter Effie, Art Seiner and sister, Bertha of North Vernon also Platt White the well known and noted photographer of North Vernon, Rev. Davis Clark and wife, Zuler Smith and sister Mamie and Miss Johnson of Sardinia. Mr. and Mrs. W.E. Clarkson of Lovett, Mr. and Mrs. Jno. Hutton of Butlerville.
    Many valuable and useful gifts were received among them being a number of gold coins, for which Mr. and Mrs. Clarkson feel very proud and greatful to all.
    At a late hour the guest departed feeling they had been elegantly entertained and had spent a day of unalloyed pleasure, and wishing Mr. and Mrs. Clarkson many more pleasant anniversaries.
Groups of happy people
Sipping at their tea
Makes one yearn for childhood
When they from care were free
How they ate and chattered
Each one filled with glee
Troubles all forgotten
Happy as could be
Don't grow old or cross or sullen
But smile at all you greet
For each and every smile you give
Makes every one more sweet.

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