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Fierce Fighters
June 7, 1882 - North Vernon Sun
A lace "Flat Iron" one of my family heirlooms.

    Two ladies residing on Jennings street engaged in a terrific fight one day last week, in which flat-irons, hoe handles, broom sticks, fence pickets and other implements of war were used promiscuously. The scrimmage originated over a carpet which was hanging on a fence between the two yards. Mrs. A. claimed Mrs. B. had had no right to allow her carpet to hang over in her side of the fence. Mrs. B. vice\ versa. Selah (Meaning - to pause & reflect). Mrs. A. threw the carpet off into the mud, when the circus began:

    1st Round-B. threw a young stone quarry through A's. window, and A. got in a very nice "side-wiper" on B's. head. Time, 2 minutes.

    2nd Round-Both contestants "bobbed up serenely" and were in the ring ready for business on short notice. After some very scientific sparring, A. got in a telling blow on B's eye with a flat iron (meaning - iron used to press clothes, flat on the bottom, heated on a stove). B. went to the ground. Time, 5 minutes.

    3rd round-In this round no sparring was done, but hair pulling, in the latest and approved order; was indulged in. Time 4 minutes and 13 seconds.

    4th Round-Both ladies were in the ring promptly, each looking daggers and pitch forks at the other. A. made an attempt to tickle B. in the ribs with a "left-winder." but the blow was parried. A. then struck out straight from the shoulder with a large rock, catching B. a "peeler" on the head, which rendered her insensible. Time, 3 minutes.

    Time was called for the fifth round, but B. failed to "show up," and A was declared the victor. B. was carried into the house by her seconds, and a physician summoned, but upon examination her wounds were found not to be so serious as supposed.

    Both were before Mayor Passmore Wednesday.

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